Skåneleden Trail SL3 Sections 6, 7 & part of section 5 – Winter hike

I managed to get away for a couple of days over the weekend. I hadn’t been out hiking since the weekend before Christmas. So on Saturday morning I took a train to Copenhagen Central station, then a train to Helsingør, then a ferry to Helsingborg, a train to Klippan and then a bus to Röstånga. Travel time was about 4 hours.

From Röstånga I hiked the last bit of section 5 on the Ås to åsleden, Skåneleden 3 (SL3) until I reached the shelter at Jällabjär. This is a pretty area and was the only section where I saw some wildlife; a deer. It was too quick for me and I didn’t catch it on film.

A view from the end of section 5 (SL3) on my way to Jällabjär

From here I hiked section 6. I had planned to sleep at S Hultarp shelter area for the night. I noted that the landscape here is very different from the previous sections when the trail went through Söderåsen National Park with elevation and views. Although one highlight of this section is the view from Natthall below.

The view from Natthall overlooking Rönneådalen.

From here I made my way to the planned shelter for the night at S Hultarp. On arrival I noted that there was a couple that had occupied the shelter for the night. I greeted them and explained that I had no intension of using the shelter and that I will be pitching my tent and sleeping here for the night too. They were not very friendly at all and so I kept my distance from them. Although it was pleasent to have someone else at camp for a change.


My Zpacks Duplex tent in the background. I slept with the doors open all night. One of the advantages of the Duplex is that if it rains (not too heavy) then you can still have the doors open with no rain coming in.

After dinner I boiled the 1 litre of water I had left and stored it in my Nalgene 1 liter water bottle that I use on winter hikes. I stored my water and gas bottles in the bottom of my sleeping bag for the night. The hot water bottle gave some extra warmth, but the main reason I didi this was so that I had usable water (not frozen) in the morning when I got up. One of the problems I had on this hike was access to water. All the pumps were broken and  I didn’t want to take a water filter as I was worried that it would freeze and break. I had 2 liters of water with me from home and this proved to be enough for the trip. I know that I could of stored the filter in my sleeping bag as well, but I didn’t want the hassle. Also, there were no water sources on the first section anyway. I thought that if I was desperate for water that I could of gone into a farmhouse and asked.

I had downloaded a podcast at home and listened to this before I went to sleep. It was from The Outdoors Station and the podcast was number 424 – Tread Lite Gear. I’ll write about Tread Lite Gear in a new post later.

I guess the temperatures came down to around minus 3 or 4 degrees in the night. I kept nice and toasty in my Cumulus Panyam 600 sleeping bag. It was -1 degrees when I got up at 07:40 am. The water was still warm in my water bottle too. 👍

I heard nothing from my unfriendly company through the night and they were still dead to the world when I was up and about. After breakfast and coffee I started section 7. I still had ½ liter of water too 😀. It felt a lot colder today as there was no sun to warm things up.

A frosty morning

I made my way into the town Höör where I learnt that the scheduled train to Lund, where I could catch a train direct to Copenhagen Central station was cancelled due to work being done on the tracks. However I could wait and then hop on the “train bus” to Lund later. When I finally arrived at Copenhagen I couldn’t resist buying a burger; my little treat 🍔.

4 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL3 Sections 6, 7 & part of section 5 – Winter hike”

    1. Thanks Knut. I read your report last night too from the Häckeberga circle trail. I’ll have to do that one soon too as I can do as you did and just take the car instead of the hassle with the trains.


      1. Both Häckeberga Runt, Österlencirklen and Finjasjön Runt – stora cirklen has my warmest recommendations. I’m working on reports from those as well as my recent trip to Gran Canaria. To much to do, too little time. 🙂

        Maybe we should do a hike together sometime.


      2. Yes, Österlencirklen is planned here already. I’ve been studying the maps and I’ve read some trip reports on it from Niels Brok and Roger Brown as well. (I was quite shocked to learn of Roger’s passing away) I just haven’t got a date yet. Yes, sure, would love to do a hike with you sometime.


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