Skåneleden Trail SL3 Sections 11, 12, 13 & 14

SL3 Sections 11, 12, 13 & 14 (57 km)

In February this year I hiked sections 8 to 10 and finished at Ekeröd, where I took a bus to the train station, and then travelled back to Copenhagen. It was here at Ekeröd where I started this adventure from where I left the trail last time.

Thursday April 20th 2017 I caught a train from CPH central station to Mamö C. From here I rode the bus, SkåneExpressen 1, to Ekeröd arriving about 11AM.

It was very windy and cold. I had to put on my “puffy” layer while I adjusted my trekking poles and got myself ready for the hike. I got myself orientated and set out. There was not much sun and with the wind chill factor it was necessary to keep moving at a brisk pace the whole time so as not to feel the cold. Really lovely spring time weather 🌬.

My plan was to only hike 13km today and camp at the Timan shelter area, so I decided to stop, which is totally out of character for me, and eat lunch. I found an area in a gully with a bit of wind protection.


I had plenty of time so I made a cup of coffee too. After lunch I set out again. Winter was still hanging on in these parts as there was still snow on the ground around the outskirts of the forrest floor. With the strong winds and snow on the ground, it still felt like winter today.

The trail on this section 11 followed mainly forrest roads. It was only about 3 km before the Titan shelter that there were forrest trail present. After that, I either missed a turn-off or the trail soon disappeared. I could see on the map that I was only about 600 meters from where the trail should be and heading in the direction I wanted. So I got my bearings and “bush whacked” in that direction. Easier said than done. I was soon presented with a new challenge; bog or marsh, or what ever you want to call it, it was wet. So I changed direction until I gained a little elevation heading around the bog. Here I found an old stone boundary line and it happened to be heading in my desired direction. It was not long before I found the trail again. This whole incident took up an extra half hour or so, but it didn’t worry me as I had a lot of daylight hours to play with. It is always clever to stop up in a predicament such as this one, keep a cool head and don’t panic, try to find out where you are, and make a plan, and stick to it. I knew that if I held my bearing and continued in that direction, that I would eventually hit the trail again.

After that incident I soon found the shelter area at Timan. I was a little disappointed with the site at first. There was no suitable area for me to pitch my tent. There was no grass area at all and there were many dead and fallen trees. It was blowing so much that I didn’t think it was a smart choice to pitch my tent for the night. So I set myself up in the shelter. No-one else was there and no-one else turned up for the night. I had the whole area to myself. There was also drinking water and plenty of firewood too.


Next morning, Friday April 21st 2017, it was still blowing and at 7am it started to rain on and off too. I was happy that I had packed my trekking umbrella, as I could put it easily up and down with the intermittent rain. It would of been useless at a higher elevation, but with the protection of the forrest, it did the job well.

The trail (section 12) started with some road walking until just after the village of Timan, where it took me around a swamp area on some very poorly maintained track. There were trees blown down everywhere and I found myself having to leave the trail several times to get around the fallen trees. After Harphult and Brännestad the trail took me through an area that reminded me of the terrain that I experienced at the end of March in Jutland in Denmark, up at Hanstholm. This area too was alive with bird activity.


As the day progressed, it started to storm more and then at 2PM the “on and off” rain turned into a constant downpour which lasted until 8PM that night. Which was okay, as I managed 21 km through until 1:45PM, where I took a short lunch break at Rebbetuaröd shelter area, where I could study an old ruin at the same time.


After lunch, I only had 7 KM (section 13) to the Agusa shelter area, which is where I camped on my Österlen Circle Trail hike in March this year. With the rain persisting and the winds increasing, it was becoming a task to control my trekking umbrella, although it coped and did the job well. I hadn’t packed any rain pants, however my “rain kilt” got the job done.

I arrived at Agusa at about 4PM. On arrival I checked the weather forecast which read that the rain would stop about 6PM. So I sat in the shelter, put on warm clothes and changed my wet socks and waited. At around 5:30PM I checked the weather forecast again and this time it read that the rain would not stop until around 8PM. So I waited until the rain eased off a little and pitched my tent. I did not want to sleep in a shelter again tonight. I found a spot where I knew no trees would fall on me.

I was a little disappointed to learn that the water source, like my last stay here, was still not turned on. Luckily there was a good running stream about 5 minutes from the site.

After an eventful day and 28KM hiked, I got off to bed about 8:30PM. The rain had stopped but the winds increased and it stormed all night. I awoke at some stage through the night and I was sure that I heard a girl walk briskly past my tent singing as she went. Weird stuff! The wind was really howling through the site.

Next morning I awoke to sunny skies and the wind had decreased to intermittent gusts. I was quite pleased with how my Zpacks Duplex had handled the storm. It sat exactly how I had pitched it the evening before. Once you get the Dyneema Composite Fabric (earlier known as cuben fiber) nice and tight and sitting correctly, it just stays like that. Doesn’t sag at all and doesn’t absorb water.


Saturday April 22nd 2017

After breakfast and coffee, I set out on the last section 14 (16 KM) of this Skåneleden 3 trail. With no rain, sunny skies and decreased wind gusts, it was a pleasure to finish this trail in such fine conditions. I also knew this section well as I did it on the Österlen Circle Trail hike last month. I arrived at the Brösarp Bus terminal at approximately 12:20PM and the bus came at 12:34PM. Perfect timing I would say.

This was a proud moment for me as I realised that I had now completed (section hiked) the entire length 162 KM of the Skåneleden 3 trail.

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    1. I decided some two or three years ago to “section” hike all five Skåneleden sub-trails on weekends or when ever I could get time off work. I have in fact “section hiked” / walked from Åstorp to Brösarp. I can’t get the time from my work to hike all the sections at one time. All my trip reports where I have documented my walks are here:


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