Mill Stream Path (Mølleåstien) – Farum to Øresund

Mølleådalen (Mill Stream Valley) is part of a large branched valley system between Roskilde Fjord and Øresund (the Sound between Denmark & Sweden). The valley was once the most important industrial area in Denmark and for centuries water was utilized here to drive the mills.

A quick and dirty overnighter testing the Borah Gear 7×9 Tarp and Borah Gear Ultralight Cuben Bivy

Saturday July 6, 2019

I’m not only a big fan of Formula 1 racing but also Tour de France which had it’s start today. There were rain showers most of the day so I spent my time in front of the TV keeping myself updated on the Tour. At 17:00 pm the first day was in the house so I departed home and boarded a train to Farum train station on the NW side of Copenhagen. Just after 18:00 pm I arrived and started hiking Mølleåstien heading east around Lake Furesø.

After leaving the railway station I take the trail under the bridge to Furesøbad. I walk through Nørreskov Forest passing five official camp sites. The trail follows right next to the lake and I count six small camp sites before I reach the area where I want to pitch the tarp for the night. I have walked about 5 km.

Very pleased with my camp and the location of my pitched tarp I proceed with the preparation of my dinner. Tonight’s menu is beef, bulgur mix with quinoa, tomatoes and green herbs and vegetables. I caught a little glimpse of the sunset as I was in-taking dinner. The sun only appeared for about ten seconds and I wasn’t quick enough to grab my camera so below is an iPhone photo. A quick rain shower followed this spectacle and then I went to bed.

Sunday July 7th, 2019

This was one sweet camp spot on Lake Furesø. This morning I awoke looking behind me at the back of the tarp and through the netting in the bivy bag and watched the sun rising. I couldn’t be bothered getting up until 6 am (yes, I slept in 😂) so I didn’t catch it with any photos. I pitched the south side of the tarp in “storm mode” to give myself some privacy as I was situated right next to the trail. Although no one came by the whole time I was there.

I skipped coffee and breakfast packing my gear and was on trail by 07:00 am. I stopped in Frederiksdal Forest about 500 meters from camp locating a suitable location to dig a cat hole where I could preform my morning toilet visit. The job done I continued until I crossed the bridge at Nybro Forest. Finding a nice little rise on the other side I stopped to take a break. Here I ate a food bar and hydrated myself with some water. A local walked by with his kayak and I said hi. He ignored me and at first I thought this was strange but then I remembered that I was now in the posh northern side of Copenhagen.

Not long after I got going again I came across the monument at Louisekilde. It is apparently designed by the Danish architect C. F. Hansen from 1791. The trail followed the north and east sides of Lyngby Lake and then the railway. There were some toilets at the canoe club at Lyngby so I made use of the facilities there. Making my way through Lyngby I then turned and headed north.

The trail then follows Mølleå, the Mill Creek or stream or whatever you wish to call it, for the rest of the way to the Sound. At the same time one also follows the railway for quite a few kilometers as well. I would say 5 or 6 km.

Just after Ravnholm a group of guys nearly run me down on their mountain bikes, which was not the first time today. It is just before the bridge and only about 4 km until Strandmøllen which is the end of the trail.

At Raadvad Hotel I know that I’m not far now. I have been here before many years ago. I used to run the Eremitage run (Eremitageløbet) which is 13.3 km long and goes right by here. I ran it in both 2004 and 2005. There are about 20,000 runners! The Eremitageløbet takes place early in every October in Dyrehaven. It is one of Denmark’s oldest runs and is therefore a very prestigious run to win.

Making my way through Dyrehaven I finally reach Øresund, the Sound between Denmark and Sweden.

And then Strandmøllen, which is the end or start of the trail, is only a stones throw away. From here I need to continue south for a further 3.7 km to the train station at Klampenborg. Total walked today is 20 km.

Video on YouTube
  • I used the Calazo Det nordlige København & Nationalpark Kongernes Nordsjælland map 1:25 000 purchased from Friluftland. The map is printed on Tyvek and is 100% waterproof and hard wearing. More information can be found at Calazo.

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