Raslången and Halen Lakes Round Trip – Skåneleden SL1 Section 3 (which is also Blekingeleden Trail stage 3), the new SL1 section 3A (which is also Blekingeleden stage 4) and finally Skåneleden SL1 section 4

I was accompanied by Clemens aka @forrestechs on IG and his wife. We started at Bökestad and hiked by Fuglabacken along Lake Raslången, N. Gillesnäs, Olofström, Lake Halen and back to Bökestad (38.3 km).

Friday July 19th 2019

After work on Friday afternoon I drove home, took a quick shower and then travelled over the Sound to Sweden where I joined Clemens and his wife. Using Clemen’s car this time he drove us to the parking area at Bökestad (N56.22129° E14.42321°) which was about one and half hour’s drive away. We arrived just after 8 PM and hiked Skåneleden Trail SL1 section 4 from Bökestad up to Fuglabacken where we made camp for the night. There were no showers forecast so Clemens did not use his tent fly and therefore only erected the inner tent. I packed my Zpacks Duplex this time. Total walked for tonight was 3.3 km.

Saturday July 20th 2019

I slept well with the comfortable night low of around 14°C. My ultra lightweight sleeping system for this weekend: Total weight = 630 g (22 oz)

  • GramXpert eLite summer quilt APEX 67 Regular M 312g (11 oz)
  • Therm-A-Rest Neoair XLite Small 200g (7 oz)
  • Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite cut off 4 sections 118g (4 oz)

The Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite 4 sections is also my sit pad. The quilt’s rated comfort temperature is 11°C. For leg & feet support I used my HMG Windrider 2400 pack.

I was out of bed early and went for a walk up to the shelter site next to the lake. There was no wind, no mosquitoes, no rain and nice warm temperatures. This was the same spot where I was on New Year’s Eve this year, however with completely different weather.

After breakfast we hiked north on Skåneleden SL1 section 4 around Lake Raslången. The trail is a mixture of forest roads and grassed trail. Through the grassed areas we are especially keeping an eye out for ticks. The ticks in this area can transmit not only Lyme disease but also the dangerous TBE, a viral infectious disease involving the central nervous system. I have been bitten by many ticks this year in Denmark and had to be treated once already with penicillin. As the conditions are perfect for ticks, warm and moist, there are a lot of ticks this year!

When we reached Filkesboda we turned right heading north east and up to Getatorpet where we crossed the two small bridges.

From Getatorpet we followed St. Kroksjön Lake at first due east and then turned north and followed the road up to Harasjömåla Fiskecamp at N. Gillesnäs.

At Harasjömåla Fiskecamp we used the toilets, filled up on water and purchased an ice cream.

After the break we cut across on a forest track to Nytebodavägen at Brokamåla where we then road walked into Olofström. Olofström, earlier named Holje, was a small silent town until Volvo Cars Body Components moved in. Since 1927 Volvo Cars Body Components factory in Olofström has supplied body parts for all Volvo models and for several years in the 1950s and ’60s, complete bodies were delivered to the assembly factory in Göteborg.

We then walked into town where we purchased some lunch at a grill bar called 121:ans Grill which is on the main drag just after the railway lines. There are some stairs on the right-hand side of the bridge over the railway tracks. Take them down and the grill bar is right there at the bottom. I ordered a burger, fries and cola. The food was good and the staff were nice. They even filled my water bottle for me.

After lunch we then followed the “new” section 3A out of Olofström, passing Olofströms Fritidsklubb Canoe Center, where you can top up on water BTW, and then Halens Camping och Stugby, where you can use the toilets. The handicap toilets are usually never locked all over Sweden and so you can use them and re-supply with water. I usually store my little collapsible cup in the net compartment on my pack so I can use it to fill my water bottles. Skåneleden SL1 Section 3A is actually the Blekingeleden Trail.

We camped at a shelter site not far from Boafall on lake Halen. There were quite a few people there, some had come in kayaks and canoes, some like us had hiked in, however there was one group that had arrived by car. They had not only occupied all the prime camp sites, with some beautiful lake views, using their three shelters plus hammocks for four people, but had also “reserved” the sitting area at the shelter. After some discussion and agreement they moved their eating utensils etc. and we moved into the shelters. I wasn’t completely satisfied as I was wanting to camp in my Duplex, however all the best sites were taken and this was our only choice. As it turned out, we slept comfortably and we had a nice evening.

After we had moved in we bathed in the lake removing all the grime from the hot day’s hike. Refreshed, we prepared dinner and afterwards retired to bed. Today’s distance was 28.9 Km.

Sunday July 21st 2019

The rain started in the early hours of the morning. A nice steady and hard rain. It was still quite warm and I believe the night low was around 18 °C. The rain stopped at 8 AM which was also our departure time.

After breakfast which consisted, in my case, of a cup of coffee and an oatmeal bar we set out following Blekingeleden or “the new” Skåneleden SL1 Section 3A. The first part involves climbing the hill west of the bottom of Lake Halen.

Upon reaching the rise you then walk south and then east for a while until you reach the scenic overlook where you can look down over Boafall and the lake area where we had slept for the night.

We then hit Skåneleden SL1 Section 3 which lead us back to the car at Bökestad. It was 5.6 km to the Bökestad shelter but 6 km to the car from our camp at Halen Lake.

Total hiked this weekend was 38.3 km

YouTube video above

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  1. Looking lovely!
    Have you not been vaccinated against TBE? This disease hasn’t reached the UK yet, but we keep our vaccinations against it up to date, since we visit mainland Europe regularly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No I haven’t been vaccinated. After this year’s events and close calls I’m looking into it. It’s not common to vaccinate in Denmark for ticks as TBE has only popped up on Bornholm and a couple of cases on the mainland. However, I’m in Sweden a lot so I should consider having it done. I used some DEET on the weekend and managed to keep them off me.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s not common to have done here either, so we had to pay for it, the National Health Service won’t cover it. It is recommended by the government though for any travellers to much of Europe. We first got done when we went to Norway, but it’s much more common in places like Austria, Germany and parts of France. Slowly moving westward too – sadly, there has actually been one case in the UK this last year.


  3. I only really know from my personal experience of some areas. Austria, Germany (Black Forest area especially) and the Jura area in France are all potential problem areas for both Lyme and TBE. As I understnad it, TBE is also in Scandinavia but not to the same extent. UK is problematic for Lyme, but not TBE as yet. If you were interested in other countries, you’d have to check – there are TBE and Lyme ‘maps’ on google.

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  4. Just the other day on July 23rd there was a report of a 59 year old man that had been infected with TBE after a tick bite. He lives just north of me from Copenhagen. It’s a short article so you could translate the article here:


    Fourteen days after my “tick attack” at the Danish Outdoor Festival this year, at the end of April, one of my bites developed into a rash. I had about 30 ticks on me after living in the forest for 3 days. The rash appeared just over a couple of weeks after from one of the bites and later it increased in size. There was a slight swelling and the area was itchy and stung like a mosquito bite. I visited the doctor and straight away he began treating me with a course of penicillin. I didn’t suffer from any other typical tick borne illness symptoms like fever, chills, aches and pains, so it appears that I reacted in time. After my coarse of penicillin the rash disappeared and I’m feeling fine. Even though the rash is gone I still itch in the area and after speaking with other people they say that they also itch 2 years after their tick bite.

    I found this tick on me (below link) two days after I came home from my Bohusleden (Sweden) hike at the end of May/start of June. I really thought that I had checked myself good all over. It’s incredible that such a small creature can do so much harm. So yes, TBE in the prone tick areas are a real issue and should not to be taken lightly.


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