Skåneleden Trail SL2 Sections 1, 2 & 3

In the early dark hours of the morning I was awoken by the squeals and snorts of a wild boar just outside my shelter. With only the thin 3D Silnylon fabric of  my shelter keeping us apart I contemplated my next move …

Saturday January 27th 2018

I needed an early start today as I had 20 km to cover and with the short winter days daylight was limited. At 5:55 AM I departed home and at 6:47 AM my train to Sweden from Copenhagen departed with me on board. Once again I was more or less interrogated by the Swedish boarder police on arrival in Sweden. Seems to be routine now. Not sure what the problem is with my Australian passport but they beam in on me every time. Hopefully things will be easier soon as I now have attained Danish Citizenship and my Danish passport will arrive any day.

My total base weight (all gear not worn or consumed) for this winter adventure is 6.2 kg. After arrival in Hässleholm I had a short wait for my connecting bus. I waited in the warmth of the transit hall. At 8:43 AM I arrived at my destination Hörlingegården, which was in the middle of nowhere. At the bus stop there wasn’t even a bus shelter like there normally is; just a little sign at the side of the road. The driver shaking his head a little as he saw me disembark … crazy bugger he was probably thinking.

I’m hiking these sections in reverse; starting at Hörlingegården with aprox. 7 km of section 3, then 13 km of section 2, 4 km of section 1 and then about 8 km to the train station at Vittsjö because section 1 starts in the middle of nowhere at Hårsjö. I’ve passed through Hårsjö last year when I hiked SL1, so I knew the area well.

There was roughly one kilometre up to the trail from Hörlingegården. It was a beautiful day with lots of sun and no wind and temperatures around 3℃. The sun had just risen a ½ hour or so before. Perfect for hiking!

Lots of sun and no wind and temperatures around 3℃. Perfect for hiking!

After 3 or 4 kilometres from my start at Hörlingegården I entered the Vedema Recreation Area which is a woodland area with spruce and some pine trees but also some beech trees. With steep slopes, it is a hilly landscape. Soon after I arrived at the River Rökeån which winds along the valley floor. The below foot bridge is one of the longest I have been on whilst hiking the over 550 km that I have covered on Skåneleden Trail so far.

A long foot bridge over the River Rökeån

The Skåneleden trail winds right through and around this area. I paused at the fishing lake Barsjön where I took a 5 minute breather. Apparently it was formed from a piece of stagnant ice, thousands of years ago. The water was starting to freeze at the edges I noticed.

fishing lake Barsjön at the Vedema Recreation Area with ice around the edges

After my little break I continued up to the top of Vedema Hall where the views are breath taking. Sorry, no pictures of this.

I followed Hörjaåsen ridge from the top of Vedema Hall for another hour or so. Around 11:30 am or 11:45, I can’t quite recall, I decided to stop for lunch and coffee. I found a nice open area right next to the marked trail and with the sun’s warm rays it was a perfect spot.

my lunch room

I had been there for about twenty minutes or so. Lunch was eaten and now I was enjoying my cup of hot coffee. Then, out of nowhere, I heard a low whistle. I looked up to see a hunter in full “hunting costume” coming towards me. He explained that I needed to vacant the area as they were going to start shooting here soon. I could hear the hunting dogs in the distance. I told him that I was hiking the Skåneleden Trail, which was like three meters from where I was sitting. so I thought that this was a little weird. I packed up my gear and went on my way. I indicated to him which direction I was heading on the trail in the hope that I didn’t get a stray bullet in the head.

The rest of the day was easy going and uneventful. I passed over the River Hörlingeån on a little foot bridge.

the River Hörlingeån

Although in some areas it was just a trickle and in one of these spots I noticed a couple of holes and hoof prints where I could see that some wild boar had been rolling around in the mud (I didn’t take a photo of this).

At around 3:40 PM I arrived at the Olastorp shelter area where I camped for the night. I had covered about 20 km today. I found the only place available for my Tarptent Notch. I don’t think that I could of erected my Zpacks Duplex here so it was a good thing that I had taken my Notch. I had recently upgraded it with a solid mesh interior so I was keen to try it out. My thoughts were that it would be a good setup for frosty, windy, cold, winter nights.

Tarptent Notch with Solid Mesh interior

Sunday January 28th 2018

In the early dark hours of the morning/night I was awoken by the squeals and snorts of a wild boar just outside my shelter. With only the thin 3D Silnylon fabric of  my shelter keeping us apart I contemplated my next move. I yelled out and told it/them to take a hike. It seemed to disappear and I never heard from it again. What a relief!

It had also been raining hard most of the night. The site was also located right next to a stream, so it was quite damp and moist here, just to say the least. Next morning my sleeping bag was quite moist/wet on the outside. I think that it was a combination of the solid mesh, no wind and a very damp atmosphere. So I don’t think it is fair to judge and give any views of the solid mesh insert just yet.

By morning the rain disappeared and the winds came. It felt very cold today and the first three or four kilometres I hiked in my second layer on (Climalite Pullover using Climashield Apex 67 insulation). After leaving the camp site the trail passes through some farm land and the trail is completely covered in cow poop!

It didn’t take long to hike the four kilometres to Hårsjö. I recognised the area immediately as I passed by here last year hiking SL1.

Trail head at Vittsjö

From here there was eight kilometres to Vittsjö where I have been a couple of times before. I arrived at Vittsjö approximately 30 minutes before my train arrived. This was good timing as the trains or bus only pass here every hour or so. Last time I was here I missed the train by 20 minutes or so and I had to wait a couple of hours for the next train.

I was back in Copenhagen about 3:00 PM. I had a fantastic winter hiking and camping weekend. The weather was great on Saturday with a lot of sun, it was windy and overcast on Sunday and with no zero temperatures (the average was around 2-3℃), the weather couldn’t of been better. I covered approximately 32 km.

Next time I’ll be hiking in reverse again covering SL2 section 3 (ending at Hörlingegården, where I can get a bus back to Hässleholm), section 4 and section 5. I think that I’ll be starting at Sösdala where I can take a regional train to from Lund C. I’m planning to camp at Lillsjödal on the first night which is not far from Sösdala. Of coarse these plans might change and I don’t have a date yet.

Thanks for reading

10 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL2 Sections 1, 2 & 3”

  1. 👍 I see you’re interested in the TGO Challenge. You’ll find my TGOC experiences in my Trip Reports section. Definitely encourage you to do it. If you need any info or help, let me know.


    1. Thanks Robin. I’m defiantly interested! Some people I know from social media are doing it this year. I’ve been following their movements. I’ll probably contact you when I decide to do it. I’ve never hiked over your way before so I’ll need help for sure.


      1. Probably worth doing a trip before to somewhere like the Cairngorms first to get an idea of Scotland. Quite similar to N. Sweden but less remote.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I follow a few guys over there on YouTube, so I have seen a little of the Cairngorms. Read a little on it too. Looks beautiful at any time of the year!


  2. I’ve done some trips there. Just be aware there are vicious midges June to early Sept! Not as bad as west coast but can be bad.


    1. I’m actually a member. Joined 4 Feb 2017 but haven’t visited the site for a little while. I did comment once on a Cumulus Quilt 250. I’ll have to frequent the site more often. I just saw your post, thanks. Regards Brian

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