Preparations for The Gendarme Trail on Friday

4 day hike

On Friday I’ll be heading over to Padborg, Denmark to hike the 74 km coastal backpacking route along the Danish-German border from Padborg to Høruphav. The Gendarme Trail is one of Denmark’s most beautiful coastal hiking routes.

I’ll be joining a group of 14 and we’ll be walking the distance over 4 days. On the 3rd day we are using a primitive site with no water, facilities etc. So I’ll need to carry my day’s ration of water plus enough for my evening meal and breakfast on the 4th day.

Looks like the weather is going to be good at this stage with little or no rain. Temps around 22℃ during the day and night temps about 15℃. So my Cumulus Quilt 250 is still the go. As always my Tarptent Notch and my HMG Windrider 3400 pack will accompany me.

For cooking I’ll be using my Speedster stove with my Everlast Ti Ultra Light 600 ml Pot and my Caldera Ti Tri Sidewinder (cone only).

This is my gear I’ll be taking at this stage; I’ll be keeping myself updated with the weather reports and adjust my kit accordingly.


Total base weight (all gear not worn or consumed) 6.225 kg

Total pack weight (all gear plus consumables added including 1.7 ltr water) 10.515 kg

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