Skåneleden Trail SL4 Sections 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 (70 km) – Day 3

Section hiking Skåneleden long distance sub-trail SL4 from Eljaröd bus stop to Ystad in the south

Monday 1st October 2018

Camp 2 to Ystad train station 15.6 km

Since my last two posts I’ve had time this weekend to study my tracking data. I’ve in fact walked 70 km and not 65 km over the last three days.

Something must of woken me around 04:00 am. I couldn’t hear anything in the surrounding forest and I finally nodded off to sleep again. Sleep was broken again just before dawn with a huge morning song from the resident bird population. They sang for what seemed like ages. I stayed under my warm quilt for a short while listening to them and then after they had quietened down I got out of bed. This is nature at it’s best! My choice of location paid off. The most beautiful sunrise folded out in front of me.

My body functions like clockwork. Every morning at nearly the same time I do my number two’s. So I headed off away from camp into the the forest to find an appropriate location and to dig a hole. On my way I startled a deer. Maybe this was one of them that was close to my tent last night at dusk.

I packed camp down first and then I re-located to my “kitchen” area, a log, not far away. While I sat there consuming breakfast and enjoyed my morning coffee a forest mouse decided to tease me a little. It had apparently made home at the bottom of the tree stump from the fallen tree that I was sitting on. It popped its head out from one hole and then ran up to the next hole poking its head out at me again. It continued to do this for several minutes. I stamped my feet a little and thought that it would go away but it came out of the bottom hole and ran along the back side of the log that I was sitting on. I told it to get lost and then I never saw it again.

At 08:15 am I was on my way and headed for Ystad some 15 km away. It was such a beautiful morning. There was not much wind and it was reasonably warm. I only had my base layer on with a T-shirt on top of that just to block any wind that might blow up.

I hike for enjoyment and the exercise. I also get to see a lot of country and most probably I see a lot more of it than the local people do. Another reason I hike is because I suffer from depression and hiking takes my mind off all the thoughts floating around in my head. This is because when I walk I focus on where I’m heading, where I’m going to sleep, when I’m going to eat and where I can attain water. So hiking is a nice way to clear the head. The last two days I’ve been fairly depressed and it was hard to focus on the hike at hand. However today I feel great and with the magnificent sunrise and mild weather it was even better!

At the Skåneleden Sign below I had covered the first 4.5 km from camp in 45 minutes. Not bad for an old bugger like me. I was now 13.9 km or 14 km from the Snogeholm shelter area where I was yesterday afternoon at 15:15 pm and where I had planned to sleep. So I had covered an extra 10 km yesterday afternoon after Snogeholm. It was now 09:00 am in the morning and there was no way I would off been able to reach this location at this time of the day if I had stayed at the Snogeholm shelter.

The Skåneleden Sign (N55° 29.307′ E13° 45.674′) below shows incorrect data. The distance to Ystad is correct. But from this sign to Snogeholm shelter is only 13.9 km or 14 km. There is 25 km or 24.8 km from Snogeholm shelter to Ystad so someone has been sleeping when they made this sign.

I followed dirt roads for most of the morning. Just after Bjäresjö the trail does a sharp left heading past the quarry. It is here that you can start to see the ocean waters and Ystad. I decided to take a 15 minute break and sit on a rock in the warmth of the sun, breathing in some of the fresh air, before my arrival back into civilisation. Then I followed the gravel quarry road for 3 or 4 kilometres until I reached the main road 3 km out of Ystad. From here you follow a bike path for a short while before hitting town.

At 11:30 am I reached Ystad. I had taken a 15 minute break so this meant that I had walked the 15 km in 3 hours. I walked this pace today because I felt great and because I wanted to arrive home in good time. I like to do this on the last day of my hikes because it enables me to take care of my gear and do some washing etc. It’s my routine.


  • I walked 70 km over 3 days
  • I walked 34 km on day 2
  • I used 28 grams of gas fuel over 3 days
  • I have now walked “end to end” Skåneleden Sub Trails SL1, SL2, SL3, SL4 & 29km of SL5 approximately 950 km in total. This is “end to end” and does not include the few dogleg trails off the main sub-trails. It also includes most of the circle trails. The whole trail including the doglegs totals to just over 1270 km. When I have finished walking end to end I plan to go back and complete these dogleg trails.

See my map on AllTrails here

I now have 180 km left to walk on sub-trail SL5 to complete the just over 1100 km of the Skåneleden trail.

YouTube video below:

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