Hiking Køge Stream Path in the HMG Ultamid 2 including packing list

Køge Å Stien or Køge Stream Path is a 22 km long cycle and footpath that follows Køge Å (Køge Stream) from Køge to Borup. The trail is only a half hour drive in a car south from Copenhagen. I have hiked this trail two times and in both accounts I started at Borup and finished in Køge where there are frequent train departures.

Saturday December 21, 2019

  • total distance hiked today 11 km
  • temperature 7℃, overcast, light breeze, 2 m/s from southwest
  • sunrise 08:37 am
  • sunset 15:39 pm
  • total base weight 6.1 kg
  • total pack weight 7 kg (not including water) – see the end for packing list

From home I took the train to Valby where I changed to a regional train heading to Borup. Travelling time was approximately 48 minutes. By the time I got myself organised and began walking out of town it was 11:30 am. I could remember the way from last time I was here in November 2016. Once out of town I followed the trail parallel to the train tracks and next to the fields. After the 1.5 km stretch from Borup train station I passed under the train tracks via a tunnel.

Following some dirt and bitumen roads for a kilometer or so it was a relief to finally start heading into the forest; I immediately began to feel at ease. Stopping at a way-marker I paused while downing one of the bread-rolls that I had packed for my lunch. Some girls came by on horses and we greeted one another. I was soon alone again.

The lake area around here is called Regnemarks Bakke. One month after I was here in November 2016 the body of a Danish girl was found on Christmas Eve. Following the start of the murder investigation the newspapers reported that the perpetrator must of been a local person. The body was dumped in the middle lake which is also the deepest and could hide something all year round. The other two lakes can dry out through the summer months, thus exposing a “body”. I gave a thought for the girl called Emilie while I gazed out over the fields to the lakes from the same bench that I sat on three years earlier.

Continuing on pass the three lakes the dirt road takes me to a small parking area before the trail crosses a busy road. There was a cyclist and some dog walkers out and these were the first people that I had seen for some time. Leaving the lakes behind me I walk for 500 m on a sealed road until I enter a large swamp area with a lake in the middle. With the busy road behind me I gazed out across the lake capturing a photo using the available natural lighting to enhance the tree-line with a nice silhouette effect.

Towards the end of the afternoon the sun finally came out for a short stint; although not prominent enough to warm things up. I crossed the stream a few times over some wooden bridges until I finally made it to the Shelter at Spanager. Total distance walked today is 11 km.

In Denmark there are not that many areas where you are allowed to wild camp without first booking the site. Many sites are reserved for groups too. This system does not suit my hiking style and therefore I am often hiking in Sweden where you are basically free to camp nearly wherever you like. At this shelter site called Spanager, you don’t have to book so whoever shows up first can overnight there.

I had already decided at home that I would be pitching my Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 2 pyramid tent. There is not a lot of room to pitch at this site. Last time I pitched my Tarptent Notch between the shelter and the toilet. this was not so appealing to me now and the only other spot was at the entrance and next to the fire-pit area. I decided against this because if someone else turned up later and made a fire then my expensive tent would be ruined. I contemplated on sleeping in the shelter instead. Then I noticed that the fencing did not continue for a couple of lengths on the west side of the shelter. Just beyond the non-existent boundary there was a perfect flat area to pitch my tent. This would be home for the night.

Around 15:40 pm the sun began setting. I sat in the shelter making a cup of tea whilst gazing out over the fields and the sun did its thing.

For the first few hours of the evening the skies remained clear and I was able to experiment with my camera shooting a series of night photos. It defiantly helped to own a photogenic tent which complemented the scene. In the below shot I used the natural lighting in the background with extended exposure, whilst I used a camp lantern to light up in the Ultamid. Then I shined my headlamp to light up the bottom righthand side in the foreground. No flash was used.

Stargazing below with the HMG Ulatmid 2 in the foreground.

After dinner I stayed up for a while listening to a choice of music that I had downloaded to my iPhone. I enjoyed watching the stars dance in the night sky. I’m not sure what time I headed off to bed, but about 20:45 pm I was woken up by some people talking and with their headlamps lighting up my tent. Then they went away and then they returned again with all their crap. Car campers! That’s all I need!

I tried to sleep once more only to be awakened once again by some loud noises. They were now chopping firewood using the shelter floor as support. You can imagine the noise. This is not what a shelter floor is for! I got out of bed and approached them. I advised them that I was actually pitched only some meters from the shelter and that I was trying to sleep. They apologised and said that they will try not to make anymore noise. They had their fire and talked for some time. After a while I must of dozed off again.

At 04:00 am I was awakened once more by some pots banging around. What are they doing now? They must of been cold and made a warm drink or something. Then they talked loudly for 30 minutes or so after that.

Sunday December 22, 2019

  • total distance hiked today 12 km
  • temperature 4℃, overcast
  • sunrise 08:37 am

In the early hours it rained slightly off and on for a couple of hours. I got out of bed around 07:00 am and I didn’t try not to make any noise. There was no consideration from my neighbours the night before so I did not feel obliged to be quiet. Breakfast was consumed in the Ultamid. To try something new I had packed a roll and a catering pack of honey. This was not a success in my opinion so I will go back to oats once again next time.

With my breakfast and coffee routine over I packed camp down. All items were placed in my backpack except for my shelter which was wet from the rain. Because of the very wet conditions there was also a fair bit of condensation on the inside wall of the tent too. I stored the Ultamid without its stuff sack in the large outer net of my backpack.

At 08:00 am I started hiking with the aid of my headlamp although I could just see anyway. I was excited to see a deer on the nearby field. My iPhoned showed that the temperature was 4℃ and that it was mostly cloudy and there would be no more rain. There were only 1.5 km up to the road crossing where I would then hike down and enter another forest area whilst still following Køge Å.

This is the area that I was most looking forward to. In beautiful autumn colours on my last visit I thought that the trail was gorgeous here. I noticed some signs on the side of the trail. Police dog training they read. Dogs running around in the forest. Do not enter this area and please respect the signs. I presumed that they meant all the area beyond and behind the signs. I continued on the trail.

Some dog walkers were strolling in the are here. I said good morning and they returned the greeting. I paused at a similar location as I did last time and took the obligatory photos.

When I approached the last water crossing I noticed that the bridge had been upgraded since my last visit. I didn’t have to preform a balancing trick like I had to last time. Although when I study both photos now I can’t see the same trees etc so I believe that this crossing is slightly downstream and a different one.

There is now a short climb out of the forest and up onto a slight rise where I follow a track parallel to Køge Å for about 1 km down to another road and bridge that crosses the stream. There is now a 2.2 km road walk where there is no footpath. Leaving the road again was a pleasure. I didn’t miss fighting the cars for a bit of bitumen to walk on. The sign reads 3.8 km to Køge although there are 5.4 km until I reach the Køge train station.

The trail now takes you into the last forest on the outskirts of Køge. Five middle-aged men on mountain bikes ride past me heading in the same direction. Even though it was still early at 10:00 am on a Sunday, there were several “younger” families out with small children. It was now obvious to me that civilisation was only around the corner.

Total distance hiked today was 12 km. I made the 11:57 am train in Køge which took me north to Copenhagen. I was home just after 12:00 pm all refreshed and ready for the coming Christmas celebrations.

Thank you to all my followers for taking the time to read my posts in 2019.

Happy New Year … see you in 2020!

YouTube video above

Packing List

  • total base weight 6.1 kg
  • total pack weight 7 kg (not including water)
Clothes wornshoesinov-8 Roclite 282 GTX Gore-Tex Trail702

hiking socksDarn Tough Boot Sock Full Cushion107

hiking pantsMontane 2017 Terra Pack Pants282

underpantsDilling Tights Exclusive Merino Wool M/585


buffMerino wool50

long sleeve shirtDilling Long Arm Hoody Exclusive Merino Wool Blue250

wind shirtCumulus Windy-Wendy Pertex Quantum GL Wind Jacket60

mid layerMountain Equipment Diablo Hooded Jacket310

hatHMG Breeze Hat70

watchSuunto Core Regular Black62

cell phoneApple iPhone 6S 64GB145

trekking polesBlack Diamond Trail480


PackbackpackHMG Windrider 2400 Pack (40 ltr) 799 g799

Shoulder Strap PocketTread Lite Gear Dyneema X Grid Rucksack Backpack Shoulder Strap Pocket 17 g34


Shelterstakes6″ MSR Carbon Core 6 g24

stakes9″ MSR Core 14 g56

stuff sack for stakesTarptent Silnylon black 3 g3

pole straps2 ea HMG UltaMid Pole straps 36 g36

InsertHMG UltaMid 2 Half Insert with DCF11 Floor 418 g + stuff sack 14 g = 432 g432

shelterHMG UltaMid 2 – Ultralight Pyramid Tent 528 g + stuff sack 14 g = 542 g542


Sleepingsleeping bag (or quilt)As Tucas Foratata Quilt 450 / 900 cuin down custom collar Regular 690 g690

sleeping padTherm-A-Rest Neoair XTherm Regular R value 5.7 (51 x 183 x 6,3 cm) 437 g437

stuff sack for sleeping padTread Lite Gear Cuben Stuff Sack Thermarest Neoair Xlite Xtherm 7g7

pillowHyperlite mountain gear Cuben pillow stuff sack Small 32 g32

stuff sack / podHyperlite Mountain Gear POD – Large 37 g37


Clothes carriedrain jacketBerghaus Hyper Shell Jacket (L) / waterproof 15,000 mm breathable 10,000 mm 89 g89

rain pantsInov8 AT/C Ultrapant Waterproof U Pertex Shield 2.5 Layer / waterproof 10,000 mm HH (86 g)86

insulated “puffy” jacketCumulus Incredilite Endurance Hydrophobic Down Jacket (850 cuin) (L) 320 g320

warm hat (packed)Dilling Wool Beanie 71 g71

long underpants (packed)Aklima Hotwool Longs Unisex Olive 218 g218

hiking socks (packed)Darn Tough Boot Sock Full Cushion 107 g107

rain mittsMontane Minimus Mitt Pertex Shield / Waterproof / No Insulation in bag 53 g53

glovesRAB Xenon Mitts Pertex Quantum Outer / PrimaLoft Gold High Insulation 68 g68

stuff sack / podHyperlite Mountain Gear POD – Large 37 g37


Kitchencone system / wind shieldLixada Ultralight Titanium Wind Shield to use with remote stoves 13 g + 2 g stuff sack 15 g15

potEvernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (0.9 L) 107 g107

stoveFire Maple Titanium FMS-117T Remote Gas Stove 98 g + 12 g stuff sack 110 g110

oddments bagTread Lite Cuben bag in pot 2 g5

pocket lighterMini Bic lighter 12 g12

pot cozyDIY cozy for Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (0.9 L) 35 g35

spoonNordisk Titanium XL Long Handle Spoon 20 g20

folding knife Swiss Army Knife Classic SD including scissors & tweezers 21 g21

fuel storage bottlestandard 100 g gas bottle 100 g100

cupfolding cup 200 ml 24 g24

stuff sack / pod for food & cookingZPacks Roll Top Blast Food Bag Cuben Fiber 44 g44


Hydrationwater bottle700 Smart water bottle 27 g27

extra water bottle1500 ml Evernew folding 36 g36


NavigationnavigatorGarmin GPSMAP64st including 2 ea batteries 228 g228

Garmin batteries for navigatorextra re-chargeable batteries 2 pack for GPS 57 g57


Electronicspower bankAnker PowerCore 5000 mAh including bag & 0.1m lightning cable (2 charges) 150 g150

headlampBlack Diamond Revolt Rechargeable 100 g100

lanternBlack Diamond Moji Camp Lantern 122 g122

earphonesApple earpods including lightning connector in HMG bag 15 g15

dry bagTread Lite Gear Cuben Fiber Roll Top Dry Bag Ultralight 11 g11


First Aid & Repairfirst aid & repair kitplasters, gauze roller bandage, gauze dressings, adhesive tape (angel skin), needle, cleansing wipes, Paracetamol 500 mg, Ibuprofen 200 mg, Imolope relieves diarrhea, Postafen 25 mg against travel sickness, 4 safety pins, cuben repair kit for tent, Tear-Aid Patch for clothes, HMG repair kit for cuben backpack, repair kit for sleeping pad, duct tape, waterproof matches, Dyneema Guy Rope 2.0mm, Tread Lite Gear Cuben Fiber Pouch 104 g104


EssentialsWalletTread Lite Gear Cuben fiber Coin Card Case Wallet Zip 4 g4

Credit cards etc.drivers license, credit cards, cash, train card, insurance card, medicine card 33 g33

ear plugsin plastic container 7g7

toothbrush2 piece plastic 14 g14

towelMicro fibre cloth wiping the tent down, tea towel, napkin, cosy, drying myself 18 g18

trowelTheTentLab The Deuce of Spades UL Trowel 2 (17 g)17

seat padTherm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad with R-value 2.2 (53 g)53

wash bagTread Lite Gear Cuben Fiber Box Zipped Wash Bag Packing Cell ultralight blue 7 g7

stuff sackHMG Large CF8 Cuben Stuff Sack – 10” x 14” (11 g)11


PhotographycameraCanon G7 X Mark II including battery & Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC 64 GB memory card 321 g321

camera bagHama “Fancy Travel” Camera Bag, 80M, orange 37 g37

camera batteriesCanon NB-13L 23 g23

rain coverHMG Small CF8 Cuben Stuff Sack – 8” x 10” (7 g)7

tripodPedco UltraPod Lightweight Camera Tripod 52 g52


Consumablesfood snacks, lunch, dinner & breakfast715

coffeeInstant coffee40

salt & pepperin a 20 ml reservoir12

fuelweight of fuel in 100 g gas bottle67

hand sanitiserHand gel (re-fillable)41

detergent Bio-degradable in LD Mini Dropper bottle transparent 6 ml7

lip stuffLypsyl8

toothpaste8ml Speedster Squeeze Tube (4 g) 23 g23

toilet paperin HMG Small CF8 Cuben Stuff Sack – 8” x 10” (7 g)40


TOTALStotal base weightall gear NOT worn or consumed6125

total pack weightall gear NOT worn + consumables added (not including water)7078

total skin out weightpack weight + clothing worn9695


Product(s) discussed in this article were either purchased by Brian Outdoors from a retailer or otherwise provided by the manufacturer at a discount/donation with no obligation to provide media coverage or a product review to the manufacturer(s). I do not accept compensation or donated product in exchange for guaranteed media placement or product review coverage without clearly denoting such coverage as an “ADVERTISEMENT” or “SPONSORED CONTENT.”

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