Skåneleden Trail SL2 Sections 9 and 10

DAY 1: Thursday April 19th 2018

The train took me from Copenhagen to Höör train station in Sweden. I had to wait for twenty minutes or so for my bus to arrive which transported me to Ludvigsborg. After buying a cold drink at the ICA I then walked the 3 km to Bjeveröd where I erected my shelter for the night.

My camp at Bjeveröd

It was a very warm afternoon which required summer attire. I quickly located the shelter and decided that I would find another location to erect my Duplex. The shelter site was overflowing with rubbish; not a nice sight. A real rat magnet!

After getting camp organised I prepared dinner.

While I was getting camp organised a couple of car loads of “local hooligans” turned up carrying bags of food and drink and kicking a soccer ball all the way to the shelter site. They passed me and said hi and complimented my cozy setup. So far so good. But then they started making a noise. The soccer ball came my way several times and I was thinking that if these guys are going to be here all night then I won’t get any sleep.

I took this sunset photo just before I packed camp down and moved location.

After dinner I decided to find a new location. The sun was setting but there was still enough light to make a move. I quickly packed all my gear except my bedding into my backpack. The Duplex was easy; eight pegs out and then pick up the whole thing and backpack on my back and then off to find a new location. It didn’t take long before I found a great spot with no people, next to some trees and a stream.

I slept great. It was still warm when I went to bed and I had to have my quilt open. Later in the night the temperature was low and I needed to close everything up tight. Although not my Duplex, I sleep with the door open nearly all the time. I still felt a little cold so I put my wind jacket on too.

DAY 2: Friday April 20th 2018

I didn’t rush to get out of bed. I knew that it would be hot today and I wanted today to be easy going, hydrating myself with plenty of water and resting where required. I didn’t want a repeat of last year where, at this time with similar weather, I got really sick from heat stroke. In short, I was going to enjoy myself.

Breakfast time

After breakfast I decided to go for a walk over to the shelter. What a mess! All their rubbish was left behind, the only bin was overflowing. I now knew why there was so much rubbish here if people like this were using the site for partying all the time. They had also partially eaten a water melon and left all the rest of it on the seating around the campfire too. The shelter was built for people hiking the Skåneleden Trail but with these sort of people doing a number like this it will never be used by the intended users.

I was all packed and ready to go around 09:00 AM. It was a beautiful, sunny day and walking was a real pleasure. I stopped early around 11:30 AM at Fulltofta Nature Centre. There was a cafe there and so I treated myself to a nice cold drink and a chicken quiche for lunch. I found a nice table outside.

After lunch I headed towards Hörby where I needed to make a turn towards Ringssjöstrand. It was now in the middle of the day and the sun was beating down.


Between Hörby and Ringssjöstrand the track is a sealed bike path. The path is also suitable for wheelchair use. It is approximately 3.5 km long.

When I arrived at Ringssjöstrand I first found the caravan park where I filled up on water. I inquired at the office about the shelter that should be in the area but they were not interested in helping me. I purchased an ice-cream and went on my way. I walked a little further down the road and soon located the Skåneleden Trail and where the shelter, that is marked on the map, should be. There was no shelter and there was residential housing all over the place.

Not good. What do I do now? No problem I thought, there should be somewhere to pitch along the lake. I walked on and thought that I would easily find something. I didn’t find any area where I could pitch my tent. I continued on until Rolsberga where I took the SkåneExpressen bus to Malmö C and then Øresunds train to Copenhagen. I was home about 09:00 PM. I hiked a total of 28 km today, which was not intended, but I felt good and I had a great day!

I didn’t hike sections 7 & 8 on SL2 because I have already hiked them when I did SL3. They were called sections 8 & 9 on SL3.

Gear talk

See “My Ultralight Pack Loadout” below on YouTube. I took this video when I arrived at camp.

I can’t express enough how happy I am with my new Altra Lone Peak 3.5 trail shoes. I plan to use these when I hike Kungsleden in August later in the year.

My Injinji Trail Midweight Mini Crew Toe socks were another pleasant surprise. I really like these socks. I never received one foot issue the whole two days using them and the Altra Lone Peaks.

I’m still testing the GramXpert eLite quilt. The recommended comfort temperature doesn’t work for me. It is rated as minus 1℃. I’m not really sure what the temperature was last Thursday night but I had to close the quilt completely. I had long underwear on and my Cumulus Windy-Wendy Pertex Quantum GL Wind Jacket. I was warm enough with these on. However, on April 7th a couple of weeks ago with a night temperature of minus 1℃, I was cold and had to wear my down jacket and down pants. I’m sure that I will be happy with the quilt on the upcoming hikes as it gets warmer. My idea is that it weighs 647 grams. My summer down jacket weighs 229 g. So I’m thinking that I will leave the jacket at home and use the quilt as a jacket around camp, thus saving the 229 grams. I’m excited with the possibilities and trying something new. I’m also not as particular with this quilt as I was with my Cumulus down Quilt 250. I just throw it around with my gear and just expect it to do it’s thing. I’m thinking that if you don’t try something new then you will just always do the same thing.

I recently updated my Stormin Aluminium cone for my Evernew pot. I now use the Titanium version. Norman calls it the Stormin Horizon Cone System Titanium.

Update October, 2020

Stormin Stove Systems are no longer available for purchase

I have ordered a new As Tucas Foratata Quilt 450g 900 cuin down (not available yet on the web shop) to replace my Cumulus Panyam 600 which I sold recently. I haven’t received it yet. I own a few As Tucas products  and I can tell you that Marco does a quality job. So I have high expectations.

The YouTube video link is here:

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  1. Thanks for sharing section 9 & 10 and pity to read about the local hooligans!
    I can imagine they were annoying and they did not fully let you enjoy the outdoors till the moment you moved to another location.

    I don’t mind when people have fun and enjoy the outdoors, though, it can be quite bothering if they see they are not alone and keep on making sounds like they own the universe.

    Anyway, keep it up and looking forward to read and see photos of the next sections.

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