Himmelbjerget Ruten – High Route

This route is not strictly the Himmelbjerget ruten because the northern and southern track actually covers all the high points of the surrounding Silkeborg lake area diverting from Himmelbjerget ruten. Denmark might not be a land comprising mountainous landscape but don’t be fooled, this route offers some challenging climbs and beautiful views.

I hike with a small group of three persons in total. We decide to meet at Østre Søbad where we can park our cars. Here you can top up on water and purchase drinks or ice creams from the kiosk. In the summer season it is a very popular swimming hole and in the high summer heat the place was teaming with people.

Friday June 3rd 2016

16:00 pm – We start at the parking area at Østre Søbad south of Silkeborg and hike 6.6 km to Korsdalhus Pladsen in the middle of Nordskoven (Silkeborg North Forest) where I camped last month as well. This is a really neat spot. The day temps are around 27 ℃ and night about 15 ℃. But first we took in the views from a lookout; I think it was called Ulvehoved.

Silkeborg Lake District - High Route
the lookout in Nordskoven

Saturday June 4th 2016

Today’s hike of just over 30 km takes us across all the high points around the lake district and we pass Himmelbjerget again. I visited here on my trip to the area last month as well. Two or three kilometers from Himmelbjerget we camp at Storeknøs.

Our first lookout point is at Louisehøj at 60 m followed by Sindbjerg at 103 m and the slightly lower Stoubjerg at 99 m. We continue to hike through Nordskoven following the high route east around the lakes until we come to the harbour at Ry where we take a break.

I buy a large beer at the kiosk at sit on the jetty. There are a lot of people around. Families are enjoying the great weather. The kayak club is also there with all their members splashing about. After downing the beer and with the hot sun trying to burn me all day I really don’t feel like continuing on now. I could go with another beer but its not going to happen. Onwards we go. We are now on the south side of the lakes and climbing. We catch a glimpse of Himmelbjerget as we hike by.

We reach Storeknøs and make camp. There is a water source here flowing straight out of the side of the hill. Really nice after just over a 30 km hike in the baking sun all day.

We spread out and started preparing our dinners. I have my Tarptent Notch with me and my luxury item – my Helinox Ground Chair weighing 638 grams.

Silkeborg Lake District - High Route
Tarptent Notch – camp at Storeknøs

After walking in 27 ℃ heat all day and covering 30.4 km I was dead tired and very hungry.

Silkeborg Lake District - High Route
Dinner time

After dinner there is time to watch the sun go down. This is better than Saturday night TV.

Silkeborg Lake District - High Route
A beautiful sunset

Sunday June 5th 2016

We hike approximately 13 km today back to where we started at Østre Søbad. We make our way down from Storeknøs and hike over and then up to our first overlook at 92 m. Looking back to where we were the day before the views were magnificent. Then we continue to H.C. Andersens Bænk where we take another break.

At Kongestolen 82 m we take in the views of Slåensø lake.

It is still very hot today. I can’t wait to arrive home and take a hot shower and rest. At Østre Søbad we purchase an ice-cream at the kiosk. There is plenty of cold tap water so we didn’t need to buy a drink. There are a lot of folks at the swimming area. We take a long break and rest chatting about the last couple of days. Total distance covered is 50 km.

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