Mill Stream Path (Mølleåstien) – Farum to Buresø

Total pack weight 9 kg including food and 1 ltr water

Saturday March 5th 2016

Not far from home is the Mølleådalen region which was created in the last ice age. Stretching from Furesø to where Mølleådalen runs into Øresund. The hike starts at Farum train station at 11:00 am. We hike on gravel and forest paths for about 12 km to a camp at Nyvang. There are no facilities at this site. It is in fact situated in an old quarry between Nyvangsvej and Skovgårdsvej. It is not cold and we are lucky with the weather so far.

However as night approaches the weather situation changes and it starts to rain. We still manage to start a fire and we sit in our rain clothes until the rain persists and forces us to bed.

Sunday March 6th

This stage goes from Nyvang to Uggeløse forest. The rain persists and we are forced to hike in rain clothes all day.

View fra Bastruptårnet

After approximately 10 km we exit the forest at Hørup Skovvej, where we wait for the bus. About 15:35 pm the bus arrives and we are driven back to our cars at Farum train station. The trip takes about 35 minutes.

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