Ry to Funder, Silkeborg mid-Jutland winter hike

Total pack weight approximately 9 kg

Friday February 19th 2016

We start in the town Ry near Silkeborg at the Ry train station. I drove my car over from Copenhagen and parked it in the train station parking area. It is Friday afternoon and the time is 15:00 pm.  We walk south, first over the bridge on Rye Mølle Sø lake past Rye Mølle (mill) and into Lammehoved Skov (forest). Following Rye Mølle Sø (lake) south we change direction to west at Gudensø (lake) until we reach Gammel Rye (Old Rye) where we make camp at Kallehave situated in Kallehave Skov (forest).

The afternoon hike is about 8 km. The weather is fine, sunny and not cold. We stop by a house and ask for drinking water as the site for tonight has no facilities what so ever.

Some of us walk into Gammel Rye to a small convenience store to buy some alcohol. It is not that far, perhaps a couple hundred meters. We sit up at the shelter talking, drinking and enjoying the evening. We have not met one another before.

Saturday February 20th 2016

We awake to the sound of pouring rain and that is how it went the rest of the hike including Sunday. The rain basically never stopped. However, that did not stop us from enjoying the beautiful Danish forest and lake district. Today’s hike is approximately 22 km. We walk through forest, heather paddocks and experience fantastic views from lookouts over the lakes. This is one of Denmark’s most hilly areas.

Hiking south until we reach Salten Langsø (lake) we then head in an easterly direction following the track on the northern side of the lake. When we reach the northern area of Salten Å (creek) we climb the hill to 100 meters at at point called Tyskkebakke (German Hill). We take a break for some lunch and take in the views.

After lunch we climb down the hill again passing the north side of Engetved Sø (lake). Salten Å (creek) is still on the southside from our location and we follow the b-roads and forest tracks until Velling Skov (forest). Now we are on the southside of Salten Å (creek) because we crossed over the creek via a bridge on the road.

Before our destination we climb 120 m to Velling Gavl and Velling Kalv which offers one of Denmarks finest viewpoints with views over Salten Ådal (valley). We take a coffee break and then continue down past Den Grønne Plads (a rest area). We keep walking east until we reach Snabe Igelsø (lake) where we want to top up on water supplies but the lake is frozen and we can’t penetrate the surface.

We can’t get water at the Vrads Station shelter either because the tap is only turned on three seasons of the year when freezing temperatures don’t occur. We decide to ask at a local private residence, however nobody is home. The dogs are barking but we are in luck. Around the back of the house there is an outside tap where we can attain some water, thank you.

We overnight at Vrads Station shelter site which is 500 m from the south side of Snabe Igelsø (lake). I opt to sleep in the shelter as my tent was still very wet from the night before and there has been no opportunity or sun to dry it out all day. The rain persists and it is not possible for a fire tonight so we all hang out in our own shelters until we turn in for the night.

Sunday February 21st 2016

Today’s hike is about 18 km to the town of Funder. Walking north we join the Hærvej trail for a short while which then lead us onto the Byrupbanestien (Horsens-Silkeborg Railway) for 1.5 km before turning left heading up through Sepstrup with views over swamp areas around Ansø (lake). We decide to take a lunch break on a hill and take some photos.

After lunch we continue north until we meet Den Skæve Bane (The Crooked Railway) which takes us in to Funder. Total distance hiked was 48 km.

I will visit this same area two more times later this year. So stay tuned for more photos and reports. Although it rained for most of the time, this was a most enjoyable and scenic hike.

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