Skjoldunge Trail (Skjoldungestien) Hvalsø to Roskilde

The Skjoldunge Trails are natural hiking trails that all pass through Gammel Lejre, where they continue to Hvalsø, Roskilde, Gevninge and Osted. Stretching over 40 km, they traverse impressive natural and historical landscapes. Skjoldungerne is, according to legend, the name of the first Danish royal dynasty, which is said to descent from King Skjold, it’s first king. Lejre was the seat of the dynasty, which is why Denmark’s newest and 4th national park is called Skjoldungernes Land. The National Park is predominantly a fjord landscape in and around Roskilde Fjord, home to countless bird species.

June 22nd 2019

My hike started in Hvalsø where I parked my car at the train station. I arrived just before 8 am and before I started out I sprayed my legs, arms and the back of my neck with Biomixtur. I have purchased a Danish made product for “tick prone” areas called Biomixtur. The product is supposed to make the user become uninteresting as a meal for the blood sucking mites and the bite is thereby avoided. Spray ingredients are organic essential oils and various organic tinctures extracted on bio-alcohol. The scent is mild and pleasant. The product is sprayed directly onto the skin or onto the clothing.

I have supplemented this protection with another product called Sawyer Permethrin Premium Insect Repellent For Gear & Clothing. A repellent keeps bugs away; a pesticide kills them on contact. Permethrin-treated clothing, first developed by the military a few decades ago, has been available to consumers since 2003. Permethrin spray is only for your clothes and gear. It should never be applied to your skin. And when treating clothes, stick to outerwear. Last week I treated my socks, pants and shirts by spraying them with this insecticide. I protected myself with some disposable gloves and a 3M dust mask when I preformed the treatment.

So now with Permethrin treated clothing, my arms, legs and neck protected with Biomixtur and my backpack loaded onto my back I started the first leg of my Skjoldunge Trail from Hvalsø to Roskilde. Hvalsø is a very nice little town; everything looks well functioning and maintained. There are also plenty of possibilities for re-supply etc. I made my way south locating the church grounds where you can fill up on water if required. The trail then heads east and then south again until I finally reach Valborup forest where I stop and record some video. Then some three or four kilometers later I walk by Avnsø lake where I stop and take a photo.

From Avnsø I continue on a north-easterly heading out of the forest towards Skov Hastrup Overdrev. Just before Kongebjerg I have to walk through a long grassed area. After close inspection I can see that one tick has bitten into my leg. I tried to brush it off because it has only just hitch-hiked on to me but I had to find my tweezers and remove it that way.

I reach a main road where there is a rest area with a table and chairs just outside of Særløse. I take a break and spray more tick spray on me as the directions say to re-apply every three hours. I do this for the whole trip and I don’t find any more ticks on me. I can see Særløse Church up on the hill from where I’m taking a break.

It was a pleasure to carry my HMG Windrider 2400 pack with a total pack weight of 7.6 kg for this trip. You can read about my packing list here.

I carried the Pedco UltraPod Lightweight Camera Tripod strapped to one of my trekking poles this weekend. I’ve been using this little beauty for some time now and I like it a lot.

After my break I continue north-east towards Syvhøje. Just before the forest entrance there is a very small rough and ready shelter. It looks a little more like a chicken shed. It’s not marked on my map and I think it is a private shelter.

After I pass through the forest the trail does a sharp right as the railway line is now present at Hulegård. I would travel on this line back to Hvalsø train station later from Roskilde. Then the trail descends slightly as it takes you under the railway and heads north for a while again towards Gammel Lejre. I pass by Gravhøjhus and then just before I turn north there is a little water hole.

Soon the golf club is on my right and left and I head up on the left hand side of Knapsø lake. When I reach Sagnlandet Lejre the trail takes me east until I reach Gammel Lejre. Sagnlandet Lejre is a centre for Historical-Archaeological Research and Communication and is a 106-acre archaeological open-air museum. I walk down Mysselhøj and finally reach Gammel Lejre. I had hoped to buy some lunch here as I read on line that they have a café. Unfortunately for me they only have a little coffee machine and a tiny freezer with some ice creams in it. I purchased an ice cream which was lunch and followed it with a packet of trail mix. One nice thing here was the water tap on the outside of the building so I was able to top up and drink a fair bit of water while I was there.

After lunch I followed the trail by Store Møllegård, Kornerup Å (a small creek) and then Svogerslev Sø (lake). The lake is on the west side of the small town of Svogerslev. I stop and take a couple of pictures looking down from Dømmeshøj towards the lake. There were a few black sheep grazing in the field.

After here the trail heads north again and the Roskilde Golf Club is on the right. At Gedevad where the the greenkeeper’s shed is located there is a water tap on the outside of the building. It was here that I filled my two liter folding water bottle for my evening requirements. Toilets are also located to the right and I made a quick visit. From here there is only one kilometer up to Boserup Forest and then a further two kilometers up to the camp site where I wanted to spend the night.

The Bregnebjerg Shelter site is situated right down to the water’s edge with the possibility of access from the waterside by canoe or boat. If you come walking or cycling, you can follow “Fjordstien Route 40”. You have to bring your own firewood. There is a compost toilet near the site. The site is for free use and therefore cannot be reserved. I thought that this would make it a perfect area for me. However, others had the same idea. I took a second lunch break and I downed a packet of tuna and some more trail mix while I contemplated my options. I decided to finish the trail today by continuing on into Roskilde and then locate the train station where I would commute back to Hvalsø and pick up my car. Then I would drive back up to the camp site again where there was a car park a short 500 meters away. I would find a nice site not far from the shelter.

There were about four or five kilometres into Roskilde from the site and then another kilometer or so to the train station. I first had to reach the Roskilde Cathedral (Danish: Roskilde Domkirke). The cathedral has been the main burial site for Danish monarchs since the 15th century. When I arrived at the train station my GPS showed that I had hiked 36 km today. My train departed at 17:53 pm and I arrive at Hvalsø just after 18:15 pm.

I drove north arriving at the car park at Boserup Forest and walked the short distance to my camp site. I had also purchased a beer and some chips at a shop on the way so when I arrived I just set-up my camp chair and enjoyed my beer, chips and the views. The mosquitoes were starting to bite so I donned my wind pants and wind jacket. Then I prepared dinner and preformed the normal camp chores. Tonight’s sweet pitch in my Tarptent Notch below.

June 23rd 2019

I slept very well through the night and didn’t wake once. I always seem to sleep nicely in my Notch. I slept with one of the doors open. The birds woke me at sunrise and at 04:43 am I was out of bed capturing on camera the best time of the day; sunrise. The below series doesn’t need any words.

I ended my photo shoot with coffee and breakfast enjoying the end of the sunrise show.

After breakfast I packed up and drove homewards. I was home at 06:30 am.

YouTube video above
  • I used the Calazo Roskilde & Nationalpark Skoldungernes Land map 1:30 000 purchased from Friluftland. The map is printed on Tyvek and is 100% waterproof and hard wearing. More information can be found at Calazo.

Product(s) discussed in this article were purchased by myself from a retailer or manufacturer. I do not accept compensation or donated product in exchange for guaranteed media placement or product review coverage without clearly denoting such coverage as an “ADVERTISEMENT” or “SPONSORED CONTENT.”

2 Replies to “Skjoldunge Trail (Skjoldungestien) Hvalsø to Roskilde”

    1. Thank you, yes I’m seeing some of Denmark now. This trail surprised me actually; I thought it was quite charming. Roskilde is a pleasant place to visit and there is a lot of history in this area. I’ll most probably visit the trail again. I think the camp site I stayed at will make a great winter location.


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