As Tucas Foratata Down Quilt first impressions

I just received my new As Tucas Foratata down quilt today. Here’s my first impressions and a little supporting information.


In a couple of months I will be hiking the Kungsleden Trail (The King’s Trail) from Abisko to Nikkaluokta up in northern Arctic Sweden. Earlier this year I sold most of my sleeping bags and a down quilt because I wanted to try new gear and new brands. This meant that I needed something to sleep in for my planned Kungsleden trip.

Two months ago today I ordered a custom made down quilt from Marco at As Tucas in the Pyrenees. I’ve purchased other gear from Marco in the past: down balaclava, merino shirt, wind pants, beanie, down socks and now a down quilt. So I know the quality and craftsmanship of Marco’s handiwork.

Here is what it said on As Tucas website:

Foratata Quilt
The most comfortable down quilt.
Beyond its specifications.
Our proven quilt design, an amazingly soft to the skin fabric and the luxury of 900 cuin pure white goose down under control in trapezoidal chambers.
Quilt, blanket and poncho
Available in three styles to meet every user preferences.
Available early 2018
If you’d like to be notified when the Foratata Quilt is available to order, just enter your email address in the box below.

I contacted Marco and asked if he could manufacture one for me even though they are not available yet. To this day they have still not been launched and are delayed. Marco wants them to be perfect before they are released. When I ordered I also wanted a custom adjustable neck closure (collar and cord) added. We agreed on the size, colours, amount of down and a price.

Here are the specifications:

Foratata Quilt

  • Model Quilt
  • Shell colour Scarlet red
  • Liner colour Jet black
  • Filling 450 g (900 cuin pure white goose down)
  • Size L
  • Width Regular
  • Customization Insulated collar

When I removed the quilt from the box it just popped out at me like a jack in a box. It more or less sprang to life. It quickly lofted to a beautiful piece of work and soon resembled a quilt.


Upon inspection it seemed to be exactly what I ordered and then I noticed that the craftsmanship was the same fine standard that I expected to see from Marco’s shop.

I also like the way that he has “hidden” the collar (see below) and that the long top section can still come up over my head and look like a standard version of his quilt.


I also did a control weight on it and it weighs in at 690 g, which I was very happy with. The quilt is also delivered with a storage bag.


When the temperatures are low enough I will use my As Tucas Foratata Balaclava with the quilt.

But be warned, when you order gear from Marco you have to be patient. If he gives you a lead-time then double it and maybe some more. BUT, it is worth the wait. I know that Marco re-did some of the work on this quilt several times because he wanted it just right, no, perfect. And I believe that he has created just that.

I like the design of the quilt and my custom collar. I also like the weight of the quilt. I’m really looking forward to testing it out on my upcoming Kungsleden trip and later in the year once the temperatures start to plummet.


For my complete long-term review published on January 6, 2020 please refer here

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Photo credit: As Tucas – Above featured image used by permission from AS Tucas June 9, 2018

11 Replies to “As Tucas Foratata Down Quilt first impressions”

  1. Hi Brian,

    thanks for sharing this post and i am happy that via your post I came to know one more interesting cottage brand.

    I will certainly check out As Tucas brand and I look forward to your “long term user review” once you are ready for it.

    Enjoy your new “toy”!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comments. Your right about the new “toy”. I still haven’t stored it away yet. I just can’t stop admiring it.

      Please check out his products. He is not cheap but you get good quality gear and you can alter and custom all the products to suit you needs. Communication is good too.

      A final note; he is aware of the problem with lead-times and he is trying to rectify the situation.


  2. That looks like a great product. I plan to change my Cumulus 350 for something else too. My first thought was the new version of Cumulus quilts that has been released now, but this quilt does look great! Hope you enjoy it, and I’ll look forward to a review later on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I think it’ll work out really well for Kungsleden. It’s such a gorgeous piece of gear … I still haven’t stored it away. It really is beautiful.

      With regards to the new Cumulus Quilts, I did order a new 250 and I did receive it. It has all the elements that I was missing from the previous version. Can’t wait to try it out. The only thing is that after I received it and upon my inspection I found that the fixing system with the strap did not match the attachments on the quilt. I wrote to Cumulus and they said to send it back and they would fix it. That’s where it is now, so I’m still waiting for it. I noticed that Ken from has the same problem on his latest video.


      1. I see. Well, I guess it’s a good thing that I wait for the first quirks to get sorted out 🙂 I still haven’t decided which temp to choose though. I’m leaning towards the 450 just to be able to use it basically all year round. It goes against the UL-principle to pack such a heavy quilt in summer, but it would be nice to have something that works almost all the time. With the new design, without a sewn footbox, it’s much easier to vent it and to just throw it over like a regular pillow when it’s warm outside. If it’s still too hot I’ll bring my Aegismax Wind Hard Tiny instead. It’s actually a pretty descent 2-season quilt for 90€.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The Cumulus prices are very reasonable. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to buy the 250 again, I hear you with the 450. With the closed box 450 (AS Tucas) and now with the new Cumulus 250 I’m all set for most of the year.

        I still think that the synthetic quilts from GramXpert are exciting and they will always have a place in my gear selection. But you can’t beat a nice down quilt or sleeping bag.


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