The King’s Trail (Kungsleden) Artic Sweden

In a previous post in November last year I wrote that I would be participating in the Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2018 but I’ve changed my mind about doing it. I won’t be participating in this event now. Instead, I will be heading up there one week or so before and hiking my own hike without the 2000 participants of the Fjällräven event.

I will also hike from Abisko in the north to Nikkaluokta in the south which is the opposite direction to the Fjällräven Classic. Finishing one day before Fjällräven’s event start, I should be able to avoid the worse of the crowds.

Kungsleden is a aprox. 440 km (270 miles) walking route through Artic Sweden from Abisko in the north and Hemavan in the south. The most popular section is the one between Abisko and Nikkaluokta. It’s about 110 km long. There are many walkers on this stretch and if you want to you can overnight in the mountain huts. I will be camping in my own tent.

I’m planning on staying near the STF Kebnekaise mountain station for a couple of days. I want to explore the Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise and hopefully hike to the summit, before travelling home again.

I’m really excited about this journey and my planning stage has already begun. I’ve joined STF, Swedish Tourist Association, which will also give me 10% discount on the SJ, Swedish Railway, and if I use any of STF’s facilities then I get discounted prices as well. I’ve also booked a hotel for the last night in Kiruna. I’ve purchased a good quality map and plotted my route and read a lot of posts on the internet as well as read Claes Grundsten’s (a Swedish author) book on the trail. I’m aiming to start at Abisko on August 10th 2018 and back in Copenhagen again on August 18th 2018.

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  1. You should consider making a detour from Abisko on your way to Abiskojaure, and go over the Kårsavagge cabin. The walk from Kårsavagge to Abiskojaure stugorna is really nice, with excellent views both to the east and to the west. I think it would make a much more interesting start.

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