North Sea Trail (Vestkyststien) – Thy National Park

A couple of things changed since my remarks on my blog from March 18th 2017. I didn’t pack my Tarptent Notch after all and I took my Zpacks Duplex instead. Just love that tent.  The route that I had planned to take I changed underway as well including the sites where I planned to overnight. The drive to Jutland, on the west coast of Denmark,  took about 5 hours and not 4. At the last minute I unpacked my rain pants and packed my trekking umbrella and rain skirt instead. I just love this piece of equipment (trekking umbrella). The weather forecast was with a little rain but not much wind.

Total base weight was 5.6 kg and total pack weight 8.6 kg

After leaving Copenhagen approx. 9am Friday March 31 2017, I was dropped off at the northern outskirts of Hanstholm Nature Reserve around 2pm. “Are you actually going out there where there is nothing and no-one ?” I was asked. As you can see below there are no marked trails, but the landscape is easy to traverse. You just have to study the map and plan your journey around the low lying water areas up to the camp site on the eastern side of the reserve at Sårup. Just before you climb up and out of the reserve to Peter Odgårds Plads, where the camp site is, there is a little creek that you have to cross. Here you will get wet feet, which didn’t worry me, as my trail shoes dried out within a couple of hours.

This is at the start of my journey at the northern end of Hanstholm Nature Reserve

As I traversed over the wild reserve I came across an European adder or European viper, “Hugorm” in Danish. This is a is a venomous snake! They are also protected and you are not allowed to move them, kill them or whatever. I left it alone and kept on my way.


As I said in my initial remarks on March 18th, the park closes between April 1st and July 15th every year, so I only had today to experience the wild reserve. I also saw a red deer on a rise and it just looked at me and then kept on it’s way. There was also a lot of bird life in the park especially around the water holes. I really want to come back here sometime and experience a lot more of the reserve as I only saw the tip of it.

I had the camp site at Sårup all to myself. Later around 8pm two people turned up and camped in the shelter. You are not allowed to “wild camp” anywhere you want in Denmark and a lot of the sites you have to book. All of the sites in Thy National Park where I hiked, it was not necessary to book if you are not traveling in a group. The distance I covered today was 5.7 km.

My Zpacks Duplex at Sårup Shelter place

Saturday April 1st 2017 I departed at 9am. I made my way down through Tved Dune Plantation, around Nors Sø (lake), Vandet Sø (lake), Nystrup Dune Plantation, Vang Sø (lake) and finally Tvorup West camp site, where I camped. Before that and just north of Bøgsted Rende I caught a glimpse og the west coast.

just north of Bøgsted Rende with the sun low in the sky

The day’s distance was actually 37.3 km and not the 38 km as I wrote on Instagram; sorry about the error folks. There was a water source at the site in way of a little stream. I filtered some water while I made camp and then prepared my evening meal. This was the first time I was eating my own home made dehydrated food. It turned out to be a huge success; lots of food and tastes just like is does at home. I made chicken curry with rice the first night and beef with tomato sauce and pasta the second night.

chicken curry with rice
my water filter system


beef with tomato sauce and pasta
my camp at Tvorup West camp site on Sunday morning

It rained for half an hour on Friday night when I had gone to bed and then about a few hours on Sunday morning before I got out of bed. So I never had to hike in rain the whole weekend!

I listened to several podcasts while preparing dinner and also when I went to bed from the “Inside The Adventure“.

On Sunday I hiked the small 3.1 km through Tvorup Dune Plantation to Nørre Vorupør, a little fishing town. Here I could watch the fisherman sorting their catch ready for the market.


An hour or so later I was collected and we made our way back to Copenhagen again. I’ll definitely be back here again and looking forward to seeing a lot more of Hanstholm Wild Reserve.


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