Skåneleden Trail SL1 Sections 10, 11 & 12A

With the shorter days this time of year an early start was required. Unfortunately, this was not enough as it turned out later, and I needed at least one more hour of daylight to reach my goal for the day. More of that later. I was stopped two times by the Swedish border police on the same train, when I arrived in Sweden from Denmark; the first time was a pleasant conversation about my weekend’s adventure. The next officer was only interested in my ID, which was in order.

I arrived at Vittsjö train station, which is where I left the trail last time at 10:10 am and started hiking at 10:14 am. I had the weather with me on this trip as I experienced no rain or winds on both days; just a couple of hours rain through the night. Section 10 from Vittsjö to Härsjö is only 8 km.

Trail head at Vittsjö

Important to note is that there is a very good water source before and not far from the Härsjö shelter. I filled up and continued to the shelter. It was around lunch time so I took a 10 minute break.

Water source at Härsjö

Today’s goal is the shelter site at the lake at Lärkesholm (Lärkesholmssjön). Although I knew that unless I wanted to night hike that I would not make it. Section 11 is 20 km long and I had already hiked 8 km with a start at 10:14 am so I decided to walk until dark and just setup camp wherever I am. This is also the most enjoyable way to camp.

This section was mostly swampy, boggy land and because we have received a fair bit of rain lately some areas required wet feet. About half way through the section, and just after I had passed through a very wet section, I met 3 Danish hikers coming from the opposite direction. We passed a little conversation and I told them to roll their trousers up ready for what was approaching them. They asked me where I was sleeping for the night and I told them that when it got dark I would find something. They looked at me a little strange and wished me well.

I didn’t make the lake, as I had assumed, although I was only about 4-5 km away. I managed 24 km for today and  located a nice site for the night and made camp.

My camp not too far from the lake at Lärkesholm

Official sunset was at 04:20 pm. After scouting around for a while, I found the only flat site for my shelter. I enjoyed a lovely sunset while preparing dinner, although the sun soon disappeared behind the tree-line.

My outdoors kitchen with a view of the sunset. Note my Stormin Stove Systems cone and “leave no trace” baseplate. I was also very happy with my seating arrangement for the night.

It rained through the night for a couple of hours. I slept very peacefully and through to sunrise around 07:30 am. I don’t sleep like this at home. After breakfast was consumed and camp was packed up I was on the trail again aprox. 08:45 am. I had 13 km today and wanted to catch a bus at Örkelljunga.

On my way to Örkelljunga

It wasn’t long before I arrived at the lake at Lärkesholm (Lärkesholmssjön). It was a beautiful area and there were many perfect sites for a wild camp. I made a mental note to come back here one day as it had a lot going for it.

Lärkesholm Lake

Now I’m hiking section 12A or half of it until I reach Örkelljunga, where I would board a bus. This section passes through farming countryside and hilly beech woodland. I passed under the E4 motorway, about half way point to Örkelljunga, where on the the other side, the service station of Skåneporten is located where you can re-supply.

Just before Örkelljunga the trail passes through a very boggy area which was actually at that point in time a mini lake. I decided to backtrack and take the road the last 500 meters into town. I boarded my bus at 12:05 pm and was back in Copenhagen at 14:28 pm.

YouTube video above – After scouting around for a while, I found the only flat site for my shelter.

Update October, 2020

Stormin Stove Systems are no longer available for purchase

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