Skåneleden SL5 – Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 & part of 5

The first sections of Skåneleden SL 5 around the Kullahalvön Peninsula from Utvälinge to Helsingborg is called Kullaleden and is approximately 70 km long.

Saturday October 13th 2018

My alarm didn’t need to sound at 04:45 am as I was already awake. At 05:40 am I left home and headed for the train station where I caught a train to Copenhagen Central station. At 06:27 am I boarded the train headed for Ängelholm in Sweden. And at 08:39 am I arrived at my final stop Ängelholm Kulltorp bus stop. From here I had a 3 km road walk to the trail head at Utvälinge where section 1 starts. At least there was a nice wide bike and pedestrian path; I’m used to walking on the side of the roads which is not very pleasant. It was a good thing that I had the track loaded on to my GPS as there were no signs at all from the main road indicating where the trail was. The official trail head is at Utvälinge and this was on the outskirts of Utvälinge and not exactly at Utvälinge but the trail does start here from the main road and the trail is marked with the orange blazers. So it was very strange that there are no signs at all.

The first sections of Skåneleden SL 5 around the Kullahalvön Peninsula from Utvälinge to Helsingborg is called Kullaleden and is approximately 70 km long.

The weather was great with highs around 20℃ which was unusual for this time of the year. There was no rain forecast for the next two days either so I left my trekking umbrella at home. Looking north-east I sighted another peninsula where I hiked in the summer of 2017. I remember that I had hiked over 40 km one hot summer day from Gryteskär to the train station at Båstad resulting in some unpleasant monkey butt I remember. Today I planned to walk just as far so I kept up a nice pace of just over 5 km per hour. I did this for most of the day.

At 10:30 I came by a little harbour with a no camping sign but with a tap where I could fill my water bottle. I drank nearly a litre while I was there.

I walked along grazing meadows with cattle and sheep. These areas are also a nursery for birds and you can hear the birdlife in my published YouTube video at the end of this trip report.

Before the village of Jonstorp I noticed some cars pulled up in a car park with Danish number plates. There were four adults who were getting ready for a mountain bike ride. Some 20 minutes later they passed me on the trail and we said hi to each other. I passed them again some time later where they had stopped or a coffee break. I teased them a little about they had to stop for a break already and we said bye once again. Further down the trail they finally passed me a second time and I never saw them again.

I crossed a few of these type of hanging bridges below this summer in Artic Sweden on my Kungsleden hike but this is a first for me on Skåneleden and I’ve nearly hiked the over 1100 km of the 5 sub-trails.

At midday I had some lunch at a harbour where there was a toilet and a water tap where I could fill my bottle once again. I aired my feet out and sat on a bench eating my lunch and I guess I managed to take a 20 minute break.

At approximately 13:30 pm I was around the village of Skäret and I had walked around 22 km and I still managed to keep a pace of over 5 km an hour. When the time was 14:00 and at the 25 km mark I approached Arild which you can see below.

From here on the terrain changed and became increasingly difficult with narrow paths and steep elevations up and down. I was walking on the side of Kullaberg mountain now through the coastal heathland. My pace of 5 km/hr could not be maintained from here on and my trekking poles really were a tremendous help in this section.

I was now getting a little concerned about making it to camp before dark which is what I like to do. It would be sunset at 18:07 pm and at 16:30 pm I had made it to the 35 km mark and where there should be a shelter site, according to the official map I had and the trail head sign map but there was no such thing. I had the exact location marked on my GPS so I know that I was at the correct spot. Onwards I walked and at 17:00 pm I approached the Kullaberg Lighthouse.

The photo above is some 15 minutes later on the south-west side of the lighthouse. It was all wrapped in plastic as they were doing some renovations. There should off been a shelter site here too but I couldn’t see any signs indicating it’s presence. There were bus loads tourists here. I tried to locate a toilet but they were all closed and locked. Then I remembered that in my experience they normally don’t lock the handicapped toilets. I was in luck and I was able to fill my water bottle again.

Now I only had less than an hour before it was dark and I continued on around the peninsula with a heading of Mölle. On the west side I was more exposed to the winds and I had to put on my wind jacket. The sun was begging to set in the distance.

At sunset I had no choice and settled for a site out of view not far from the road. After dark there was no traffic and all I could hear through the night was the wind blowing in the trees. I managed to find a sloped flat sight for my Duplex although I did slip all night downwards with my sleeping pad stopping up against my trekking pole. However I slept very well, after my 40 km scramble today. In the below photo it was actually dusk but because I took the photo into the sunset it appears light.

When I arrived at camp I soaked my homemade de-hydrated food first so that it was ready to heat when camp was all set up. I prepared tuna, vegetables, couscous with broccoli and a cauliflower white sauce. I was using my Stormin Stove Systems cone and stove with my Evernew 900 ml titanium pot. After a 40 km long day and arriving in camp late I had to cook in the dark. After dinner I cleaned my teeth and got into bed. I guess it was around 07:30 – 20:00 pm.

Sunday October 14th 2018

I was using my Cumulus Quilt 250, 2018 version, with the zippered foot box. With the mild weather we were experiencing I had the quilt in “full open mode” with the zipper down, so it was like sleeping at home. Around 04:30 am I awoke with slightly cold feet, I didn’t sleep with socks on this night as it was too warm, and I closed the zipper on the foot box and went back to sleep. I awoke before sunrise and at 06:50 am I was up and packed and on trail at 07:20 am. As I walked around the south side of Kullaberg mountain I witnessed the sunrise which was at 07:46 am.

When I made it to the village of Mölle I found a table and chairs at the harbour where I made myself comfortable in the wind protected area not far from a little ice cream shop. It was 08:00 am and time for coffee and breakfast. A couple of morning joggers came by but other that that there was nobody in sight.

I couldn’t help being very impressed by the huge houses built at Mölle. Looking back I could see where I had come from. After Mölle the trail takes you close to the shore past coastal heathlands. Below a lone trail blazer and lots of fresh air. Looking out towards the Sound which forms the Danish-Swedish border.

I only had 13 km to walk today and the going was very easy with grassed paths and flat gravel roads. Just before 10:00 am my end destination came into sight and I could see Höganäs.

At 11:00 am I arrived at the Höganäs town centre where I found the main bus stop. My bus arrived at 11:27 am. It was late departing, as there were a lot of passengers, and I didn’t meet my connecting train at Helsingborg. So I went up to the gate where I could take a 20 minute ferry ride over to Helsingør in Denmark. From here it I took a train direct to Copenhagen central station which takes about 45 minutes.


  • I walked 40 km on day one
  • I walked 13 km on day two
  • distance travelled 53 km
  • total ascent 870 m
  • total descent 934 m
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6 Replies to “Skåneleden SL5 – Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 & part of 5”

  1. Nice post Brian but the video was really lovely! I watched the entire video together with my almost 4 y-old boy and we enjoyed the beautiful views. Although, we are used to the sea and mountains down here, it was nice to see a lot of green landscape including the cows.

    Also, very nice video edit. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m not the big video expert so I always hope that when I get home from my hikes that I’ve taken some usable footage. I like to be able to write about my trips but a visual story is always nice too. Have a great Sunday!


  2. Sjovt at læse din blog om SL5 , efter jeg selv har taget turen fra Ängelholm til Helsingborg lige her i hedebølgen. Der er dog noget jeg undrede mig over, hvorfor spiste du ikke aftensmad i Mölle i stedet for at slæbe tør-mad med? Noget andet er, hvorfor stoppede du i Höganäs ? Og endelig i forhold til dit letvægts telt, er der meget konsens i det efter en nats søvn?



    1. I decided some two or three years ago to “section” hike all five Skåneleden sub-trails on weekends or when ever I could get time off work. Time ran out in Höganäs and thus my trip stopped there on this hike and it began there again on 14/02-2019 where I hiked sections 5, 6, 7 & 8 here:

      I hike all day, camp and eat my own home-made food. That’s what I do. I don’t hike from town to town and eat in the towns. That’s one reason why I didn’t eat in Mölle. Secondly, you have just hiked these sections this time of the year where it is light from 5 am to nearly 10 pm. I hiked this section in October where it was dark at 6 pm. I left home 5:30 am and hiked over 40 km finishing in the dark. I couldn’t physically walk any further even if I wanted to hike in the dark; I was beat!

      Please see my article here on the shelter that I used on this hike which is the Zpacks Duplex:

      The best way to avoid condensation is maximal ventilation and not erecting the shelter in condensation prone areas, like valleys and close to water sources. I find it best to find a spot where there is a slight breeze present and on a rise maybe and a good distance from sunken, wet sites. Sometimes you don’t have much choice but the more ventilation you can provide the better. Using these guidelines I have not had too many issues with condensation.


  3. Tak for svar.

    Så vidt jeg forstod, så camperede du ved Mölle, i så fald ville det vel være oplagt at spise der – eller det et spørgsmål om hiking filosofi?

    For mig er mørke ikke en forhindring, da jeg har en Petzl Nao+ pandelappe med. Sjovt det først blev rigtig mørkt omkring kl. 23, så fandt jeg først om til min lejre (2 km fra Mölle) efter kl. 23. Det var fint – især fordi jeg også gerne ville undgå stimen af myg (havde kun en tarp ned).

    I forhold til teltet, så må det nok være verdens dyreste telt – ved godt folk elsker bruge det på pct. I hele taget er zpacks udstyr voldsomt dyrt. Overvejer selv et telt fra Big sky international til 200 pund. Det vejer heller ikke mere end de 520 g.

    Hvilken sektioner af Skåneleden er efter din mening den smukkeste?


    1. I enjoyed SL4 from Ystad and up to Haväng. Söderåsen Nationalpark on SL3 was also memorable. I also thought that SL4 Sections 7, 7A & 7B was beautiful. There are many nice areas in Skåne and I am thankful to of experienced them in all four seasons of the year.


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