The King’s Trail – Kungsleden – Artic Sweden – Planning Update

Kungsleden August 2018 plans and thoughts

Total = 130 km including summit of Kebnekaise

This is my planned agenda. No train tickets are purchased yet. All plans are subject to change. I have to wait until the end of May before the train tickets are available which is roughly three months before the start of my journey.

If you join STF, Swedish Tourist Association, then you can get a 10% discount on the SJ, Swedish Railway tickets. If you get a SJ membership (you have to write to SJ) then you can get a 15% discount on two single journeys. I have joined STF and received my membership card.

THU 09.08.2018 

12:20 pm – 17:09 pm Train from Copenhagen to Stockholm

THU 09.08.2018 to FRI 10.08.2018 

18:10 pm – 11:15 am Night Train from Stockholm to Abisko

Kungsleden Day 1 - Stage 1

DAY 1 – FRI 10.08.2018 – 21 km

Abisko to Kårsavagge – leg coarse 257º

Kårsavagge to Abiskojaure – leg coarse 145º

I’ll be camping somewhere before Abiskojaure just outside the Abisko National Park. You are not allowed to camp within Abisko National Park, only at the Abiskojaure mountain huts. If you look at the first figure above you can see the grey route from Abisko to Abiskojaure which is the “normal” route on the Kungsleden southbound from Abisko.

Thanks to Ib’s suggestion from Outdoor Rødovre, I’ll be taking an alternative route via Kårsavagge where I’m hoping for some nice views. It all depends all the weather I guess.

Kungsleden Day 2 - Stage 2

DAY 2 – SAT 11.08.2018 – 20.5 km

Abiskojaure to Alesjaure – leg coarse 204º

I’ll find somewhere to camp either after or before the mountain hut or maybe I’ll find somewhere else.

Kungsleden Day 3 - Stage 3

DAY 3 – SUN 12.08.2018 – 25.3 km

Alesjaure to Tjäktja – leg coarse 209º

Tjäktja to Sälka – leg coarse 168º

There is a good cabin shop here at Sälka, so if I’m short on any supplies then I should be able to top up here.

I’ll find somewhere to camp either after or before the mountain hut or maybe I’ll find somewhere else with a great view.

Kungsleden Day 4 - Stage 4

DAY 4 – MON 13.08.2018 – 25.8 km

Sälka to Singi – leg coarse 173º

Singi to Kebnekaise – leg coarse 82º

I’ll be camping near the STF Kebnekaise mountain station. I want to summit Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise on Tuesday which will be day 5.

Kungsleden Day 5 - Summit Kebnekaise

DAY 5 – TUE 14.08.2018 – 24 km

Kebnekaise Fjallstation – Climb the summit.

*There are two routes to choose from at the fell station. The West Route is long and laborious, but not very exposed, but the other, the East Route is more direct, but also more open to the elements and includes some climbing.

I’ll be climbing the West Route. It should take me about 10 to 12 hours.

*According to reports, with the view from the south summit you can see about 8% of Sweden. On my map (BD6 Abisko – Kebnekaise – Narvik), the south summit is 2101m but the altitude is always a few meters higher in the winter. The north summit at 2097m is the highest point of the country on solid land.

I am particularly interested in seeing the glaciers at the top. In the greyed out areas in the above figure you can see Rabots Glacier to the west and the Björling Glacier to the east.

Kungsleden Day 6 - Stage 5

DAY 6 – WED 15.08.2018 – 14.5 km

Kebnekaise to Camp 5 – leg coarse 95º

*At the point where the trail meets the river there is a small landing from where you can catch a boat to the east shore of Laddjujávri. Apparently there is a coffee hut with refreshments by the east landing. Immediately after the coffee hut you go over a hill. The view behind westwards, towards Kebnekaise’s South Summit is said to be very beautiful. I’ll try to find somewhere here to setup camp for my last night on the trail.

Kungsleden Day 7 - Stage 6

DAY 7 – THU 16.08.2018 – 5.3 km

Camp 5 to Nikkaluokta – leg coarse 95º

11:45 am – 13:05 pm Bus Nikkaluokta to Kiruna – Nikkaluokta Expressen

Hotel reservation at Kiruna

DAY 8 – FRI 17.08.2018 to SAT 18.08.2018 

18:34 pm – 09:48 am Night Train from Kiruna to Stockholm

DAY 9 – SAT 18.08.2018 

10:20 am – 15:20 pm Train from Stockholm to Copenhagen


Breakfasts: oats, raisins, cornflakes, dried milk in ziplock bag (aprox. 130g per serving)

Lunches and snacks: energy bars, M&M peanuts, beef jerky, Snickers, Mars Bars, trail mix, Vegemite in tube, cracker bread, cheese, summer sausage

Dinners: my own home-made dehydrated meals. They weigh approximately 120g each. See here for a write-up I did on this topic in October last year.


I have also completed my packing list. My base weight is 5.5 kg.

I update this list all the time and it is subject to change. I might write another update later outlining my packing list and if I can find the time and energy I might entertain the idea of making a video. We’ll see what happens.

Map of the area

In the “Fjällboden” shop at Abisko you can buy maps, supplies and other equipment. The map BD6 covers the  Abisko-Nikkaluokta area.

Although I purchased mine on-line here instead from Maps Worldwide.

It cost GBP 16,99 + shipping. I paid GBP 6,40 for shipping in Feb. 2017.

*Reference Book: “Kungsleden, The Royal Trail Through Artic Sweden” by Claes Grundsten

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