Skåneleden Trail SL2 Sections 19 and 20 Flip-Flop

Genarp to Snogeholm to Genarp – 55 km in 24 hours

Saturday May 18th 2019

Leaving home at 07:20 am I drove my car through the tunnel under the Øresund sound and then over the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. At 8:15 am I arrived at Genarp where I continued to drive through town until I reached the Häckeberga Nature Reserve parking area (N55° 35.754′ E13° 25.081′). At 08:30 am I began my hike heading in an easterly direction towards lake Sövdesjön.

The weather was fantastic with blue skies and temperatures that increased throughout the day to around 20ºC. After my “tick attack” at the end of April this year I now guarded myself against the little blood sucking parasites with a newly purchased “tick spray”, a Danish produced product called Biomixtur. Still in treatment for the rash that had developed into stage 1 on the back of my leg from one of the tick bites with penicillin (Phenoxymethylpenicillin), I was very much on guard and inspected my legs and arms constantly.

Fourteen days after my “tick attack” at the Danish Outdoor Festival, one of my bites developed into a rash. I had about 30 ticks on me after living in the forest for 3 days. The rash appeared just over a couple of weeks after from one of the bites and later it increased in size. There was a slight swelling and the area was itchy and stung like a mosquito bite. I visited the doctor and straight away he began treating me with a course of penicillin. I didn’t suffer from any other typical tick borne illness symptoms like fever, chills, aches and pains, so it appears that I reacted in time. Here on May 25th 2019, I’m done with my coarse of penicillin and the rash has disappeared and I’m feeling fine 😀.

I passed by the Allmänningen shelter where I camped back in May last year where I witnessed a beautiful sunset. After leaving Häckeberga Nature Reserve and the Skåneleden Trail for a short while, I followed a forest road on the south side of a stream. While I walked through the valley I could hear some Danish hikers talking loudly setting out for the day on the Skåneleden Trail up on the ridge. Not sure why they had to make so much noise when they were walking right next to each other. I made this diversion from the trail to avoid the Kullatorpet area as I had been there previously. Soon I climbed back up to the ridge line and merged onto the Skåneleden Trail again. I passed the Danish hikers on the way up. We exchanged greetings and wished one another a nice trip. I followed the trail until I reached the shelter at Bilarp.

Drinking enough water was on top of my list as I didn’t want a repeat of a heat stroke which is what I suffered from a couple of years ago on one of my trips, also in the month of May. I became very ill and had to be “rescued” by family members. Luckily I was able to collect water on this trip, first at the Romeleåsens Golf Club just after Dörröd, then at the Blentarp Church and finally by the lake Sövdesjön. There is a water tap available not far from a little ice cream shop right on the lake.

I surprised countless hares on this trip. It was funny to see them bolt off across paddocks when I startled them. If I was on a forest road then they would run down the road until I couldn’t see them any more instead of just running off into the fields.

Just after Dörröd I crossed a main road and began a slight climb towards the Romeleåsens Golf Club. The trail runs right through the golf course and just before the club house there was a shed with a sitting area and a water tap. I stopped here for a short 10 minute break making sure to drink a lot of water before leaving.

On exiting the golf course the trail takes you higher up until you can see over the entire region from a nice little rocky overlook.

Then the trail turns a sharp right heading south and through a cow populated nature reserve. Luckily the cows only discovered me just as I was about to exit the reserve. If you are a long time reader of my blog then you will know that I dislike cows as they just seem to want to run me down 😭. I was already making plans in my head about how I would bypass this part of the trail on my way back. You can actually see it on the recorded route above in the middle, between the two main roads. The bottom track is where I walked on the flip flop back again and the top track takes you around the golf course and through the “cow reserve” on my way to the lake.

From here I followed the road by Lilla Rödde Museum. After that there is a little lake and here you have to be very alert. The trail diverts to a sharp right but there is no sign and no indication at all that you have to turn. The trail doesn’t even look too worn so I think that this is a recent diversion from the trail. I had continued some 630 meters before I realised that something was wrong. This added an extra 1.2 km to my route as I had to reverse. The turn is at this location N55° 35.214′ E13° 34.278′. I have reported this to the Skåneleden organisation (25.05.2019).

I finally reached the Simontorp shelter where I decided to stop for lunch. The site is situated just before the town of Blentarp and is 12 km from the Snogeholm shelter.

After lunch I located the Blentarp Church on the way out of town. Here I could top up on water supplies once again and I drank nearly a litre while I was there too.

On the west side of lake Sövdesjön this squirrel below was going mad at me so it was easy to take this photo. The squirrel was just off trail and apparently I was on it’s turf.

At the lake Sövdesjön there was a tap near a little café where I could once again refill my water bottle. I took a five minute break here whilst taking in the views of the lake.

When I arrived at the Snogeholm shelter I couldn’t believe my eyes. When I passed by here last October in 2018 I thought that it was a perfect spot to camp the night. There is a lot of room to pitch a tent or you can stay in one of the shelters. But when I arrived the whole area was overtaken by some sort of Scout convention. They were also in the grounds near the lake where water could be collected. They were everywhere. What to do. It was only about 16:30 pm so I decided to walk back to the Simontorp shelter where I had taken a lunch break.

I chose a different route on the way back to Simontorp. On arrival the time was 19:45 pm. Before erecting my shelter I concentrated on preparing my evening meal. I soaked my dehydrated meal, which consisted of tuna, vegetables, rice with broccoli and cauliflower white sauce. While the meal was soaking I erected my shelter of choice for this hike; my Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 2. I scouted around the site and noticed that the WC had been vandalised; someone had removed the inspection plate at the back of the toilet and moved the can so that when you sat on the toilet seat all of your number two’s would hit the wooden floor instead of filling the can. I moved the bucket back to where it should be and tried to replace the inspection plate as best I could holding it in place with a branch. I have reported this to the Skåneleden organisation (25.05.2019).

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 2

After dinner I brushed my teeth and retired for the evening. The time was 21:00 pm and I was a very tired boy. I slept very nicely and never woke through the night which has never happened before.

Sunday May 19th 2019

I was awake at 04:13 am and at 04:20 I was out of bed. I was on my way at 05:45 am.

The only thing that was on my mind today was that I was not going to walk through that cow paddock again. I had plotted an alternative route and it turned out just fine. This meant that I couldn’t fill up on water supplies at the golf club as I had now bypassed it but I had plenty of water. The fog hung around for most of the morning. When I made it back to the car at Genarp, the sun was just starting to burn the mist away. It was humid so I enjoyed the cover from the sun while I was hiking. I startled many hares and it was funny to see them darting across the paddocks.

My recorded GPX file shows 41 km for Saturday and 14.5 km Sunday. I finished at 8:45 am on Sunday morning when I arrived back at the car. So all in all 55 km in 24 hours. Not bad for an old bugger!

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