Wolf Peach Trail Down Under

Why use Wolf Peach for a trail name? The Bayview Conservation Area: Main Day-use Area and Trailhead was once used to grow tomatoes.

The story of “Wolf Peach” stems from European folklore. When the tomato was first introduced, it was widely considered poisonous. Aristocrats dined on pewter; the acid in tomatoes reacted with the metal, causing lead poisoning. Peasants ate from plates made of wood and were unaffected, so tomatoes became the poor man’s food. The legend grew, as legends do, to include stories of witches using tomatoes, a member of the deadly nightshade family, to conjure werewolves. The wild tomato’s Latin genus name, Lycopersicon, translates to “Wolf Peach.” Published by the Redland City Council, Queensland, Australia

The Wolf Peach Trail is designed as an easy, flowing Mountain Bike trail with few technical obstacles. From the trailhead, the trail gently climbs to the highest point, descends with switchbacks and then flows along the valley floor to reach Puck Road.

Thursday July 14, 2016

In July 2016 I was visiting Perth Australia on a business trip. When I was done with my meetings etc. I flew north-east to Brisbane which is where I was born and where most of my family live. While I was there I went on a short day hike with my nephew Trent.

There were a lot of the local wallabies hopping around in the bush, so it was easy to take some photos of them.

The trail was located not far from where he worked and so he knew the area well. Although the Wolf Peach trail is only 1700 m in length we actually walked on all the other trails too totalling 11 km that day. It was a perfect opportunity to get to know him as I had not been back in Australia for some 19 years! Trent was just a very young boy the last time that I saw him so we didn’t really know each other.

We had a great day in the Australian bush and I enjoyed getting to know my nephew.

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