A big thumbs up to Cumulus – manufacturer of down sleeping bags and outdoor accessories

Fantastic customer service & great warranty program!

Back in June this year I published an article on my ultra lightweight sleeping system. I wrote “I have noticed that when I pack my gear in the mornings that there are some small amounts of goose down from the quilt in my shelter. I’ve only noticed this after I started compacting it.”

So I have finally found out why I was loosing the filling; I found a hole in the outer material where it was coming away from the seam. See below.

photo 1
The hole appeared on the bottom of the quilt near the seam – I placed some tape over the area so as not to loose anymore filling before returning it.

I contacted Cumulus sending them photos and a copy of my purchase receipt. Although they state on their warranty page “It is not necessary to include proof of purchase, we take full responsibility for all our products.”

They answered my e-mail the very next day asking me to send the quilt to them in Poland. They also said, after reviewing my case, that they will repair the quilt under the warranty and cover the transport costs.

After only one week, Cumulus had repaired my quilt and sent it back to me, and I received it one week later in Denmark, so expedition time frame for the reparation was two weeks. They have also reimbursed me for the transport cost from Denmark to Poland. There are no forms to fill out and no red tape; just the way I like to do business.

This is a professional company with great gear and fantastic customer service!

Thank you Cumulus

I also own and use Cumulus Panyam 450 and Cumulus Panama 600 sleeping bags.


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