Skåneleden Trail SL1 parts of section 3 (which is also Blekingeleden Trail stage 3), section 3A (the old discontinued section) and section 4 – Exploring Raslången

I wanted to explore more of this area in the South of Sweden before I moved on to other areas. This hike stretched over  two days with a one night stopover. It involved some good distance for the daylight hours I had available and some interesting “bush whacking” as well.

total base weight 6.5 kg

total pack weight 8.8 kg

total distance 31.2 km

It was originally my plan to drive to Sweden on the Friday night but on my way home from work I could barely see the road as it was raining so much. So I decided to get a good night’s sleep and leave on Saturday morning instead.

After leaving Copenhagen at 8am I arrived at the Bökestad Shelter parking area around 10:30am. I took the Skåneleden trail towards Lerjevalen where I left it at Bäen and headed north. Here there was no trail the next kilometre and some bushwhacking is involved. All of a sudden there was a girl walking her dog up near the water’s edge of the lake in front of me. She explained that she was staying at a summer house not far from the spot and I could see a trail heading off in the direction she pointed. She couldn’t understand how I could have all my food, my tent and clothes etc. with me in my “little” backpack. We chatted for a while and I explained that I had to keep moving as I was starting to get cold.

I actually camped at this very spot in April this year. It’s a great site with not really any easy access so it is perfect if you don’t want to share it with a crowd.


I headed north until I reached the top of the lake and hiked east towards the northbound Skåneleden trail towards Brotorpet. I decided, after studying my map, that I would take a side trail to the Skåneleden instead of walking on the gravel roads in this section. However the trail soon disappeared and I once again had to do some more bushwhacking to get to the Skåneleden trail again. This was easier said than done as I had to traverse through thick bushland and swamp area. It was not long before my Keb G1000 hiking pants were wet through even though I had waxed them good at home. This took me some time to get through and I fell over at one stage too, but finally I reached the trail again.

After a quick lunch break I left the Skåneleden trail again just after Skärsnäs and hiked north east through Filkesboda, Getatorpet and Gillesnäs where I turned and headed south.


I was slightly concerned at this stage as it would soon be dark and I still had some distance to cover. I reached my planned campsite for the night just as the sun went down and the skies opened up and it just poured with rain. I managed to cover just over 20 km today and I was beginning to tire. So with the dark and pouring rain I quickly erected my Tarptent and organised my evening meal even though it was only about 5pm.

My Sunday morning view

I was forced to dine in my tent as the weather was really getting bad and after finishing my meal I decided that I was too tired to read my Kindle so I went to bed. I had not slept well the last two nights so it was no problem to get off to sleep.


On Sunday I awoke just before daylight. It was still raining and it had done so all night although it was now only a drizzle. I managed to leave camp around 9am and headed south towards where I had the car parked at Bökestad. Today’s distance was approx. 11km.

This was a rewarding, slightly difficult in terms of my goals I had set myself not to mention the unexpected bushwhacking, but a much needed escape to nature along with the rich learning experience gained; highly recommended!

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