Lightweight Winter Cooking

Through the winter season when the temperatures are zero ℃ or below I use:

  • Alpkit Koro titanium mountaineering gas stove 125 g
  • Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (0.9 L) 107 g
  • DIY pot cozy 35 g
  • DIY Reflectix wind shield 15g

Total weight = 282 g

The Alpkit Koro has a brass pre-heat tube which ensures the fuel is vaporized by the time it reaches the burner. It’s quick and handy and is great for the freezing temperatures.

I purchased the Alpkit Koro in October 2017 so I’ve had plenty of time to test it through the colder seasons. I have found it easy and quick to set up and to store away again. You are also able to “nearly” completely empty a gas bottle by turning the canister upside down and rotating it until it isn’t possible to produce a flame any longer. I did this on my 2018 New Year’s Retreat and I managed to heat myself enough water for a nice cup of hot chocolate before the canister was emptied of fuel.

The burner stands very stable on the three retractable legs and with the remote canister attachment it is easy to use together with my DIY Reflectix wind shield.


The Alpkit Koro packs away quickly & neatly into the supplied bag and is ready for the next time you need to use it. Including the storage bag the Koro weighs 132g, so the bag’s weight is 7g.

My preferred pots that I use are made by Evernew which are designed and manufactured in Japan. The pots are made with 100% titanium. I have three sizes:

  • Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (0.6 L) 91 g
  • Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (0.9 L) 107 g *
  • Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (1.3 L) 137 g

*The pot that I use most of the time is the 900 ml. I use it because I make my own dehydrated food and the size is perfect to prepare, cook and simmer in.

The Alpkit Koro is powerful yet easy to regulate; great for using with home-made food. In the testing that I’ve done with the burner I haven’t burnt any food 👍.

I always look forward to my home-made dehydrated food at the end of a long day on the trail.  I just place the dehydrated food into my pot when I arrive in camp and add the desired amount of water. Then I let the food re-hydrate for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then boil, take off the heat and place the pot in my DIY pot cozy for about 15 minutes.

The simmering process in the cozy is all you need to finish cooking the meal

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      1. Yes, of course. Winter is my favourite season and especially for the mountaineering activities.

        In fact, I’ve already been to a couple of mountains just after new year and in the coming days posts will be published on the blog.

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