Skåneleden Trail SL2 Sections 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & part of 21

On my last hike I departed the trail at Rolsberga, Sweden and so it was here that I started this adventure.

Thursday May 10th 2018

It was a public holiday in Denmark and the weather was perfect. I arrived at Rolsberga at 10:39 am after departing home at 8:00 am. It was another warm and sunny day. After six kilometres I reached the little town of Löberöd. As I entered town I saw a homeowner filling his swimming pool with water. I got into a conversation with him and explained my project of walking the 1000 km plus of the Skåneleden Trail. He allowed me to fill my water bottle and pointed me in the direction of the local ICA (supermarket) where I purchased a sandwich, a cold drink and an ice-cream. It was right in the middle of town and in-front of the ICA there was a little park with a water-fountain. This is where I ate lunch and took a break from the midday sun.

After lunch I hiked about six kilometres until I came to a little forest at Höghult where I sat on a bench overlooking the fields for a while.

sitting on a bench on the outskirts of a forest at Höghult

Then I passed the shelter at Höghult. Now I had about five kilometres to Harlösa, the last town for today. Onwards again and three kilometres on I came across Hjularöd’s castle from 1867.

Hjularöd’s castle from 1867

At the town of Harlösa I found the local ICA and purchased another ice-cream and one and a half litres of water. It was only three or four kilometres to the shelter area at the lake at Krankesjön. On arrival, around 18:00 pm, I found two shelters to sleep in and one shelter for preparing and eating food in with a fireplace. There wasn’t really an appropriate place for my tent and one of the shelters was brand new, so I decided to sleep there for the night. And no-one else was overnighting there anyway.

shelter at Krankesjön

There was a massive bird-life at this lake. In fact, I got into a conversation with one of the many bird-watchers that came and went from 4:30 am until 9:30 pm. He said that this lake was famous in all of Sweden for “bird-watchers”. He had travelled 500 km to be here. All of a sudden there was a bird noise up in the tree and he told me that it was a nightingale. Although he wasn’t sure if it was from Southern Europe, there is apparently two types that he showed me on his iPhone APP.

It rained a little through the night and I had a pleasant night’s sleep although at 4:30 am the birds start their songs, which wasn’t a bad way to wake up anyway. I was also lucky because the mosquitos weren’t out in full strength yet which surprised me.

Friday May 11th 2018

It was an overcast day but warm and comfortable to hike in. I had about 5 or 6 km to the next town where I planned to pick up some water. After a couple of kilometres I came across a gate which I went through and closed again as one should. So far so good. Up in the distance I could see some cattle. This was okay I thought. I’ve been through cattle yards before. But as I approached them I could see that there were at least 100 cattle, maybe more. All of a sudden some started approaching me, some that were on the right started running to the left and the ones that were on the left were running to the right. And then the ones that were coming towards me started stampeding. I nearly pooped my pants. I held up my trekking poles high banging them together but that didn’t really help. I read about this method in a book to scare off bears … apparently this is not the preferred method for scaring cows off. Then I remembered the whistle attached to my sternum strap. This seemed to work … at least they stopped up and then looked at me and looked as if they were thinking about doing another stampede. I managed to get to the second gate and come through without anymore incident.

there were at least 100 cattle on the trail

After my “cow” incident I only had about 2 or 3 kilometres to the town of Hällestad. Here, there was an old fashion store, Torna Hällestad Lanthandel. It was nice and cosy inside and they were really nice people. I purchased a cold drink and sat at one of the tables in the store whilst studying my map. They also did breakfasts and lunches and if I had known, then I would of had breakfast there. They also filled my 1 litre and my 1 ½ litre water bottles from the tap in the store. I was drinking a lot of water in the heat of the day … I didn’t want to get sunstroke again like I did last year.

After my break I continued out of town and then entered the nature reserve. It was now almost midday so I decided to have lunch. Lunch done, I hiked approx. 6 km to the next shelter at Väderkullen. Just before the shelter you can walk up to the toilet block and behind them there is a water tap on the wall. Although it is in need of repair as the water spurts out of the joins in all directions. It was a nice cold shower. It was a good thing that I filled up with water. The next part of my journey was the hardest for all 4 days. See also the YouTube video. The terrain was rugged and with steep climbs. It was only 4 or 5 km that I needed to cover but it was taking me longer to do the distance because of the terrain.

The terrain was rugged and with steep climbs

At around 17:00 pm I found my next camp. It was the Allmänningen shelter at Häckeberga. Once again, I had the place to myself, although there were many joggers that came by until dusk. I erected my Zpacks Duplex on the only dry piece of land. Everywhere else at this site the soil was very muddy and wet. The shelter was depressing to look at and my Duplex was a welcome sight. Before dusk the winds got up a little but things were quite again after dark. I actually had to put on my summer puffy for a little while.

My sunset view at Allmänningen. My Zpacks Duplex in the foreground.

Saturday May 12th 2018

Today I had arranged to meet up with a fellow “Instagramer” @forrestechs (Clemens). Clemens arrived right on the agreed time of 9 am at the meeting point, which was about 1 ½ km from my campsite. He also had fresh water supplies for me, which I really appreciated.

meeting point not far from Genarp

We continued along section 15 just taking it nice and easy. The mosquitos were also out in full strength now too BTW. I guess that we had only hiked about 4 ½ – 5 km when we came along a Swedish woman having lunch on the side of the forest road with a lovely view out towards the fields. We decided to have lunch with her and soon we were in conversation together. We talked about travelling with the Swedish Railway (SJ) and my upcoming trip to Kungsleden. She would be hiking Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2018 this year and I told here about my last two years of doing it too.

After lunch we passed the shelter at Glamberga which was not far from Sturups Airfield.

We arrived at the shelter area at Ekshölmssjön which is where we had planned to stay the night. It was a nice area next to a lake. However it was still early in the afternoon so we decided to take a break and then continue to Torup which was another 9 km away.

On the way to Torup you pass a water tap next to the lake Lilleö. Fill up on water here, it is nice and cold! We arrived at Torup where we decided to make dinner at the shelter and then go and find somewhere to wild camp afterwards. At the shelter site there were ducks pooping everywhere.

Clemens went off after dinner and scouted for a place to camp while I made a cup of coffee and looked at the ducks. When he came back he said that he had found a decent place but that it was occupied by some “day” guests at the moment. We decided to go up and look at the castle to take a look and then come back.

Torup Castle

It was now getting late and so we found the site that Clemens had located. It was perfect! We were both tired and so after sunset we went to bed.

our wild camp at Torup

Sunday May 13th 2018

I awoke around 05:30 am. As soon as I started moving around a little I could hear that Clemens was also awake. I said to him that I was off to the Castle to see if I could use the toilets there. When I arrived at the gates I could see that they were closed but not locked. There were no opening times on the gate; only that the park closed at 19:00 pm. So I open the gate and went in. The toilets were right near the entrance. So now I as really living it up on this hike pooping at the castle like royalty.

After we had hiked the extra kilometres yesterday we only had a little 6 or so kilometres to walk to Svedala. We had beautiful weather; sunny skies, no rain and the temps were not too high. When we arrived at Svedala we went our separate ways. I made my way to the train station where I took the regional train to Malmö Hyllie and then Öresundstog train to Copenhagen.

I was home in time to sort out my gear and then see the Formula 1 race from Barcelona.

Thanks Clemens for a great couple of days company … see you in the Autumn.

Brian & Clemens


YouTube video here:

Thanks for reading

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