Riksgränsen to Abisko via Mårma pass 2019 – Planning

This year I will be travelling north of the Arctic Circle once again. My plan is to start at Riksgränsen in the north, close to the Norwegian border, then hike south until I turn and climb the Mårma pass. I walk north and then east until I reach Abisko but first after I climb the same mountain pass at Kårsavagge that I did last year on day two. The trip should take me 7 days and 6 nights and total length is approximately 130 km.


  • depart Copenhagen by train September 5th, 2019
  • arrive Stockholm September 5th, 2019
  • depart Stockholm on the night train September 5th, 2019
  • arrive Riksgränsen (Katterjåkk Turiststation) September 6th, 2019
  • depart Abisko by train September 12th, 2019
  • arrive Kiruna September 12th, 2019
  • overnight at a hotel in Kiruna September 12th, 2019
  • depart Kiruna by plane September 13th, 2019
  • arrive Copenhagen via Stockholm September 13th, 2019

I need to get off the train at the stop before Riksgränsen called Katterjåkk Turiststation

I waited until mid July 2019 before I ordered my return transport to Copenhagen. I did want to travel by train for my return journey but the tickets were still not available. Not wanting to wait any longer I ordered a flight home just like last year.

I’ve upgraded my camera and associated photo gear so I’m counting on shooting some great video for my YouTube channel.

I also learnt the hard way on my last adventure up here to plan with graphs displaying the elevations that I’ll be climbing. On my first day in 2018 I didn’t realize how much time it would take me to climb the four kilometers up to the top of the mountain pass at Kårsavagge with 1150 m height. It actually took me two hours! I ended up not attempting the climb on the first day. A storm blew in and I decided to stay put until early the next morning.


I know a Danish guy that did this same trip a couple of years ago and now I will retrace his steps in 2019. After last year’s successful wander on Kungsleden I want to return to the area but this time away from the “hiker highway”.

Day 1 Riksgränsen to Stuor Kärpel emergency hut 12.35 km (06.09.2019)

With approximately 250 m elevation gain. Should be a relatively easy-going first day with not a lot of climbing. The Norwegian border is just west of the trail and at some stage I cross over into Norway before entering Sweden again. CAMP 1 is somewhere near Stuor Kärpel emergency hut.

Day 2 Stuor Kärpel emergency hut to Unna Allagas 17.48 km (07.09.2019)

I start at an elevation just below 800 m and climb about 200 m then drop to 700 m height at the end of the day. CAMP 2 is somewhere near Unna Allagas mountain hut.

Day 3 Unna Allagas to camp before Vistasstugan 24.19 km (08.09.2019)

Today I climb to just over 1200 m elevation and finish the day down at about 700 m. I will most probably pick up some supplies or at least a beer at Alesjaure mountain hut. I camped not far from here on my Kungsleden hike in 2018. It is a fantastic location so I’m looking forward to passing through here again. CAMP 3 is somewhere near a water source before Vistasstugan mountain hut.

4 Camp to Mårma Mountain Hut 19,95 km (09.09.2019)

Starting at 700 m elevation I climb the Mårma pass to just below 1500 m height and the day ends at just below 1250 m height. This will be the toughest day of the whole trip and the highest I will climb. Mårma pass is renowned for the long haul over thousands of rocks. If I wasn’t tired of rocks last time on Kungsleden then this will fix me up. CAMP 4 is somewhere near the Mårma Mountain Hut which is situated a little lower than the highest point.

Day 5 Mårma Mountain Hut to Lake Ahpparjavri 22.45 km (10.09.2019)

The day starts high nearly at the top of Måma Mountain where I camped the night before not far from the mountain hut. I hike down to the valley and then slightly up again where it levels out to 800 m elevation heading north-west until I find CAMP 5 near Lake Ahpparjavri.

Day 6 Part 1 Camp at Lake Ahpparjavri to Abiskojaure Mountain Hut 9.68 km (11.09.2019)

Just passing through Abiskojaure Mountain Hut. I might pick up some supplies here. At Abiskojaure I am down at 500 m elevation. I don’t want to camp anywhere near this mountain hut as this site did not appeal to me last time I passed through here so this is just a pass through.

Day 6 Part 2 Abiskojaure to Kårsavagge mountain hut 8.55 km (11.09.2019)

After leaving Abiskojaure I make my way up and over the pass at Kårsavagge at 1150 m elevation. CAMP 6 is somewhere along the river past Kårsavagge mountain hut. When I was here in 2018 I noted that there were some nice camp sites on the opposite side of the trail so I’ll just look for somewhere appropriate for my last night on trail.

Day 7 Camp near Kårsavagge to Abisko 12.65 km (12.09.2019)

I know this section from last time as it was my first day ever on trail in the Arctic north. I walk from 700 m height and then reach Abisko at just below 400 m elevation. Once I make my way down the area starts getting a little wet where the trail starts heading north.

Map of the area

I’ll be using the Fjällkartan 1:100 000 BD6 Abisko – Kebnekaise – Narvik map weighing 65 grams. I purchased it on-line here from Maps Worldwide.

Updated Sunday, 14 July 2019

Updated Monday, 15 June 2020

You can view and downloaded my map here on AllTrails – this is the route that I ended up hiking because I developed some shin splint pain in my right leg. Please see DAY 4 report here for explanation.

This is the proposed route that I had planned to hike as described in this post here on AllTrails where you can download a GPX file if you wish.

7 Replies to “Riksgränsen to Abisko via Mårma pass 2019 – Planning”

  1. Great stuff! We were thinking of doing something very similar to that route this summer but have decided to do the whole of the Kungsleden instead. Funnily though, we have some good friends who ARE doing a route very like yours in September!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’m a real control freak and don’t like surprises so the planning stage has begun. I can use the experience that I gained last year now so the rest should be smooth sailing.


  2. Ja Ib, det er dig jeg skriver om her: “I know a Danish guy that did this same trip a couple of years ago and now I will retrace his steps in 2019.”

    Skriv endlig om Mårma passet til mig. Jeg vide fra andre som har skrivet om det, at det er lidt hård.

    Skal du gå SL3 i år? Den er måske den smukkeste af de fem trails på Skåneleden. Jeg har skrivet alt om det her på min blog:


    Husk at købe et nyt kort. De laver om på Skåneleden hele tiden.

    Liked by 1 person

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