Bohusleden Sections 5 – 6

The Bohusleden trail consists of 27 stages, which offers over 350 km of scenic and varied walking. It stretches from Lindome in the south to Strömstad in the north.

I travelled by train from Copenhagen on Friday night NOV 24, 2018 and arrived at 21:20 pm in Gothenburg after departing home at 16:40 pm. My friend from work David picked me up from Gothenburg central station and housed me for the night. David has his residence in Gothenburg city also known as “Little London” for its similar music, food and café culture.

Saturday Nov 25, 2018

Stage 5 Jonsered to Angered Church 11 km

We were up at the agreed time of 07:00 am on Saturday morning and departed by car just after 08:00 am. After parking at the Jonsered train station car park we headed off towards the trail. There was a slight breeze, it was very cold at around 0℃ and for most of the day there was a slight amount of sleet falling from the grey skies too. I donned my second layer and a wind jacket. I also had on my long underwear under my hiking trousers; winter was defiantly just around the corner now.

We passed the Jonsered factories founded in the early 1800’s and at the Jonsered Manor we follow the trail close to the lake until we head north up the hill. The mansion belonged to a factory founder and the family lived in it for more than a century. Today it is used by the University of Gothenburg.

The trail takes us down again to another lake and it is here that we encounter the rock wall below with some beautiful icicle formations hanging from it. It gives you a good idea as to how cold it is today.

The next section takes us on nice trail paths through beautiful beech forest. We did a lot of talking, well David did 😂. David has never been hiking before and he has borrowed some gear from a family member. I was shocked to see his backpack, I can’t remember the name of it, but it weighed about 3½ kg and its capacity was 75 ltr. Just to give you a comparison, I had my HMG Windrider 2400 with me which weighs 799g and has a capacity of 40 ltr. I was quite worried about his sleeping arrangement too, a very old fiber sleeping bag with next to no volume in it at all, and an old thin selv-inflating sleeping pad. I suggested that he should sleep with all his clothes on including whatever jackets and extra leg coverings he had too. The temperature would be plummeting from the 0℃ we had now and we were expecting a low of minus 4℃ tonight.

At around 13:00 pm we arrived at Angered Church, well the graveyard. We found somewhere to sit and started our lunch break. David had to heat some water for some soup so I got some water boiling for him. The sleet was still falling from the skies. No leaves were left on the trees now, like they were three weeks ago on my last hike, so everything looked grey, dead and dull. Well, we were eating lunch in the graveyard after all.

Stage 6 Angered Church to a shelter at Gäddevattnet 8 km

After lunch we continued hiking north. First we followed what used to be a railway line Västgötabanan that now was a sealed bikeway/walkway. At 14:30 the sun was very low in the sky. It would be sunset in just over one hour at 15:45 pm.

I was quite impressed with the surrounding beauty. This area was a lot different from what I’m used to seeing on the Skåneleden Trail and it was all positive. I was also taken in by the visible rock everywhere all over this area. David’s house, for example, is built on the side of a hill on top of this rock which also had to be blasted so he could build his house there. The rock formations offer some beautiful contrasts in the changing light from morning to dusk.

We managed to arrive at the planned site Gäddevattnet by a beautiful lake just before the sun would go down. We decided to sleep in a shelter right next to a lake. David had no tent, I had my Zpacks Duplex with me just in case but no-one was here and we made home for the night in the shelter. The first thing I did was to prepare my evening meal. I needed to re-hydrate my homemade food so it would be ready when we wanted to eat later. After that was organised we began scouting around for firewood. There was not much light now so we had to use our headlamps. There was no firewood around the shelter either so we had to collect wood up to a couple of hundred meters away in the surrounding forest.

I still made time to witness the sunset below.

David soon got the fire going while I continued to find firewood; it would be a long, cold night and we wanted to warm ourselves for as long as we could before retiring to bed. David had taken a couple of Swedish beers with him too, well he had to fill the monster pack with something 😀.


After dinner was consumed and David’s beers ran out I surprised him with some whiskey that I had packed. I have recently purchased a couple of 350ml drink pouches from Speedster in the UK and they were perfect for packing a little whiskey. They weigh next to nothing so it is basically the weight of the beverage that you need to account for in your packing list. Sorry there are no photos; David and I did a lot of talking on this trip and I consequently didn’t do much filming or taking photos.

I recently downloaded a Slow Shutter App on my iPhone and along with the Black Diamond Moji lantern in the background hanging in the shelter, see below photo, I took this shot. I’m planning to do some experimenting on my upcoming winter hikes. Got to have something to do after the sun has gone down. I also used a Joby Griptight One Micro Stand 46g.

I slept well. I packed a newly purchased custom-made Cumulus Panyam sleeping bag. It has 690 grams of hydrophobic down 850 cuin with a 5mm 2/3 right-side zip. The outer fabric is Pertex Quantum Pro 36 g which should be water resistant and it is a chestnut colour. It weighs in at 1066 grams. To sleep on I had my Therm-A-Rest Neoair XTherm Regular sleeping pad 437g.

David, however had a completely different night. Through the night the zip gave way and so he was constantly tossing and turning, firstly trying to get comfortable on the very thin sleeping pad and secondly trying to keep himself covered with the old fiber bag which now had no zip that functioned at all. He experienced sore hips as the pad offered next to no padding against the hard shelter floor. Just when he finally started to get some sleep I started to move around as it was time to get up.

Sunday Nov 26, 2018

The shelter to Bohus Railway Station 8 km

The sun was not up yet but I could see across the lake and all around me. Sitting up in my sleeping bag I took in the beauty of the lake and surroundings whilst David snored away. I got out of bed a 07:00 am. Grabbing my trowel and headlamp I headed off in to the forest away from the lake and camp to do my morning ritual. While we were packing up we had a visit from an early morning hiker. Later I learned that it was @jespergiuliano who follows me on Instagram. David and Jesper conversed in Swedish and after the first couple of words I couldn’t follow their conversation any longer and I went back to packing my gear. We wished each other a nice day and then @jespergiuliano was on his way again. Jesper wrote later to me explaining that there are lots of nice on- and off-trails around Gothenburg. He said that he’d be happy to join me next time. I might take him up on that.

We departed camp just after 08:15 am. The trail was beautiful. I just wanted to stop and film and take photos all the time. There were plenty of blue skies today and the sun was shining too which made up for the frosty cold morning. We didn’t have far to walk as we only needed to get to the Bohus train station today.

Before our approach to Bohus we witnessed the view below next to another lake. This is one of the reasons that I do this. I love sunsets and sunrises.

Just after 11:00 am we were boarding a train which took us to Gothenburg central station and then we took another train back to the car at Jonsered train station. We were home again at David’s house around midday.

At 14:10 pm I boarded the SJ train at Gothenburg central and at 17:20 pm I was in Copenhagen again.

This has been a great introductory trip into this area and the Bouhusleden Trail.

I’ll defiantly be back.

Short film here:

Thanks for reading

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7 Replies to “Bohusleden Sections 5 – 6”

    1. This is actually my favourite time of the year when the sun is low in the sky. As long as the temperature is not too far below freezing then it is fine. I’ve also fine tuned my gear over the years so I’m ready for whatever mother nature will through at me. Thanks for commenting.

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    1. Yes, I think that the light has a lot to do with it and if one can be lucky with some fine weather, winter can offer some beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Thanks for commenting on my photos. I’m trying to improve the quality of them. Maybe one day I will upgrade to a better camera but the iPhone seems to work fine at the moment.


      1. I think that the “smart” phone devices of today are very capable to shoot really good photos. Obviously, not as good as professional dslr cameras, but the size, volume and portability of a smart phone can’t be compared.

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    1. David grew up in this area with all this wilderness in his “backyard”, BTW of which I’m quite jealous about. He really liked seeing this “side of the fence”, but he said that he would define himself as a “car camper” and this form of hiking wasn’t really his cup of tea. He was still happy that he went on this intro hike though.


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