Skåneleden Long Distance Trail

The Skåneleden trail is a long distance walking trail that stretches all over the beautiful countryside of Skåne, situated in the very south of Sweden. The trail is 1250 km long and divided into five separate trails, with a total of 107 sections.

All my trip reports are contained in the below links sorted into the different sub-trails and circle trails.

The Skåneleden trail is divided in to 5 sub-trails with 107 sections

Sub-trail 1 (SL1)

Coast to coast Trail stretches horizontally from the city of Sölvesborg in the very northeast corner of Skåne to Ängelholm in the west.

Sub-trail 2 (SL2)

North to South Trail. From Hårsjö (just west of Vittsjö) in the north all the way down to the coastal city of Trelleborg in the south.

Sub-trail 3 (SL3)

Ridge to ridge Trail takes you from Åstorp at the foot of Söderåsen ridge to Brösarp hills in Österlen, the northeast of Skåne.

Sub-trail 4 (SL4)

The Österlenleden Trail takes you on a hiking tour around the southeast of Skåne.

Sub-trail 5 (SL5)

From Utvälinge (just west of Ängelholm) in the north to Löddeköpinge in the south, and a circular trail around the Falsterbonäset Peninsula.

Circle trails (Circle trails on the Skåneleden)

These are the circle trails that I have completed on Skåneleden. They are not shown on the map below, please click on the link above to view.

You can see the official Skåneleden site here.

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