Skåneleden SL5 Sections 9, 12, 13 & 14

Friday March 22nd, 2019

On arrival at Malmö central train station I found a suitable place to purchase a coffee to go and made my way out of the busy terminal. The time was just after 11:00 am when I began the walk out of Malmö heading north up to Bjärred. This walk is SL5 Sections 12, 13 & 14 from Malmö to Bjärred. After three hours of road walking I finally reached the coastal beach trail. Looking back southwards I viewed the magnificent Øresund Bridge which is an approximately 16 km long road and rail link between Sweden and Denmark.

Northwards the Barsebäck nuclear power plant can be seen below. It is situated in the south of Sweden 30 km from Malmö and only 20 km from Copenhagen. The last unit was closed down in May 2005. I passed by there in September 2018 when I hiked sections 10 and 11.

I soon reached the coastal village of Lomma which was built around a water inlet. On both sides there was an endless row of sailing boats moored. And on the north side there were several food stalls and fish restaurants. This would be a great place to re-visit with the family with some over-night accommodation included.

Not far out of the settlement I found a picnic table and chairs where I took a break. This was a very pleasant area. The sun came out for a short period today and then disappeared again. I actually stripped down to a single layer of clothing. With the slight winds and 8°C it was great hiking weather.

I reached the Bjärred Town House bus station just before the bus arrived at 16:21 pm. Luckily for me it was late or I would of had to wait for another hour! I got off trail here in Bjärred last year so now I just needed to get to Järavallen where I would camp for the night. I arrived at Davidslid at about 17:00 pm. After some orientation I located the same road that I had walked last year and headed to the Järavallen shelter site. After walking about one and a half times around the lake I found the shelter, the toilet block on the other side of the lake and a nice location next to the lake for my tent. I packed the Zpacks Duplex this time. Just before 18:00 pm I pitched the Duplex and then it started to rain ever so slightly. Total kilometers walked today was 28. It was a hard day as I haven’t been out for a month and I can really feel that I’m out of shape. Either that or I’m starting to get old.

The next task was dinner . I was anxious to try out my new Stormin windshield with the Vargo BOT-700. More on that later. At 19:36 pm it was lights out for me as I listened to the birds from the lake and I fell asleep.

Saturday March 23rd, 2019

Today I’m hiking up to Landskrona from Järavallen which is section 9. I’ve already done section 10 & 11 last year. When I looked out of the Duplex this morning I could see that some birds had pooped on the one of the doors through the night. I found a spare plastic bag in my food bag and filled it with some water from the lake a couple of times to clean the Duplex door. When I was done I packed up and by 06:35 am I was on my way.

On the other side of the lake I found a fireplace with some logs to sit on and decided to make some coffee and consume breakfast. I was too tired the night before to film and take photos of my new Stormin Stove Systems Pothugger Windshield for the Vargo BOT-700. So I decided to do it now.

The testing that I’ve done on this hike has been successful. The new Stormin Stove Systems Pothugger Windshield including 2 support pins weighs in at 26 grams. I didn’t burn any food this time! Whoppee! The Vargo BOT-700 is not suited for gas stoves (in my opinion) but it is excellent used together with alcohol stoves. The Titanium gets hot quick and the slow heating does the trick as no food seems to stick now as it did in all my previous testing with the gas stove. And as Norman Reeves says “Alcohol is good”. I think that I’m going to take this kit to Lapland later this year.

On my way to the fireplace I was lucky to witness the short appearance of the sun trying to burn away clouds and mist. It was there for five minutes and then disappeared for most of the rest of the day.

I had walked just under 5 km before 09:00 am. The trail consisted of forest roads and so the going was easy. I could hear a lot of birds in the area and just before a Boy Scout hut some woodpeckers were busy hammering away somewhere up in the trees.

Now I only had just over 10 km to Landskrona train station. It was 12 km to the town centre. As I neared Landskrona the forest roads gave way to sealed bike paths and then footpaths. I soon recognised the two round-a-bouts not far from the train station.

I arrived at 11:00 am and as my train was to come at 11:21 am I had time to use the rest rooms and freshen up a little. I was home in Copenhagen again at 13:00 pm.

I had a great time and tested some new kit on my hike. I got some nice mileage in my legs too. Soon you won’t be seeing my “Skåneleden trip reports” anymore because I’ll be done after just over 3 years of section hiking it. And I’ll be starting a new adventure. Thanks for all your likes, comments and encouragement over the last three years.

YouTube video here:

Update October, 2020

Stormin Stove Systems are no longer available for purchase

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