Skåneleden Trail SL1 Sections 16,17,18 & 22

Even though it was the middle of the summer, it was cool with overcast skies. It also looked like some rain was on the way too. I departed Copenhagen at 11:08 AM on Tuesday July 18th 2017 in the direction of Göteborg and my destination was Ängelholm in Sweden.

When I arrived at the train station in Ängelholm I needed to put on my wind jacket as it was very windy, cold and it was spitting to rain very slightly too. It was actually fantastic weather to hike in!

The trail head at Ängelholm

I headed in the direction towards Vejbystrand and this section of SL1 is 22. I discovered the night before that Knut from Push Performance was also doing the same circuit but in the opposite direction. We crossed each other’s paths an hour into my hike. After finding a spot to sit down we talked for a while about our hiking styles, gear and solving all the world’s problems etc. Thanks for the chat Knut.

I continued to head up the coast and filled up some water somewhere around Vejbystrand as I was informed that no water could be attained at the site at Gryteskär. Gryteskär shelter area has plenty of room to erect a tent and the area is well protected behind some trees from the strong winds blowing in from the water. Today’s distance was aprox. 16 km. I talked to a couple from Canada and a woman from Sweden whom had hiked down from Torekov today.

My camp at Gryteskär

I adjusted my trekking pole on the wind side to 120 cm and the Zpacks Duplex shelter sat exactly how I wanted it; nice and close to the ground. On the open side the pole was set at the recommended 122 cm. The ground was very soft although I managed to get my 6″ MSR Carbon Core stakes to sit very nicely. I went through my normal routine of dinner, a walk to the beach and then listening to some podcasts until it was time to insert my ear plugs and go to sleep. It was perfect sleeping conditions and I slept like a baby!

Wednesday July 19th 2017

I awoke early and before anyone else was up and about and departed camp around 07:45 AM. The weather was warm, the wind had died down and it wasn’t long before the skies were turned blue.

Looking back at Grytskär where I had made camp the night before in the little forest area

Today’s plan was to hike to Knösen and sleep at the shelter area there. Although, I didn’t know it now, my plans would be changed.

There is also no water available at this site. I walked by Ängelsbäcksstrand, Öllövsstrand, Rammsjöstrand and stopped at the fishing village of Torekov for lunch. I had a nice break here for a hour or so. There were a lot of people about; it was a popular spot for the local Swedes.

I took this shot at Öllövsstrand … very pretty countryside!

After lunch I couldn’t wait to get back on the trail. There was just too many people there for me. By now the sun was really beating down on me and the skies a beautiful blue. A real contrast from the day before.

After Torekov the sandy beaches are replaced by the stoney coastline through until Båstad. I stopped for a break around Sånkudde, just before Knösen, enjoying the warm sun and the beautiful views.

You can fill your water bottles at the hotel at Hovs Haller. There is a tap near the toilets, which were out of order and BTW costs 5 kr if you wish to use them. I don’t know if the water source is available year round.

As you can see from below, the trail heads straight up before arriving at Knösen.

Section: 17 Torekov to Knösen

When I arrived at the Knösen Shelter area it was not that late and I was only about 13.5 km from Båstad, which is the end of the line for me. So I decided that I would not be sleeping in the wild again tonight and headed on.

As I approached Båstad I could hear loud music from the restaurants and bars at the harbour, there were a lot of people around and expensive speed boats were on display by the “rich and famous” Swedes. It felt like another world after I had spent the last couple of days “in the wild”.

At 19:28 PM I boarded the train and arrived in Copenhagen again at 10:00 PM after technical issues, changing trains etc. Total distance hiked today was about 41 km.

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