Skåneleden Trail SL4 Sections 7, 7A and 7B – The Österlen Circle Trail (SL4 section 7B is also SL3 section 14)

Friday March 10 at 9AM I took the day off work and drove the less than two hours drive from Copenhagen to Brösarp in Skåne in the south of Sweden. Arriving just before 11AM at the carpark trail head, I took a quick coffee break before setting out.

I decided to hike The Österlen Circle Trail anticlockwise. So starting at the trail head I headed out on section 7B towards Agusa which was 14 km away. I experienced beautiful weather with lots of sun and blue skies and the temperature at 7ºC.


It wasn’t long before I had to strip down to one layer. This was incredible weather for the beginning of March. After about 3 km I decided that the area was so beautiful and the weather was so good that I would stop for some lunch by a lovely stream. This is completely out of character for me as I normally don’t like stopping for breaks and just snack as I go. It was difficult to get moving again.

I just love this tree and this section of the trail

After lunch I hiked another couple of kilometeres through beautiful forest following the trail beside a stream until I reached a road. It was like I was on a high for about 5 km and then someone pulled the plug on my “supply”. I dislike road walks and this section of about 2½ – 3 km was not an enjoyable part of this hike for me. I always get sore legs and sore feet and I can’t use my trekking poles on paved road sections. This is the only minus for the whole trail.

With the road hike done, my “supply” was turned on again and I was back on trail in the forest area just before Hörröd. If you are hiking this trail you can top up your water containers at the church. There is a tap next to the fence at the Agusa shelter area but it is only open from April 15 to October 15. Luckily I had enough water with me as the tap was closed when I was there. They will probably open it sometime next month when the temps don’t go below zero ºC anymore.

I arrived at the Agusa shelter area in good time to set up camp. No-one else was there and no-one else showed up at the site for the evening. I enjoyed it all to myself. 😀

My Zpacks Duplex tent and using my Tread Lite Gear camp lantern

At the last moment, before I departed from home and after checking the weather report, I decided, that I would take my Cumulus Panyam 600 sleeping bag and my Therm-A-Rest Neoair XTherm Regular instead. This was a good move as the night temperatures dropped to around minus 2 or 3ºC. I am a “cold” sleeper and getting a good night’s sleep is important. I also let my trekking umbrella stay at home as I would not be needing it this time.

This was the first time I used my new Tread Lite Gear Ultralight Cuben Fiber Led camping lantern. I didn’t need to use my headlamp at all in the tent and the lantern did it’s job splendidly. For 8 grams weight, I think that this is a must have item on all my future gear lists this year.

While I prepared and ate my dinner, I listened to the latest podcast from The Outdoor Station “Running Europe Pt2“. And when I went to bed I fell asleep listening to Vestigo’s podcast Episode 33: Dan Opalacz- Founder of Bedrock Sandals.

There was a layer of ice everywhere when I woke early the next morning. However it soon disappeared when the sun came out.

My Zpacks Duplex at Agusa Shelter area

Saturday March 11th: Today’s travels takes me back to the trail head where the car is parked. It is approximately 20 km. The first section 7A takes me once again through gorgeous elevation, wet lands, forest, past streams and waterfalls.

About 2 km from Agusa I startled a herd of deer and they ran up the trail in front of me (I was on a ridge line) and down on the other side and stopped to look at me. Then they went on their way again. I had 3 deer sightings in total on this trip.

Just before Verkasjön, you can refill water at the Andrarum fire station just before the old alum works. There is enough room to pitch a tent here too if you are planning to camp here. Although, today I noticed that there were a lot of nice sites to make camp along the trail between Agusa and Verkasjön. The day before I noticed that there were not any decent sites to camp along the trail before reaching Agusa.

After Verkasjön you are on section 7 which takes you past the waterfall at Hallamölla. Once again you are in some gorgeous country here with elevations and streams until you reach Vantalängan and the last leg to the trail head.

From Vantalängan you pass through nature reserve again. Climbing up to an overlook you can see over the whole area and down to Brösarp.


I overtook a lot of locals out walking in this section of the trail. They all looked a bit strange at me in my base layer while I passed them. They were all wrapped up in thick winter jackets and warm beanies etc. I had a bit of a chuckle to myself.

Although it was quite windy at the top and I had to stop to put my Patagonia Houdini wind jacket on after only wearing my base layer all day.

From here you pass by Torparebron and then a short walk back to the car park. I was back in Copenhagen around 4:30pm and sooo hungry so I had to call in and purchase a 🍔 at MacDonalds.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or topics I didn’t cover then just ask.

Happy trails!

My map on AllTrails can be viewed here

4 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL4 Sections 7, 7A and 7B – The Österlen Circle Trail (SL4 section 7B is also SL3 section 14)”

  1. Great post and pictures. I recently walked this round and didn’t take any pictures… But your pictures reminds me of the route 🙂

    Österlencirkeln seems to be one of the better walks in Skåne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kasper, glad you liked the post. I like to record my hikes and take photos because I can’t remember them after some time as I’m out quite a bit these days. I’m off to Sweden again tomorrow afternoon … hope the weather stays good! ☀️


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