Skåneleden Trail SL2 Sections 4 & 5

All of a sudden my feet gave way under me and I went straight over falling on my chest and knees while placing my left arm out to catch my fall. I managed to hurt my knees, especially the left one and cut up my left hand pretty badly.

Thursday 15th February 2018

I departed home around lunch time and took the Øresunds train from Copenhagen  to Lund C in Sweden and then a regional train to Sösdala. When I got to Lund my train was late so I missed the connecting train to Sösdala and had to wait a hour before the next one arrived. There was no warm waiting hall to sit it out in, like there is at Hässleholm,  so I roamed the streets for a while trying to keep warm in the bitterly cold winter wind. I could of opted for a coffee shop but the time soon passed and I was on my way again. Oh, BTW I didn’t have any trouble with the Swedish boarder police this time after I am now a Danish citizen and showing my Danish passport really helped.

I arrived at Sösdala station at around 15:20 pm and hiked to Lillsjödal shelter area where I made camp for the night. I was hiking in reverse direction (sections 5 and then 4) northbound. Distance travelled was approx. 3km. Sunset was at 17:19 pm. The Lillsjödal lake is home to massive bird life and in the summer time you can go swimming here too. I found a good spot for my tent on a rise behind the shelter. I was alone with nature and that is just how I like it. The weather report said that it would start to snow through the night and stop early next morning. The wind was certainly frosty, although I was camped in a nice spot with some wind protection. It still felt like about minus 5 ℃.

Me chilling (or freezing) in front of my Zpacks Duplex

I headed down to the shelter where I prepared dinner; my own homemade (dehydrated) meal. After dinner I made a cup of coffee and then cleaned up and settled down to listen to some podcasts for a hour or so before heading off to bed.

This was dinner; my own dehydrated food

Friday 16th February 2018

I awoke in the early hours to the sound of snow hitting the surface of my shelter. A couple of times I banged the tent sides to knock the snow off. It was light enough just before 07:00 am so I got out of bed and started moving all my gear down to the shelter. After a while it started snowing heavily again so I took my tent down and hanged it to dry a bit at the shelter while I got my breakfast going.

I woke up to this white powder; beautiful! The lake in the background.

While I drank a cup of coffee a local Swedish woman came by walking her dog. We got talking, her in Swedish and me in Danish. I could understand the most of what she said and she certainly understood Danish so she confirmed some of the Swedish words that I wasn’t sure about. She couldn’t understand how I kept warm through the night so I explained to her that the sleeping bag could keep me warm but that the sleeping pad was also an important part of the sleeping system and thus it is easy to keep warm and if you go to bed with a full stomach of food then your inner furnace will heat the bag up too.

I packed and was on my way around 09:00 am. Heading north towards Brönnestad on section 5. At some stage I passed a scout hut which was placed by a lovely flowing creek at an area not far from Melby. I noticed that there was electricity connected to the hut.

This creek was right next to a scout hut. Notice the ice hanging from the rocks.

I was aware from the previous day, before the snowfall, that there was a lot of ice on the ground. However, it was especially tricky today with the fresh snow. So I was being careful all day and trying to feel my way and not fall over. At about 10:11 am: All of a sudden my feet gave way under me and I went straight over falling on my chest and knees while placing my left arm out to catch my fall. It had been warming up so I had taken my gloves off and this turned out to be a bad move. I phoned home and reported in saying that I would be home today now instead of in the morning. I managed to hurt my knees, especially the left one and cut up my left hand pretty badly. I cleaned myself up and treated my wounds as best I could and hobbled off on my way again. The time was 10:23 am.

When I arrived at Brönnestad the day only got worse. When you reach the junction at the main road you have to turn right and head towards Hässleholm. I only noticed the blazer on the other side of the road and headed that way. This is actually, I found out later, section 3A plus it is also an alternative for section 5 route as well. It is very confusing and very, very poorly marked. Needless to say, I started following this and headed south again. I knew it wasn’t right but I couldn’t find the correct blazers to follow. So I found my way out to the main road again and starting heading north. Soon I passed the junction where I had been earlier and kept heading north. After a while I found some blazers again and thus was confirmed of heading in the right direction.

After about 3 km the blazers started disappearing again. I could see from my map that I need to continue to head north east but the blazers I found headed north west but still heading the right direction towards Hässleholm, just perpendicularly to where I wanted to be. I thought well I need to follow the blazers so I headed that way. They soon stopped and then there were no blazers at all. So I looked at my map and headed in a direction through the nature reserve until I came upon the (old) route marked on my map. Still no blazers but I knew where I was and I was heading the correct direction.

I followed this forest track for some time, still with no blazers. Just before Tormestorp I came upon a newly built shelter. I stopped to take a couple of photos. There was a good elevation here and you could see the lake Finjasjön in the distance.

The view from the new shelter at Tormestorp. You can see the lake Finjasjön in the distance.

Just after here, and before you reach Tormestorp, section 5 should head east towards the shelter area at Rännarehusen where section 4 starts. The only thing was, there were no signs, no blazers, my knee was hurting and I was concerned about the damage I had done to my left hand. So I decided that the smartest thing to do now was just to get to Hässleholm as quick as I could so I could travel back to Denmark again. I headed through the little town of Tormestorp and out to the main road which would take me straight up to Hässleholm.

I had had reasonable weather all day, but now it started to pour with rain. It was cold too. On with rain clothes and march on. I had walked about 2 or 3 kilometers when a car stopped (it was actually a taxi) and someone yelled out to me asking where I was heading. To the train station I said. Hop in he said. He didn’t charge me either. What a nice guy! And that was that; before long I was out of my rain gear and waiting in the nice warm hall at the Hässleholm train station. My train came 15 minutes later. Now it started to snow again too.

Back home I cleaned up my hand and bandaged it as best I could. Upon inspection of my middle left finger, which had no skin left on the outer surface after the middle join, I decided that it was not a deep cut and was just badly grazed. So a trip to the doctor was not necessary this time. I could treat this myself.

On my next trip I need to complete the last 12 km of section 3 and then catch the train from Hässleholm down to Sösdala again so I can start section 6. I’ve covered just under 570 km now on the Skåneleden Trail.

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6 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL2 Sections 4 & 5”

  1. Sorry to hear about your accident. It’s a bummer to have to leave a trip early. You’ve come quite a bit on your path towards section hiking the entire Skåneleden. When do you estimate that you’ll have done the whole trail?


    1. I’m pretty sure that SL2 will be finished this year and hopefully in 2019 I will complete SL4 & SL5. It all depends what program I line up for 2019. I’d like to have a longer trip like Kungsleden every year now.


  2. Nice to read this update and indeed, pity to know this small accident.
    Nevertheless, accidents are part of the outdoors activities and the important thing is to know how to react and make sure to return as safe as possible back to base camp/home.

    I hope your knee will be 100% healthy asap and of course to see you on the trail soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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