Skåneleden Trail SL1 parts of section 3 (which is also Blekingeleden Trail stage 3), section 3A (the old discontinued section) and section 4

Pack weight 8.8 kg

Friday April 15th 2016

We meet at Bökestad parking area at 3pm. The drive from Copenhagen takes about 2.5 hours.

Wilderness trip in the South of Sweden

The first stage takes us along the SL1 trail from Bökestad to an area near Bäen and about 5-6km. This is a primitive camping area with no facilities and is not an official camping place.

Wilderness trip in the South of Sweden

The weather is good and there is no rain. I still had my winter sleeping bag with me at this time of the year and had to keep the zip down and take my socks off as I was too hot. I made a mental note to look at purchasing an additional sleeping bag for future trips with these “spring time” changing conditions.

Saturday April 16th 2016


The countryside is absolutely beautiful here. Today we leave the SL1 trail and go bushwhacking. We hike by Dyneboda and cross over the SL1 again near Skärsnäs and hike up to Brotorpet. From here we make our way south again along the Raslången and once again bushwhacking to our unofficial “out in the middle of nowhere” campsite. After dinner it begins to rain a little, although we still manage to see a lovely sunset.

Wilderness trip in the South of Sweden

Sunday April 17th 2016

We awoke to another beautiful morning with a little sun to warm us.


Wilderness trip in the South of Sweden
Tarptent Notch

The day starts with a couple of km of bushwhacking until we meet with gravel paths and roads once again. Towards the afternoon the rain started off and on. We arrive back at Bökestad parking area at approx. 3pm. We all decide to stop at a local store on the way home for hamburgers.

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