Skåneleden Trail SL1 Sections 15,18,19,20 and 21 – Hallandsås Circle Trail

“A circular footpath on the Hallandsås ridge with a sense of the coast. Rolling hills, tall beech woodlands and deluxe panoramic landscapes await you here.”

August 26th 2017

Departed Copenhagen 7:30 AM and drove towards Ängelsbäcksstrand in Sweden. The drive took me approximately 2 hours. It started to rain about 15 minutes before arrival and some of the showers were full on downpours. I found the car parking area that I had passed through on my last visit up this way. I got myself organised and was ready to go within minutes after arrival. I only needed my trekking umbrella up for about 500 meters and then the rain stopped. It did not start raining again until the next day when I arrived back at the car. Someone was really looking after me. 😇

I headed south in the direction of Vejbystrand and this section is called SL1 section 18. Walking conditions were perfect. Following the trail south, which follows the coastline, you walk through fenced off areas with livestock. Be careful to dodge all the cow poop.

About 3 km from the parking area, this is taken just before Gryteskär which is where I camped last month when I was here. I’m using my HMG Windrider 2400 Pack. Base weight 4.9 kg.

I passed Gryteskär shelter area, which is where I camped last month, when I was here. Further down the coast, about 3 km after Gryteskär, I reached Vejbystrand and turned off section 18 and headed across sections 19 & 20 towards Örlid. This was the worst part of this hike; a fair bit of road walking!

After walking past Förslöv, I reached Hålehall where I could top up my water bottle. There is no need for a water filter on this circle trail as there are plenty of places to resupply. The road walking ceases at the base of the ascent to Hålehall and totalled about 10.5 km from Vejbystrand! Elevation at Hålehall is 140 m, so I had some great views up there. It was also in this area I found a lovely spot on the Hallandsåsen ridge to sit, with a view, and eat lunch.

Section 20 from Hålehall. This was one of the prettiest parts of the trail.

After consumption of my lunch, I hiked on section 20 from Hålehall. This was one of the prettiest parts of the trail. Approximately 9 km from Hålehall, section 20 comes to an end at Örlid at elevation 178 m.

From here you are entering a nature reserve. The sign says 7.4 km to Båstad, which was my destination for today.

7.4 km to Båstad, which was my destination and camp for tonight.

This section takes you through the Älemosse wetland where you walk on a long boardwalk through heath on both sides of the trail. This attracted a lot of insects too!

The Älemosse wetland where you walk on a long boardwalk through heath.

The section ends at Båstad, but first you have to walk down a steep slope to the campsite. Elevation at the Båstad shelter area was 64 m. Total distance travelled today was 33 km.

When I arrived, I was the only one there. There isn’t much room at all up at the site. I managed to erect my Duplex not far from the shelter on the only flat area and only enough room for my shelter. I managed to make camp and do all the routine chores associated with camp life; dinner, listen to some podcasts, clean my teeth ready for bed etc.

Me making sure that my Zpacks Duplex was tensioned correctly. I have on the As Tucas Millaris wind pants (L) 67g.

At around 08:30 PM four Danes arrived. They had hiked to another shelter but it was in use by som German hikers, so they had called a taxi and arrived back at their car, where they drove over and invaded my site. I was on my way to bed anyway, so it was okay. Not long after I had gone to bed, a couple of German hikers turned up and soon there was shining of headlamps, a lot of discussing on a suitable tent site etc. They had even entertained the idea of erecting their tent right up next to mine. I knew that would not be possible, so I turned off my podcast that I was listening to and tried to follow the conversations. Finally, they decided that it would not be a good idea. Next morning I discovered that they had placed their shelter down the slope not far from the WC.

August 27th 2017

I awoke just before 6.00 AM. It was a beautiful morning. I had camped under the cover of some trees, so my shelter was nice and dry. At 07:15 AM I had eaten breakfast, downed my morning coffee and packed.

Leaving the shelter, you walk on sealed and dirt roads again and this section heading back to the car at Ängelsbäcksstrand is section 21. I only had 14 km to cover today and about 11 km of them were on roads again!

As it was nice and early there was just about no-one about. I met one guy walking his dog, some cows, a deer and I startled a hare.

The cows were out early this morning too on the Skåneleden Trail

Approximately 3 km from the car park the trail enters a nature reserve at Grevie. This was such a lovely area and with elevations of 88 m I had some great morning views of the coastline.

I had some great morning views of the coastline not far from Grevie.

At 10:00 AM I arrived back at the car. Total kilometers hiked for my little adventure was 47.9 km. I really love this area and it definitely won’t be the last time I hike here. About two minutes after arrival, it started to rain.

I was back in Copenhagen at noon and managed to see Formula 1 in TV.

2 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL1 Sections 15,18,19,20 and 21 – Hallandsås Circle Trail”

  1. Very nice Brian. Thanks for sharing your short trip with us.

    With regards your camping site “adventure”, i think you were happy when this German couple decided to not set up their tent just next to your tent.

    Most of the times, I go for wild camping, which means it’s extremely rare to have other people around, but it happens to set up my tent nearby a shelter where more people might be camping, I always keep in mind to find a location a bit further than the designated area. In this way, I make sure I will be alone and not being disturbed (or to disturb) from other people.

    Thanks for sharing your trip and I look forward to your next one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

      I decided about a year ago that I would section hike the 5 Skåneleden trails (over 1000 km) in Sweden. I have completed SL3 (aprox. 160 km) which is one of them and now I am section hiking SL1.

      So when completing all the sections I don’t have a lot of choice sometimes where I’m camping. You are not allowed to wild camp in the nature reserves and in this section, where I was, it was a very populated area close to the coastline as it was on a peninsula.

      As all the sites I visit are new to me every time, I never know what to expect. This site was on the side of a steep hill and there was basically no where to camp. That’s how it is sometimes.

      I’ve been very lucky this last year as I almost always have the sites to myself. Although sometimes I have managed to wild camp too. I must admit that they have been the most enjoyable, but not always possible.

      This is also why I come to Sweden because you are allowed wild camping. In Denmark you can not do this and you have to book most of the sites ahead of time.

      Thanks again for your comments … I’m already looking forward to the next hike!


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