Skåneleden Trail SL4 Sections 5 & 6

I awoke early at 4:45 AM on Friday July 27th 2018. I downed a quick breakfast and coffee and was out the door at 5:43 AM. In order to catch my train to Copenhagen, which was leaving at 5:49 AM, I had to do a little 500 m dash to the train station with my backpack on, which was loaded up for 2 days hiking. With the high summer temperatures it didn’t take long before I was wet through with sweat. Nice start for the day with a little morning training.

My train from central station departed at 6:25 AM and I arrived at Simrishamn in Sweden at 8:40 AM. I made my way down to the boat harbour where I topped up on some water and turned on my DeLorme inReach satellite communicator. I wanted to test it to make sure that it worked properly for my Kungsleden hike coming up in less than two weeks away. I used one of the three pre-set messages (predefined messages set up on the Garmin Explore website) sending it to MapShare, Twitter and Facebook.

This first part of my hike is actually the end of section 4. About one kilometer out of Simrishamn section 5 starts. Inland the skies were full with a thick smog; a result of the recent forest fires that are raging out of control here in Sweden at the moment.

Out to sea there was cloudless blue skies and the temperature was around 24 ℃.

At around midday the smog seem to clear and I guess that it blew away in another direction. At Vik I found a nice spot to rest at the harbour. A little shack with a water tap on the sunny side. On the shaded side there was a toilet and a table with some chairs. I filled up with water and drank about a liter too. Lunch was consumed and I made myself at home whilst drying out my sweaty shirt and socks all over the furniture. The locals looked a little strange at me, but I was able to rest there for an hour in the middle of the day without anyone asking me to leave.

On the sandy beach trail these berries below were growing wild. If you look closely you can see the insects having a feast.

Feeling refreshed and my water container full again I headed off. On leaving Vik the trail heads to the left slightly away from the coastline. There were some people flying some hang gliders and I was watching them all through my lunch break too.

This next part of the trail was on paved roads and with the sun beating down I must say that this was a long stretch, where I was drinking a lot of water, and longing for the sea breeze again. There were no footpaths and so I was dodging cars all the time; there was a lot of traffic! I found out why as I soon passed the local apple orchid with a factory and the works. Their car park was full and there were visitors coming and going all the time.

When I eventually hiked out towards the coast again I entered a little forest area with what looked like to me some summer houses. Upon entering I was stopped by an old lady, emptying her postbox, who wanted to have a chat. We quickly switched to speaking English and she wanted to know all about my hike. I explained to her that I was hiking all the Skåneleden Trails and that so far I had done about 800 km in total. I told her that I was planning to tent at Haväng somewhere and if I couldn’t find a place then a last option could be the STF hostel. I said to her that I was a current member of STF and so it shouldn’t be a problem. “Good luck with that” she said because there is a wine and cheese festival going on and the place is all booked out.

I was soon in the woodlands on the steep slopes at Stenshuvud. The area is another national park and about half way there is a visitor center with a little cafe with toilets. I made use of the facilities and making sure to fill up on water again too. I purchased a large two scoop rum & raisin old fashion ice cream and a bottle of the local apple drink from the orchid that I had passed.

The national park was well visited and there were a lot of people on trail and not just Swedes, I could hear German speaking people and some English and Dutch too. A lot of the visitors were using the park to gain access to the many swimming beaches along the coastline too.

At the top of the slope I took the photo below viewing the coastline from where I had come from at the start of the day.

From the top I made my way down on the other side hiking towards Kivik. At Kivik I found another toilet facility where I could top up my water supplies again. There were a lot of people here swimming, holidaying and everywhere it was occupied by people.

When I approached Vitemölla I could see in the not too far distance Haväng. In the distance on top of the hill there were a lot of hang gliders. There was also a swimming beach there and it is here that Skåneleden turns away from the coast and heads towards Torparebron. It was also here that I had planned to find a place for my tent for the night. However, there were no appropriate areas and there were far too many people everywhere. From here there was a lot of grazing land for cattle and sheep. I knew that the hostel was all booked up so I kept on going and started section 6 which was originally planned for the next day.

I ended up hiking about 38 km in total for the day and arrived at Brösarp at aprox. 07:15 PM. On checking my app I could see that the next bus was at 07:31 PM.

There were a lot of delays and I had to catch a bus, a train, another train to Copenhagen and then another local train home. I arrived home at around 11:00 PM.

YouTube video below.

Thanks for reading

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