Møns Klint Circle Trail

Started at Klintholm Harbour, then hiked to Møns Klint following the beach and coastline. Hiked back in the direction where I started via forest trails first, some road walking and then the beach again stopping at Mandemarke Haver where I camped for the night. Next morning it was a short 3.8 km back to the parking area at Klintholm Harbour.

Saturday September 8th 2018

I drove 1½ hours from Copenhagen down to the island of Møn which is located in south-eastern Denmark. But my first stop was to check out the location I had in mind to camp for the night where I hid 2 litres of water under some shrubs so it was there for me later that afternoon/night.

Next, I drove to Klintholm Harbour where I parked the car and started hiking the first leg of my hike. The temperature was 16℃ and winds were strong blowing in from south-west.

My pack weight was 7.6 kg which felt great on my back. I had hiked down here 2 years ago and also in September. They have named the trail Camønoen down here on Møn. It’s a bit of a fancy name for something that’s not really there. The so called trail is basically a mixture of sealed roads, forest roads and coastline. There’s not much signage so you are basically left on your own. There is an official map which I ordered and received it in the post two years ago. It’s more of a tourist map than anything else. The Camønoen is really for cyclists in my opinion. So that is why I have made my own little version of Camønoen.

I made my way east along the coastline. It was cloudy and windy although the sun was out too. Along this section there are no other people.

I had time to sit and relax and think about nothing. I’ve now reached the eastern side of the island and the winds are not too bad here although it’s still gusting at times.

Making my way around the coast the southern tip of the cliffs begin to show themselves and all of a sudden they are there in front of me.

Møns Klint is a 6 km stretch of chalk cliffs along the eastern coast of the Danish island of Møn in the Baltic Sea. Some of the cliffs fall a sheer 120 m to the sea below.

As I made my way north towards Møns Klint GeoCentre I noticed some runners descending a staircase from the cliff face and entering the trail that I was on. Soon there were more of them and then some more. I soon learnt that I had chosen the same day to hike around Møn as some event manager had also decided to put on a fun run. It was a little stressful having them weave in and out and around me all the time. They sought of insinuated that I was in the way and should move so they could pass. Although there was ample room on the rocks they seemed to think that they owned the part where I was walking on. I only had to put up with them until I reached the 500 stairs located at the base of the GeoCentre. I too climbed the stairs and after that we departed ways as I was continuing north for a little while yet.

As I climbed the stairs I couldn’t help having to take a rest and look north towards the cliff face admiring the sheer height and beauty of the nature before me. It is truly breathtaking. If you look closely at the bottom of the cliff you can see some people standing there. This gives you some idea of the height.

Now at the top of the cliffs, I headed north for a while. It was well and truly after midday and so I found a fallen tree to sit on and took a late lunch break. The area I choose had a hole in the tree canopy so the sun’s rays were shinning through here.

With lunch done I continued for a short while before heading in a new direction west into the forest. I soon started heading south again with a heading of the GeoCentre that I had passed earlier. It started to rain a little but the sun was out too and it did not last long.

At 16:30 pm I arrived at my campsite that I had located earlier in the day when I had hiked passed the area. The official campsite at Mandemarke Haver has two shelters and a latrine. Unfortunately, as I found out 2 years ago, car campers use this location too and quite frequently. As a consequence it is not suitable for hikers whom the site was originally intended for. This called for some stealth camping a little west of the site where it is too far for the car campers to walk apparently. I retrieved my water supply that I had hidden under a shrub earlier in the day and walked the 500 meters or so to my prime site.

I began preparing dinner by soaking my home-made dehydrated meal in my newly purchased cooking pot. For dinner there was chicken with red curry, vegetables and couscous (vacuum packed weight 122g).

On this trip I was using a Vargo Bot-700 ml 132 g and a Soto Windmaster micro regulator stove with the TriFlex pot support 67g. After my last trip to Kungsleden in August 2018 I thought that on my next trip up to Arctic Sweden that I would prefer to use gas for fuel instead of alcohol. I still want to use my own home-made dehydrated meals and thus, I still need to soak resulting in saving fuel. I’m thinking that using gas up there it will be more convenient for me as it would give me the option to fly both ways if I wanted to do that. Last time I took the night train up to Northern Sweden and flew home from Kiruna. I had to dispose of the remaining fuel that I had left over and my BIC mini lighter (I did this at the hotel after talking to the staff) as you are not allowed to fly with these items. The Soto Windmaster has a small igniter on it and thus doesn’t require a lighter or matches. It also doesn’t require a wind shield either as it is almost impossible for strong winds to extinguish the flame. The concave design of the burner head creates the effect of a built-in windscreen. I would of coarse have some matches as a backup with me. On this trip I used 18 grams of gas. I boiled water for coffee twice and warmed my evening meal.

While dinner was soaking I lazed in my camp chair, a Helinox ground chair weighing 637g. I was reading Keith Foskett’s (Fozzie) latest book High and Low on my Kindle E-reader. I starting reading it on my summer vacation. I don’t have much spare time so I try to read it every time I have a moment and therefore it is taking me some time to get through it.

After dinner and at 19:43 pm (sunset) I went for an evening stroll along the beach to watch the sun setting in the horizon. Last time I was here I was also lucky enough to witness a beautiful sunset and sunrise. This time I was equally rewarded.

As soon as the sun went down it was time for bed for me. I went to sleep listening to the waves hitting the shoreline. The wind had also lost it’s strength at this stage and I slept peacefully waking up only a few times through the night.

Sunday September 9th 2018

Like clockwork I awoke a little before sunrise. Leaving my shelter that dawn I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunrises that I have ever seen.

I was feeling truly blessed. With breakfast and coffee consumed, I packed camp and made my way the short distance back to Klintholm Harbour where I had parked my car.

See the YouTube video here:

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    1. I’m not much good at sleeping in. I could when I was younger but I find it impossible now. Although I would like to.

      But the rewards of getting up before the sun does pays off sometimes. I was lucky with the weather this time.

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