Skåneleden Trail SL3 – Sections 4 and 5 Söderåsen National Park

Starting at Röstånga, Sweden I hike past Lake Oden and continue to Skäralid 6.7 km. From here I climb the 200 m high stairs to Kopparhatten viewpoint and then hike downwards on the ancient road Offavägen to the bottom of the gorge where I follow the stream Skärån until it merges into Dejebäcken Creek at Korsskär 3.3 km. I then follow the stony path alongside Dejebäcken Creek until I finally make camp at Klåveröd 3.4 km. Next day I backtrack 6.7 km to Skäralid where I catch a bus back to the car at Röstånga.

November 23, 2019

Departure from home in Copenhagen was at 08:15 am. The weather forecast showed no rain for the next 2 days, very grey and cloudy with temps between 5 – 7 ℃ and only slight winds. On arrival at Röstånga at 09:40 am I parked the car in the carpark next to the ICA Nära supermarket. There was a chilly wind blowing and it felt cold. I wore a 2nd layer plus my wind jacket and got on my way. Once I started hiking and with some help from the protection of the forest, I began to warm up.

1.5 km into the hike I passed lake Odensjön. I stopped at the viewpoint and took a photo and then continued. The trail then takes you up to the ridge-line and heads north parallel to the main road at an elevation of 110 m.

At the 4 km mark and now at elevation 76 m I cross a small stream. I remember this crossing from when I was here in last time in January 2016. Once again, I take some photos and video a little. Continuing the hike, I climb again to 105 m and at the 6.6 km mark I have a lovely view down to the Naturum Centre at Skäralid. When I reached the dam area at the bottom I found a picnic table where I could sit and enjoy my lunch. Here, I’m at elevation 25 m and I have covered 7.1 km so far.

After lunch I climbed 1.5 km first up the 200 m high stairs and then the ridge trail to Kopparhatten viewpoint. There was not much to see today as the low clouds and thick mist covered the valley. Then I hike downwards on the ancient road Offavägen to the bottom of the gorge. Here there is a viewpoint where I took the above photo. The valley bottoms were apparently once used for grazing and growing hay. Hay was hauled out of the valley and up the sides along the small roads. The most well-known road is Offavägen, which runs from Kopparhatten down into the Skäralidsdalen valley.

At the bottom of the gorge, is the stream Skärån which I follow until it merges into Dejebäcken Creek at Korsskär. The stream can change from slow meandering to a fast flow, depending on the time of year you are there.

3.3 km from the Naturum center at Skäralid I hiked to the bridge over Dejebäcken creek at Korsskär. Here you can veer left and hike up to Liagården (900 m), which is where I have visited on another hike back in May 2016. The sign at the bridge is incorrect showing 2.5 km to Klåveröd! It is actually 3.4 km. The signs are also wrong and misleading near Klåveröd as well where different signs at different locations show conflicting information. You should always plan from home and only trust your own navigation. I plan all my hikes using Garmin BaseCamp at home and this is the first step for all my hikes; this is where all my adventures begin. The planning is a fun stage of the hike in my opinion.

Following the stony path alongside Dejebäcken creek I headed west from the bridge towards Klåveröd. Looking up to the top of the valley all I could see was the floating mist on the top of the ridge-line. It has been raining every day of November this year and today is the first day without precipitation. Apparently it is one of the Novembers with the most rainfall ever on record.

There were not that many people out hiking. I only saw 3 other hikers, they appeared to me to be from Asia somewhere. They were day-hikers and at some stage in the afternoon while I was filming, they passed me. They passed me again later when they were on their return leg back to Skäralid trying to make it before sundown. It was pretty late so I hope that they made it back or that they had some lighting with them. A group of Danish cross country runners passed me too who were approaching from the Klåveröd direction. There was this one guy at the back of the group “the cleaner”, who was on a mountain bike. We wished one another a nice walk or run and continued.

After 3.4 km from Skäralid I arrived at the first wind shelter at Klåveröd. However, I wanted to camp down by the lake where another shelter is located. I camped there in January 2016 when I hiked together with a group.

I headed north first past the toilets which were 250 m from the first shelter and continued to the 2nd site another 200 m in an almost westerly direction from there. When I arrived the site was occupied by a group of Danish hikers. There were about 9 tents! I chatted with a couple of the campers. They were quite nice and they said that I should just find a place for my tent somewhere there as there was enough room. I scouted around for a bit but then I decided that I would go back to the first site as there was no-one there and then I would have it all to myself.

When I arrived back at the 1st site, which was 500 m from the 2nd one, there was still no-one else there and so I set about erecting my Zpacks Duplex. Then I soaked my evening meal in the Vargo BOT-700 pot and noticed that there still were some warm ashes glowing in the fire pit. It didn’t take me long to have a roaring fire going even using all the wet firewood laying around.

The Stormin Stove Systems Pothugger windshield and the Vargo BOT-700 still work well for me. I used them together with the Stormin 20ml Screw UTD alcohol burner. The testing that I’ve done on this cooking system has been successful. The Pothugger windshield including 2 support pins weighs in at 26 grams. Using the Vargo BOT-700 for heating food does not work well with gas stoves in my experience, but it is excellent used together with alcohol stoves. The Titanium gets hot quick and the slow heating does the trick as no food sticks as it did in all my previous testing with the gas stove. And as Norman Reeves from Stormin Stove Systems says “alcohol is good” 😂.

November 24, 2019

I retired to bed around 19:00 pm the night before and awoke today around 04:00 am. I did try to stay up as late as I could and I even washed down a couple of whisky chasers through the evening as well. I was hoping that I could sleep for a little longer but all that failed and I woke early as usual. I dozed a little on and off until finally at 06:30 am I climbed out of my warm quilt. I was using my As Tucas Foratata down quilt which you can see above draped over the Duplex.

Camp was packed down by 07:00 am and then I went up to the shelter where I made some coffee and consumed breakfast. Waiting until just before 08:00 am and slightly before sunrise, I then departed camp. I had to backtrack the 6.7 km to Skäralid where I had lunch the day before. At the 5 km mark I reached the Kopparhatten viewpoint where I took a photo and then I made my way down to the Naturum center at Skäralid. I had to wait 45 minutes or so and then I caught a bus back to the car at 11:16 am. I was back at the carpark in Röstånga at 11:23 am.

My map is available on AllTrails here

total base weightall gear NOT worn or consumed5.8 kg
total pack weightall gear NOT worn + consumables (not including water)6.8 kg
total skin out weight pack weight + clothing worn (not including water)9.1 kg
YouTube video above

Update October, 2020

Stormin Stove Systems are no longer available for purchase


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    1. I’m looking forward to my next camp already. I’m working on my packing list now and preparing for a “winter camp out”. I’m hoping for some snow and low temperatures. It’s not for a couple of weeks so I’ll see what happens weather wise.


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