Skåneleden Trail SL2 Sections 3 & 6

DAY 1: Section 3 (Saturday 7th April 2018)

I boarded the Øresunds train 06:47 am at Copenhagen Central station and at Hässleholm I caught a bus to Hörlingegård. At 08:52 am I made my way to the Skåneleden 2 trail section 3 where I hiked down to Hässleholm.

it was a little soggy in the start. You can see the winter ice still showing it’s face.

The temperature was 4℃ when I started and the day ended with nice and warm 12℃. When I got to just after Finja not far from the Finjasjön lake, I missed my turnoff point and continued south along the lake. I quickly orientated myself and headed in the correct direction again towards Hässleholm. Not long after that I met a couple of Swedish people with backpacks on and looking very lost. They asked me which way they should go to get back on the trail. I agreed with them that this section was poorly marked with blazers and pointed them in the right direction again. I was quite proud of myself that I could carry out the conversation in Danish and them in Swedish. Sometimes I can’t understand Swedish and other times it is easy enough. This section was 15 km. Arrival time at Hässleholm was 12:41 pm. I bought some lunch and a drink at the train station kiosk and waited for the next train to Sösdala.

At 13:37 pm I walked from Sösdala and hiked to Lillsjödal shelter area which was about 3 km away. I knew the way as I did the same walk on my last trip here in February when I walked in the opposite direction. Arrival time was 14:13 pm.

camp at Lillsjödal

Night temperatures came down to about minus 1℃. At 02:30 am I was cold and I got up and went to the toilet. This was the first time that I used my GramXpert eLite synthetic quilt. It is made with Climashield® Apex 200 insulation and extremely light and strong water-repellent 10D fabric. Mine is a regular size and weighs 647g. It packs down into my Hyperlite Mountain Gear POD in size large. So it doesn’t take up more room than my Cumulus Panyam 600 did. It is rated with a comfort temperature at -1℃. However, with my experience from the first night of usage, I can report that this rating doesn’t work for me. I would say that I was warm enough down to about 2℃ or 3 ℃, maybe 4℃. I had long underwear on and a thin mid layer (Montane Allez Micro Hoodie made with Polartec Power Grid 175g). I’m going to test the eLite quilt through to the Autumn time this year. So anyway, I put on my puffy jacket, down pants and down booties (I’m happy that I had those with me) and then went to bed again. I was warm after that. So my down jacket, down pants and down booties became part of my sleep system; two uses. I guess that I was happy with that. I was just a little surprised that the comfort rating didn’t match for me.

But this is okay. I didn’t purchase the eLite quilt to replace the Panyam 600. I have ordered a AS Tucas Foratata Quilt with 450g of 900 cuin down and with a custom insulated collar with cord. I’ll use it together with my AS Tucas Foratata Balaclava. I’ll let you know when I receive it. It’s weight should be around 700g. I’m quite excited about it and I have high expectations. I think that this will be the sleeping gear I’ll be taking with me on Kungsleden in August this year.

My thinking is that the eLite will be a very flexible piece of gear to be used from the middle of Spring until the end of Autumn. When it gets too warm or hot I can just open it completely up like a blanket. It’ll just be like sleeping at home.

In my YouTube video below I described my thoughts the morning after the cold night.

I have to say that my AS Tucas Foratata Balaclava was very nice indeed. It is made with 900 cuin down and smooth & light as silk schoeller®-ftc fabric. Mine is size medium and weighs 55g. The down weight is 24g. No complaints with this piece of gear.

AS Tucas Foratata Balaclava and GramXpert eLite synthetic quilt

DAY 2:  Section 6 (Sunday 8th April 2018)

It was a frosty morning. The weather had been great and with no moisture in the air it was a pleasure to pack my gear down dry and be on my way at 08:06 am. At around 10:00 am I had hiked approximately 10km and the temperature had risen to about 17℃.

Taking a break after 10km. Wearing a As Tucas Cabietos Hoodie 100% New Zealand merino wool 212g. Doesn’t look like Marco is selling these anymore; they are not showing on his web shop. HMG Windrider 2400 Pack (40 lt) 799g.

I hiked the 21km down to the lake area at Frostavallen.  There was quite a few people out and about strolling around the lake area enjoying the beautiful sunny, warm spring weather. At 13:00 pm I made my way to the Frostavallen bus stop. I had plenty of time to eat lunch, relax, catch up on social media etc. as the bus came at 14:27 pm. I rode the bus from Frostavallen to Höör station and then took a train from Höör station to Copenhagen. I was home at 16:45 pm and was sitting with a beer in my hand and watching the Formula 1 race in Bahrain at 17:10 pm.

Next week I’ll be hiking SL2 Sections 9 & 10 (30.7 km) and coming up a surprise guest where a fellow hiker from Instagram will be joining me on part of a several day hike.

Thanks for reading

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