Skåneleden Trail SL2 Section 21

“So now I have completed Skåneleden SL1, SL2 and SL3. Approximately 730 km. I have roughly 300 km left to hike to complete the 5 trails with SL4 and SL5 to do. So I reckon that I have probably seen more of Skåne (the southern district of Sweden) than most Swedish people have”

Yesterday, May 26th 2018, I finished section hiking the last 24 km of Skåneleden SL 2. I departed home about 7:20 am and caught the train from Copenhagen central station. After one train change I disembarked at Svedala, which is where I departed the trail last time.

The day changed from slightly overcast to blue, sunny skies and the highest temperature was around 22℃. There was also a nice sea breeze, as I was close to the coastline,  to keep me from boiling over. I packed plenty of water, a hat and applied good sunscreen protection.

It was a good thing that I had taken my Garmin GPSMAP64st. After following the first 2 blazers they soon disappeared altogether. Apparently it was possible to cross the railway tracks at some point but it was now fenced off and the gate was padlocked. I quickly realised that I would have to backtrack as the route was not taking me in the correct direction. I soon got myself orientated and made my way out of town in the required direction. All this time there were no blazers at all. You are completely left on your own to find your way out. Not long after leaving town the blazers started showing up. It’s always nice to see the blazers to confirm that your going the correct way.


I already knew from studying the map at home that today’s route would not take me through any forest. There were no elevations and I would be passing typical Swedish farming landscapes. On this section you don’t walk on any forest trail at all. The surfaces are sealed and dirt roads. There was not much shade from the sun either as there were no trees along the walking route (only distant away from the route). There were just a couple of small trees and shrubs to rest under.

the shelter at Fru Alstad church and graveyard

After 9 km you come to a nice little town called Fru Alstad. Here you can stay in a shelter which was actually not marked on my official map. The shelter is located at one end of a graveyard and the church and graveyard was the view from the shelter.

So if you want to add “sleeping in a graveyard” to your done list then here is the place to do it. Tap water, fireplace, toilets etc. were available.

From here most of the walking is on dirt roads. You can top up on water supplies again at  at Ullahils Magasin in Ullahil. Not much to say after that.

You keep following the blazers all the way to the train station at Trelleborg, which is the most southern town and the end of Skåneleden SL2.


So now I have completed Skåneleden SL1, SL2 and SL3. Approximately 730 km.

I have roughly 300 km left to hike to complete the 5 trails with SL4 and SL5 to do.

So I reckon that I have probably seen more of Skåne (the southern district of Sweden) than most Swedish people have.


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