Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016

Pack weight 6.9 kg

Thursday June 23rd 2016

Faldsled Harbour, Fyn, Denmark 9am – I’m ready for the day’s 25km. Already at the start I meet several hikers that I know and have hiked with throughout the year. It can only be a great day!

Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016

We walk to Østrupgaard where we take a break and receive refreshments. Then it is on to the first camp at Holstenshuus. It is still very hot and difficult to fall asleep. We are awakened in the early hours of the morning when a lightning and thunder storm strikes.

Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016
The third time in Denmark. Fjällräven Classic Denmark offered a hiking experience on one of Denmarks’ most beautiful nature sights, the South Funen Archipelago-trail (Sydfynske Øhav – Øhavsstien). The hike had its starting point by the harbor of Faldsled and had a distance of 75 km, with the goal line at Valdemars Slot, on Tåsinge, near the town Svendborg.

Friday June 24th

We start at 8am and hike to Præstens Skov at the 40km mark where we eat lunch by the sea.

Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016

Then it’s on to Egebjerg where we camp for the second night at the 50km mark. It is still very warm.

Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016

Saturday June 25th 2016

Today we hiked down to Svendborg. Here I am treated for foot blisters. Just about everyone was suffering with them by this stage.

Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016

Then it was time for a quick lunch and then on to the finish line at Valdemar’s Castle.

Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2016

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