Camøno thru-hike Packing List for 4 days

Base weight 4.5 kg not including photography equipment or 5.4 kg including the camera gear

I recently thru-hiked 144 kilometres on both the Danish islands of Møn and Nyord in 4 days at the end of May 2020. I packed everything that I needed for 4 days and 3 nights and I carried it all on my back including all my food and fuel. The weather was perfect with nearly no rain and the temperatures ranged from 13℃ up to 18℃. In the middle of the days it was very hot and the sun burnt. Sun protection was a necessity!

I also carried 860 grams of photography equipment. See below list for details. If I deduct this camera gear from the totals then my base weight was only 4.5 kg. I carried at least 1 litre of water when I could top up my water supplies during the day. In the evenings I had access to water 2 out of 3 nights. One day I had to carry 2 extra litres of water for supplies 4 km to my campsite.

Canon G7 X Mark II

Only one opportunity presented itself for me to purchase anything else that I needed during the entire hike and that was on the last day at Dagli’ Brugsen Fanefjord in Store Damme. I was also able to purchase a cola and ice cream from the camping grounds reception at Møn bridge as well. Everything else was closed because it was not the “summer season” yet I was repeatedly told. In the summer season you would have the chance to buy some café food at Møns Cliff GeoCentre but other than that there is not much more on offer except for the little shop at the harbour at Klintholm. It was not open when I was there so early in the day.

I packed a cut-off end section from a Sawyer squeezable pouch (8 grams) and used it as a scoop to fill my 1 litre soda bottle that I use for carrying my water in the warmer months of the year. Filling from shallow sinks can be a challenge when using long water containers. It would of been an impossible task to fill at the hand sink without the scoop. Before the COVID-19 days I just used my folding cup but at the moment I’ll just stick to my scoop.

I made these notes when I arrived home:

  • I could of saved 23 g for 1 camera battery which was not used
  • I still had two indicators showing on the Anker PowerCore 10000 mAh 200 g. I could of taken the Anker PowerCore 5000 mAh 150 g and saved 50 grams
  • the extra memory card for my camera was not used although it only weighs 2 grams
  • only 84 ml of fuel was used so I could of save a lot of weight here
  • I’m really happy that I packed the Body Glide because monkey butt is not fun 🙈
TOTALStotal base weightall gear NOT worn or consumed
(including 860 grams of photography gear)

total pack weightall gear NOT worn + consumables added
(including both food and fuel BUT not including water)

total skin out weightpack weight + clothing worn10.9kg

Clothes wornshoesAltra Lone Peak 3.5 / 632 g632

hiking socksInjinji Trail Midweight Mini Crew Toe Socks 55 g55

hiking pantsColumbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pants 324 g324

underpantsDilling Tights Exclusive Merino Wool M/5 85 g85

handkerchiefcotton 14 g14

buffMerino wool 50 g50

long sleeve shirtAs Tucas Cabietos Hoodie 100% New Zealand Merino Wool 212 g212

wind shirtCumulus Windy-Wendy Pertex Quantum GL Wind Jacket 60 g60

hatHMG Breeze Hat 70 g70

watchSuunto Core Regular Black 62 g62

cell phoneApple iPhone 6S 64GB 145 g145

trekking polesBlack Diamond Distance FLZ Black White 125cm 437 g437


PackbackpackHMG Windrider 2400 Pack (40 ltr) 799 g799

Shoulder Strap PocketTread Lite Gear Dyneema X Grid Rucksack Backpack Shoulder Strap Pocket 17 g34

stuff sack for waterproofing cameraHMG Large CF8 Cuben Stuff Sack 10” x 14” 11 g11

shoulder bagTread Lite Gear DCF shoulder bag 56 g56


Shelterstakes6″ MSR Carbon Core 6 g36

stakes9″ MSR Core 14 g28

stuff sack for stakesTarptent Silnylon black 3 g3

shelterZPacks Duplex Ultralight Two Person Tent 595 g595


Sleepingsleeping bag (or quilt)Cumulus Quilt (2018 model) 250 / 850 cuin 505 g505

sleeping padTherm-A-Rest Neoair Uberlite – Regular R value 2.0 (51 x 183 x 6,4 cm) 244 g244

pillowHyperlite mountain gear Cuben pillow stuff sack Small 32 g32

stuff sack / podHyperlite Mountain Gear POD – Large 37 g37


Clothes carriedrain jacketBerghaus Hyper Shell Jacket (L) / waterproof 15,000 mm breathable 10,000 mm 89 g89

rain pantsInov8 AT/C Ultrapant Waterproof U Pertex Shield 2.5 Layer / waterproof 10,000 mm HH (86 g)86

insulated jacketCumulus Climalite Pullover Climashield Apex 67 (251 g)251

long sleeve underwear shirt (packed)Dilling Long Arm Hoody Exclusive Merino Wool black 233 g233

long underpants (packed)Dilling Long Exclusive Merino Wool 188 g188

hiking socks (packed)Darn Tough Boot Sock Full Cushion 107 g107

hiking socks (packed)Injinji Trail Midweight Mini Crew Toesocks 55 g55

stuff sack / podHyperlite Mountain Gear POD – Small 34 g34


Kitchencone system / wind shieldStormin Pothugger Windshield for Vargo BOT-700 including 2 support pins 26 g26

potVargo Bot-700 ml 132 g132

stoveStormin 20ml Screw UTD burner 7 g7

cozyDIY cozy for Vargo BOT – 700 / 33 g33

oddments bagTread Lite Gear DCF bag in pot 2 g2

pocket lighterMini Bic lighter 12 g12

baseplate (leave no trace)Stormin Stove System Reflective Baseplate Aluminium Pothugger 10 g10

spoonNordisk Titanium XL Long Handle Spoon 20 g20

folding knife Swiss Army Knife Classic SD including scissors & tweezers 21 g21

fuel storage bottleSpeedster Meths, Alcohol Fuel Bottle (500 ml) w/pouring top 45 g45

cupfolding cup 200 ml 24 g24

stuff sack / pod for food & cookingHyperlite Mountain Gear POD – Large 37 g37


Hydrationwater bottle1 Ltr soda bottle 36 g36

extra water bottle2 ltr Evernew folding 43 g43

scoopSawyer filling scoop 8 g8


NavigationmapsMøn & Camønoen 39 g39


Electronicspower bankAnker PowerCore 10000 mAh including bag + 0.3 m lightning cable 200 g200

headlampNitecore NU25 Rechargeable Headlamp with UL headband 36 g36

ditty bagTread Lite Gear DCF Roll Top Dry Bag Ultralight 11 g11


PhotographycameraCanon G7 X Mark II including battery & SanDisk SD Extreme Pro V30 64GB 170MB/s memory card 321 g321

camera bagHama “Fancy Travel” Camera Bag, 80M, orange 37 g37

tripodStitz T-6 tripod 431 g431

camera batteriesCanon NB-13L 23 g69

memory cardSandisk Extreme Pro SDXC 64GB 95MB/s 2 g2


First Aid & Repairfirst aid & repair kitplasters, gauze roller bandage, gauze dressings, adhesive tape (angel skin), needle, cleansing wipes, Paracetamol 500 mg, Ibuprofen 200 mg, Imolope relieves diarrhea, Postafen 25 mg against travel sickness, 4 safety pins, cuben repair kit for tent, Tear-Aid Patch for clothes, HMG repair kit for cuben backpack, repair kit for sleeping pad, duct tape, waterproof matches, Dyneema Guy Rope 2.0mm, Tread Lite Gear Cuben Fiber Pouch 93 g93


EssentialsWalletTread Lite Gear Cuben fiber Coin Card Case Wallet Zip 4 g4

Credit cards etc.drivers license, credit cards, cash, train card, insurance card, medicine card 33 g33

ear plugsin plastic container 7g7

toothbrush2 piece plastic 14 g14

towelMicro fibre cloth wiping the tent down, tea towel, napkin, cosy, drying myself 18 g18

trowelTheTentLab The Deuce of Spades UL Trowel 2 (17 g)17

seat padTherm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad with R-value 2.2 (53 g)53

sunglassesRay Ban prescription 37 g37

glasses casehard case 50 g50

wash bagTread Lite Gear Cuben Fiber Box Zipped Wash Bag Packing Cell ultralight blue 7 g7

stuff sack ditty bagHMG XL DCF11 Cuben Stuff Sack 18 g18


Consumablesall breakfast food oats, raisins, dried milk in ziplock bag (aprox. 140 g per serving)700

all dinner food homemadehomemade dehydrated meal (aprox. 125 g per serving dehydrated)250

all dinner food purchasedExpedition meals purchased 164 g – 172 g414

all lunch & snack foodoatmeal bars, M&M peanuts, Snickers, trail mix, tube of ham/cheese spread (Swedish brand), sport crisp bread (high in protein)1450

coffeeNescafe sachets 2 g each20

salt & pepperin a 20 ml reservoir15

fuelweight of fuel in Speedster Meths Bottle (500 ml) 441 g318

hand sanitiserHand gel (re-fillable)63

detergent Bio-degradable in LD Mini Dropper bottle transparent 6 ml (9 g)9

lip stuffLabello 14 g14

toothpaste19ml Colgate travel tube 33 g33

anti chafing balmBody Glide anti chafing, anti blister balm 59 g59

soapSea To Summit Pocket Soap 13 g13

sunblock30 SFP 40 g in a refillable tube40

baby wipes, towel etc.compressed towels 2 g10

rubbish bags4 ltr freezer bag 5 g10

toilet paperin HMG Small CF8 Cuben Stuff Sack – 8” x 10” (7 g)46


TOTALStotal base weightall gear NOT worn or consumed5376

total pack weightall gear NOT worn + consumables added8840

total skin out weightpack weight + clothing worn10986

You can view and download my map here on AllTrails

3 Replies to “Camøno thru-hike Packing List for 4 days”

  1. Hej Brian. Jeg sætter stor pris på, og finder stor inspiration i dine indlæg, tanker og turbeskrivelser.

    Et lille spørgsmål: Hvor larmende er dit überlite underlag? Nogle af dem ‘knitrer’ helt utroligt – andre er i mere fleksibelt materiale der giver sig lidt uden folie i midten.

    Mvh Kristian

    Toftegade 25A 4000 Roskilde mob: 41704775

    Den lør. 13. jun. 2020 kl. 08.49 skrev Brian Outdoors :

    > Brian Outdoors posted: ” Base weight 4.5 kg not including photography > equipment or 5.4 kg including the camera gear I recently thru-hiked 144 > kilometres on both the Danish islands of Møn and Nyord in 4 days at the end > of May 2020. I packed everything that I needed for 4 days ” >

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hej Kristian, tak for at have læst bloggen og dit kompliment.

      For at være ærlig, kan jeg ikke høre nogen forskel mellem den og den Therm-A-Rest Neoair XLite, som jeg plejer at bruge, og synes ikke at de larmer sådan at de irriterer mig. Jeg ved, at nogle mennesker siger, at de laver for meget larm, men det er ikke, hvordan jeg ser det.

      Jeg kan godt lige überliten og på Møn var det den første gang, at jeg har brugt den.
      Jeg skal ud i weekenden igen så jeg vil prøve at høre efter.


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