Packing list and post hike gear review for the Archipelago Trail – base weight 4.4 kg

My base weight for my Hiking the Archipelago Trail on Ærø Island in Denmark adventure last month was 4.4 kg and pack weight totalled 6.2 kg. The total skin out weight (pack weight + clothing worn) was just over 8 kg. The base weight includes just under 400 grams of photography equipment.

Below, standing at the west end of the Stokkeby Nor causeway, the Archipelago Trail (Øhavsstien) runs past Borgnæs, which is the holiday house area on Ærø. I was sporting the Hyberg Bandit backpack combined with an Alpinelite fanny pack.

key figures

total base weightall gear NOT worn or consumed including photography equipment4.4kg
total pack weightall gear NOT worn + consumables added (not including water)6.2kg
total skin out weightpack weight + clothing worn8.1kg


As a rule I always pack my gear at least one week before a hike. I’ll keep myself updated with the weather forecast right up until the day I leave and adjust my packing list accordingly. This time I must of altered my gear list at least ten times in the week leading up to the event; the weather report from one day to the next kept changing dramatically. Even then, they got it all wrong and I ended up with fantastic dry weather where it only rained on the first day. They had otherwise reported torrential downpours all weekend with winds blowing up to 8-10 m/s. On day two it was overcast but dry which is the best weather for hiking in when you don’t want to get burnt or dehydrated. On day three the sun came out and the skies ended being a lovely blue with high cirrus clouds floating overhead.


Hyberg Bandit

The Hyberg Bandit pack has a total volume of approximately 40 litres. I purchased the pack in August 2019. It will never replace my HMG Windrider packs but sometimes I want something lighter and this pack does the trick. I have to say that it has never been my favourite pack and it is not something that I think “wow” when I see it. It is however minimal and that is what I ordered and desired. I combine it with a Zpacks DCF 44 litre pack liner weighing 58 grams.

Manufactured with 210D doublewall ripstop nylon and 70D ripstop, the pack is a minimal bag weighing in at 361 grams less the hip belt. When I purchased it the advertised weight was 310 grams with the hip belt! This is rubbish and I complained about it when I purchased the pack but nothing ever resulted out of my complaint; I didn’t even receive an explanation. I kept the pack and removed the hip belt and that is what I use today during the warmer months of the year when I want to carry minimal weight.

In the large side pockets you can store a tent; my Tarptent Notch will fit there perfectly. The front mesh pocket is not as large as I’m used to with my HMG Windrider packs, but it does the job. On this hike I removed the elastic shock cord that was fitted over the front mesh pocket; it was something that really annoyed me and my hiking partner on this hike, Mikkel, said “why don’t you just remove it?”. So I did and now I really like the pack. In my opinion the shock cord strapped over the mesh pocket is an unnecessary feature that warped the shape of the pack making it awkward to use and wear/carry.

This model is not available for purchase any longer. Hyberg does however make a Bandit model in DCF. The webshop is in German so you have to translate everything and they always seem to be sold out. For these reasons I would not order a Hyberg backpack again.


Maximum load: 12 kg
Maximum volume: 32 liters in the body, about 8 liters in the outer pockets
Bags: front mesh bag with elastic (this elastic shock cord is the one that I have removed)
Properties: Padded shoulder
Closure: Rolltop closure
Main multiple access, from above
Backpack Material: 210D Double Wall Ripstop Nylon (back, bottom, waist belt) / 70D ripstop nylon
front pocket of mesh
Hydration bladder compatible
All plastic parts of the backpack, manufactured by Woojin plastic company, which look in the production of lightweight but extremely durable and heat resistant plastic parts

fanny pack

I combined the Hyberg Bandit with an Alpinelite fanny pack. It is very minimalistic with no inner pockets or room dividers. It is made with Xpac x21RC and basic features include a 3C weather proof zipper, an inner mitten clip and a 1,5 cm webbing belt with a mini adjustable buckle. It weighs only 35 grams! I have also removed the elastic shock cord from the front side of the pack. I did not use it or find the need for this feature. It is designed to quickly store a wind jacket whilst on the move for example, but because I regard myself to be a minimalist or a want to be minimalist I detached the cord.


My Altra Lone Peak 3.5 trail shoes had to be finally replaced. After my Møn hike they looked pretty sad. The version 3.5’s were in size 44 (EU). I ordered online a new pair of 3.5’s in size 44 but they were too small so I gave then to my son-in-law and ordered some version 4’s in size 44.5 (EU) and they fit me perfectly. Not much more to say about them; I’ve been sporting the Altra Lone Peak trail shoes since April 2018 together with Injinji toe socks. This combination works for me.

sun protection

I was well prepared this time with regards to sun protection. I learnt my lesson after my four day Møn hike last month where I thought that I was protected from the sun but I, in fact, ended up suffering with burnt & blistered lips for two weeks afterwards. Below I’m wearing a Patagonia Tropic Comfort Hoody II with 50+ UPF sun protection. I used some lip balm with sun factor.

I was quite impressed with the Patagonia Tropic Comfort Hoody II. It lived up to all my expectations. I ordered a size large; but be warned that they are very roomy. Perhaps a size medium would of done the job better, but I really liked the extra space as it was cool to wear in the hot sun. The sun shirt claims to have “odor control”. I was a little sceptical at first, but I have to say that after three days it was only me that smelt bad and not the shirt.

items that I did not use

  • Montane Minimus rain mitts Pertex Shield (no insulation) 46 g + bag 6 g = 53 g
  • DexShell Ultra Thin waterproof socks 63 g
  • Nitecore NU25 Rechargeable Headlamp with UL headband 36 g
  • first aid & repair kit 93 g
  • ear plugs n plastic container 7g

I reckon that I could off let the mitts, waterproof socks, headlamp and ear plugs stay at home and save 159 grams. I would never go anywhere without my first aid and repair kit. I can always use my iPhone for a light source and this time of the year it is only dark for some 6 hours or so. Everything else in my kit I used and I would not of changed anything. I had no gear failures.


Clothes wornshoesAltra Lone Peak 4 / 661 g661

hiking socksInjinji Trail Midweight Mini Crew Toe Socks 55 g55

hiking pantsColumbia Silver Ridge Cargo Shorts 200 g200

underpantsDilling Tights Exclusive Merino Wool M/5 85 g85

handkerchiefcotton 14 g14

long sleeve shirtPatagonia Tropic Comfort Hoody II 235 g235

hatHMG Breeze Hat 70 g70

watchSuunto Core Regular Black 62 g62

cell phoneApple iPhone 6S 64GB 145 g145

trekking polesBlack Diamond Distance FLZ Black White 125cm 437 g437


PackbackpackHyberg Bandit 40 litre ultralight pack less hip belt 361 g361

stuff sack for waterproofing cameraTread Lite Gear DCF Roll Top Dry Bag Ultralight 11 g11

waist belt bag / bum bagAlpinelite ultralight waist belt bag. Xpac x21RC, 3C weather proof zipper, inner mitten clip 35 g35

pack linerZpacks DCF 44 ltr 58 g58


Shelterstakes6″ MSR Carbon Core 6 g36

stakes9″ MSR Core 14 g28

stuff sack for stakesTarptent Silnylon black 3 g3

shelterZpacks Duplex ultralight two person tent 595 g595


Sleepingsleeping bag (or quilt)GramXpert eLite quilt APEX 67 Regular 312 g312

sleeping padTherm-A-Rest Neoair Uberlite – Regular R value 2.0 (51 x 183 x 6,4 cm) 244 g244

pillowHyperlite mountain gear Cuben pillow stuff sack Small 32 g32

stuff sack / podGramXpert stuff sack for Apex 67 quilt 8 g8


Rain protectionrain jacketMontbell Versalite Jacket (L) / Water resistance: 30,000mm Breathability: 43,000g/m2/24hrs 184 g184

rain pantsInov8 AT/C Ultrapant Waterproof U Pertex Shield 2.5 Layer / waterproof 10,000 mm HH (86 g)86

rain mittsMontane Minimus Mitt Pertex Shield / Waterproof / No Insulation 46 g + bag 6 g = 53 g53


Clothes packedwind pantsAs Tucas Millaris Wind Pants 67 g67

insulated jacketCumulus Climalite Pullover Climashield Apex 67 (251 g)251

mid layer (packed)Patagonia Capilene Air Hoody 231 g231

long underpants (packed)Dilling Long Exclusive Merino Wool 188 g188

T-shirt (packed)Inov wool black 119 g119

hiking socks (packed)Aclima Wool Liner Sock 42 g42

water proof socks (packed)DexShell Ultra Thin Waterproof 63 g63


KitchenpotToaks Light Titanium 700ml Pot 87 g87

stoveSoto Windmaster micro regulator stove + TriFlex pot support with stuff sack 74 g74

oddments bagHyperlite Mountain Gear Drawstring Stuff Sack Nano (DCF8) 3 g3

spoonNordisk Titanium XL Long Handle Spoon 20 g20

folding knife Swiss Army Knife Classic SD including scissors & tweezers 21 g21

fuel storage bottlestandard 100 g gas bottle 100 g100

cupfolding cup 200 ml 24 g24

pot scrubbercut off kitchen scrubber 1 g1

stuff sack for cook-setToaks Stuff Sack for Toaks 700 Titanium Pot 13 g13

stuff sack / pod for food & cookingZPacks Roll Top Blast Food Bag Cuben Fiber 44 g44


Hydrationwater bottle1 Ltr soda bottle 36 g36

extra water bottle2 ltr Evernew folding 43 g43

scoopSawyer filling scoop 8 g8


NavigationmapsØhavsstien Syd Ærø & Rødkøbing 39 g39


Electronicspower bankAnker PowerCore 5000 mAh including bag + 0.3 m lightning cable 150 g150

headlampNitecore NU25 Rechargeable Headlamp with UL headband 36 g36


PhotographycameraCanon G7 X Mark II including battery & SanDisk SD Extreme Pro V30 64GB 170MB/s memory card 321 g321

tripodPedco UltraPod Lightweight Camera Tripod 52 g52

camera batteriesCanon NB-13L 23 g23


First Aid & Repairfirst aid & repair kitplasters, gauze roller bandage, gauze dressings, adhesive tape (angel skin), needle, cleansing wipes, Paracetamol 500 mg, Ibuprofen 200 mg, Imolope relieves diarrhea, Postafen 25 mg against travel sickness, 4 safety pins, cuben repair kit for tent, Tear-Aid Patch for clothes, HMG repair kit for cuben backpack, repair kit for sleeping pad, duct tape, waterproof matches, Dyneema Guy Rope 2.0mm, Tread Lite Gear Cuben Fiber Pouch 93 g93


EssentialsWalletTread Lite Gear Cuben fiber Coin Card Case Wallet Zip 4 g4

Credit cards etc.drivers license, credit cards, cash, insurance card, medicine card 33 g33

toothbrush2 piece plastic 14 g14

ear plugsin plastic container 7g7

towelMicro fibre cloth wiping the tent down, tea towel, napkin, cosy, drying myself 18 g18

trowelTheTentLab The Deuce of Spades UL Trowel 2 (17 g)17

seat padTherm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad with R-value 2.2 (53 g)53

sunglassesRay Ban prescription 37 g37

glasses casehard case 50 g50

wash bagTread Lite Gear Cuben Fiber Box Zipped Wash Bag Packing Cell ultralight blue 7 g7

stuff sack ditty bagZPacks Medium-Plus Cuben Fiber 9.5 Ltr 24 g24


Consumablesall breakfast food oats, raisins, dried milk in ziplock bag (aprox. 140 g per serving)280

all dinner food purchasedExpedition meals purchased125

all dinner food purchasedExpedition meals purchased176

all lunch & snack foodoatmeal bars, M&M peanuts, beef jerky, Snickers, trail mix889

coffeeNescafe sachets 2 g8

fuelweight of fuel in 100 g gas bottle86

hand sanitiserHand gel 50 ml (55 g)55

detergent Bio-degradable in LD Mini Dropper bottle transparent 6 ml (9 g)9

lip stuffwith sun factor 15 g15

toothpaste19ml Colgate travel tube 33 g33

lense cleanerlittle spray flask 14 g14

baby wipes, towel etc.compressed towels 2 g4

rubbish bags4 ltr freezer bag 5 g10

toilet paperin HMG Small CF8 Cuben Stuff Sack – 8” x 10” (7 g)46


TOTALStotal base weightall gear NOT worn or consumed4459

total pack weightall gear NOT worn + consumables added6209

total skin out weightpack weight + clothing worn8173

You can view and download my map here on AllTrails

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