Mill Stream Path (Mølleåstien) – Farum Lake Circle Trail

total base weight 6.9 kg

total pack weight 9.5 kg

total distance 24.1 km

My gear for this hike with a base weight of 6.9kg

I had hiked in this area in March this year with a group. This time I hiked an alternate and varied route solo. I was also lucky with the weather this time with little rain. I drove the half hour from home and parked the car at Farum Train station arriving around 12 noon.

I was really looking forward to this trip as I was wanting to use my recently acquired  ZPacks Duplex tent. I am still very pleased with my Tarptent Notch and will continue to use it. However the Notch weighs in at 827g after, I seam sealed it, while the Duplex only weighs 595g and requires no seam sealing. The Notch only has room for one while the Duplex comfortably sleeps two persons. Another great feature, which I love, is the fact that you can have the doors open on the Duplex all night even in rain weather, as long as it is not a downpour. You can’t do that with the Notch, not without getting wet. I am really sold and I got to tell you that I love it.

After leaving the train station I followed the trail south-west until I arrived at the western end of the lake where I took a lunch break. Visibility was only about 300m so it was difficult to see the views of the lake although I could hear the ducks diving and splashing around in the water.


After lunch I headed south-west to the outskirts of the forest area where I then changed direction to a north heading towards my camp area for the night. At the Nyvang camp area there are no facilities, no toilets and no water. I packed an extra 2ltr of water in so my pack weight on Sunday was considerably lighter. Just a basic camp spot, which I prefer actually, as you can nearly always have these places to yourself. I tried to get a fire going after setting up my ZPacks Duplex, but the wood was just too wet. So I opted to an early night instead, which was okay, as I was wanting to spend time in the Duplex shelter. It worked really well having the doors open and it did rain slightly through the night. I could just lay in bed and look out at the scenery and the rain. I’m really going to love it in the spring/summer time I’m sure.

Another item that I was wanting to try was my new Pinguin Surpass Titan (titanium) burner. I only use a gas stove in the winter months as I prefer the alcohol stove. I am not normally in a rush so the waiting time is not a problem for me. I have been using an Optimus CRUX folding stove but I have been unhappy with the performance for some time. I had to keep adjusting the flame constantly which was very annoying. The Pinguin Surpass Titan weighs in at only 48g and 52g with the accompanying bag. The Optimus CRUX weighs 107g with the bag. This is a considerable difference and the Pinguin Surpass Titan preformed beautifully. No problem with the flame; I adjusted it to where I wanted it and it just stayed there and the weight is the best feature. I can highly recommend it.

On Sunday I got out of bed when the sun came up around 8:30am. I was in no rush and took my time to eat breakfast and drink my morning coffee. I guess I was packed and ready to leave around 10:30am. This is really late for me as I prefer early starts normally, but these winter months just lack in daylight. I am already looking forward to spring time so I can get in some longer days of hiking.

I also only had about 11.5km back to the car today so I was just enjoying myself. Another great feature which I forgot to mention about the Duplex is that it doesn’t soak up water like the Notch does. A quick wipe with the towel and the moisture is gone and the Duplex is quickly packed in it’s stuff sack again and still weighing in at 595g. The Notch will soak up water and when you pack it in it’s stuff sack again it weighs considerable more. With the Danish weather conditions it is not normally possible to dry your tent out before you are ready for the day’s hiking. So this is a great feature for me.

The day’s journey takes me to the Bastrup Tower ruin first. It was built around year 1100. At the top you have a magnificent view of the Bastrup Lake.

Bastrup Tower ruin from year 1100 overlooking Bastrup Lake

From here I followed the Mill Stream Path (Mølleåstien) east heading towards the parking area at the train station. Today I hike the path on the opposite side of the Farum Lake from where I was yesterday and I can see where I had eaten lunch the day before as there is no fog today. The path is very busy and slightly stressful as there a many joggers, walkers and mountain bikers in this section.

On arrival back at the car around 2pm, I am pleased that I found the time to get outdoors one week before Christmas and with the bonus of trying out some new gear too.

7 Replies to “Mill Stream Path (Mølleåstien) – Farum Lake Circle Trail”

    1. Hi Jon. Thanks for your comment. I use a Sawyer Squeeze normally, but for these quick overnighters and the low km’s I’m doing this time of the year, I hike in with enough water for the night (if the temps are over freezing). Also the water sources in this area are not drinkable. I have also used the Sawyer Mini, but I prefer the Squeeze. I normally take the filter with me on all my hikes in Sweden but in Denmark I would only use it over in Jutland. I hope to get over to Sweden again next month.


  1. I gotto say that I’m a bit envious that you got away on a hike. I’ve been trying to get out during december, but hadn’t had the time. The duplex seems like an awesome tent. I was seriously concidering getting one before I endes up with my Enan.

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    1. Yes, I think that I’ve seen too much Red Beard on you tube. It was great just to get outdoors even though it was just a quick overnighter. How is your planning going for your trip next summer?


  2. I’ve watched Red Beard too 🙂
    The planning is going forward. I’ve put in vacation for the planned weeks, and finished my food list with an estimated weight of it. I’ll start to dry ingredients and try some new meals during the spring before I decide what food to bring. Finding gas to the stove though seems to be the biggest issue people have, from what I’ve read, since you can’t bring it on the plane.


  3. Thanks for the link. From what I’ve read in different trip reports it seems like it’s virtually impossible to get gas in Kangerlussuaq, despite what the official ACT web-pages say. I was hoping to be able to get gas there, but your link just adds to the fact that it might be smarter to bring an alcohol stove or a multifuel burner instead of taking the chances that I might find gas in town.

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