Skåneleden Trail SL1 Sections 1 and 2 (which is also Blekingeleden Trail stages 1 and 2)

May 6th 2017 Saturday 08:28am

Last Saturday I took a train from Copenhagen to Sölvesborg in Sweden. From here SL1 section 1 starts from the railway station heading through the town and then heads up to Ryssberget about 150m above sea level. The first 3 stages of SL1 are also the first three stages of the Blekingeleden Trail. On the way up I stopped in my tracks as there were three European grass snakes (non-venomous) lazing in the warmth of the sun’s rays mid in the trail. Although, as soon as I came closer, they quickly dispersed and slithered away into the safety of the leaves and grass on the sides of the trail.

European grass snake

Not far after that I rested for a while at the overlook enjoying the views.


I stopped for some lunch at the cottage at Ryssbergsstugan where I also could top up my water bottle. I chatted to a local Swedish guy about the snakes I saw lazing on the trail and he thought that they were “snogs” European grass snakes which was confirmed later by a Danish friend, Peter (@naturvagabond) on Instagram. Thanks for the help Peter to identify them. Even though I grow up in a land full of snakes I am not at all an expert on them!

After lunch I followed the forest roads and trails through the hilly woodland until I reached the lake at Grundsjön in the late afternoon. I headed to the north side of the lake to find my campsite for the night. On the way I located the water source which was tap water mounted on the side of the trail for backpackers. This was a luxury which I was not accustomed to. I was lucky to have the site all to myself too.

I quickly made camp and then got on with my food preperations for my evening meal. I have been making my own dehydrated meals since March this year and tonight I had prepared some cooked ham, vegetables and mash potatoes (ok, the potato powder was purchased).

After dinner and a quick clean up I rested and listened to some podcasts from the Cascade Hiker (talking to Henry Shires from Tarptent), Inside The Adventure and The Outdoors Station.


May 7th 2017 Sunday

Around 5am I awoke to some people talking loudly down at the lake. When I arrived the day before the outskirts of the lake was populated with people fishing. There must of been some early fishing going on I presumed.

I had a comfortable night’s sleep with perfect sleeping temperatures at around 9 ℃. This was the first time that I had used my Cumulus Quilt 250 this season. There was not much wind and there was no moisture in the air so my tent was also ready to pack up when I was ready.

During breakfast a fox suddenly exited the bush not too far from me, in the fenced paddock, next to the camp site. I noticed it’s thick bushy tail. After it saw me it soon disappeared again.

Today’s hike, SL1 section 2, leaves the lake at Grundsjön and follows the trail towards Östafors. I experienced forest roads, forest trails, large rocks, beech trees, and some good elevation with ups and downs. About 2km after leaving I walked up a little rise on a forest road and as I came down the other side I startled 3 moose which raced quickly into the forest as soon as they were aware of my presence. It all happened so fast that I didn’t really register what happened and what they were at first. I was disappointed that I didn’t manage to get any photos as this was my first moose sighting ever!

After this sighting I passed through Näsums reserve and up on to the ridge line north of Drögsperyd. I stopped for lunch at an overlook with a lovely view of the valley.


After lunch I continued and leaving the ridge I made my way towards Östafors. I exited the trail at a point where I only had a short walk to the bus stop. On arrival at 1pm I read that the bus should arrive at 1:28pm. I was back in Copenhagen again around 4:30pm as the busses and trains were running late.

I’m already looking forward to my next adventure again starting here where I left off at Östafors. I’m planning a 3 day hike next time so that I can cover a lot more of the trail.

Thanks for reading; just ask if you have any questions.

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